To Migrate To Canada

A friend of mine is expected to migrate to Canada within the year. Her family, though still waiting for their visa to arrive, are readying themselves for the new journey. They are going to embark soon.

Her husband’s sister lives in the UK and they have already planned that once my friend and her family has settled in Canada, they will visit them there. So as early as now, they have been searching for flights to Canada from UK. Although it is still far, it is a good thing to prepare already for that trip.

For now, my friend and her family are still waiting for their visas to arrive and are very hopeful that before the year ends, they will soon be able to step on one of the most progressive countries in the world — in the most livable place on Earth.

I am happy for them and I hope that pretty soon, their dreams will be realized. I am sad at the same time because I will no longer be seeing my friend here, though I can still chat and talk to her online, it is so much different from being together personally (once in a while). As a friend, I really wish them well.

Travel Lists

Traveling is such a pleasurable experience. It can offer new things to your senses so that somehow after a trip, you can almost feel like you’re a new person! Or put another way, as you return after a trip, it can feel like the place you’ve left has changed. Well, actually, you simply earned some new perspective on things, events, and the people around you. Thanks to traveling.

If you are fond of traveling, I am sure that you have dreamed about the places you would want your feet to step on someday. Perhaps you even have a list there with you, tucked away in one of your journals or notebook or even in one of your computer files. It is just there and you would like to see that come true someday.

Well, you’re not the only one doing that. I have friends who do that. Well, I do that. One of the places that my friends would like to travel to someday is England. They find the place fascinating from their readings or from surfing the net or from what they have heard from the news. Lately, I heard about Bingley, England, too. It seems a pretty interesting place. There is also said to be a Damart factory there. Damart is known for its quality goods and services.

I think I will list down England among my dream destinations and yes, I will consider wandering around Bingley some day.

Best Time to Spend Turkey Holidays

Are you planning for an extravagant Turkey holidays with family, friends or loved ones? Well then, you should read more here. I’ll tell you when is the best time to spend Turkey holidays.

Turkey is a Eurasian country, located in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. Its year-round climate seasons are only dry to hot summer and cold to wet winter. Thence, the perfect time to spend Turkey holidays is during the month of May.

May, in Turkey, brings the longest sunny days and almost no rainy days. There are many events and celebrations to catch every month of May in Turkey. One of which is the Istandbul Tulip Festival which provides colors to the metropolis with its very beauteous floral decorations. Another festival which is known in the country is the H?drellez Festival. It is their traditional spring celebration.

Best Time to Spend Turkey Holidays -- May during Istanbul Tulip Festival
Best Time to Spend Turkey Holidays — May during Istanbul Tulip Festival

Aside from these mentioned festivities, there are more events to enjoy in Turkey which would really make your holidays worth spending.

Vacation Holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca

Magaluf Beach, Majorca is the highly-visited holiday resort in the Island of Majorca, Spain. In fact, it caters tourists and family vacationers from the package holidays of German, British and Scandenavian markets.

Vacation Holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca
Vacation Holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca

Spending a holiday to Magaluf Beach, Majorca is sure to be a resplendent experience wherein a breathtaking exquisite beachfront views is seen during the day. The resort is actually just one beach. However it can cater large bulk of tourists. The one and only beach in Majorca Island is lined with recreation bars and shops that are yet located conveniently next to the hotels for tourists’ shopping events.

The best months to visit and spend holiday to Magaluf Beach is during the months of July and August. These months are considered the peak season where young people in a group of friends or even a whole family can be seen around the area.

Aside from the resort itself, in the island of Majorca a number of tourist attractions can be found. The most popular tourist attraction is the Western Water Park which is best suited for the whole family. Some other spots not to missed checking out in the island are the theater which shows Pirate’s Adventure, the House of Katmandu — the very interactive room where kids and kids by heart would surely love. The last but not the least are to go karting in Magaluf or horse-back riding.

Travel Conveniences

Traveling nowadays as compared to the pre-Internet era is so much more convenient. Flights and accommodations can be booked and tours arranged without having to leave your desk. Information on different travel sites are widely available and makes you less reliant on travel agents out to sell just a couple of chosen sites. If you can’t decide about your next travel destination, search engines make it easier for you to get feedback on your choices.

Even hours spent waiting in airports are made less mundane by the ubiquitous smart phone, tablet or game console. Gone are the days when one would while away the time watching other people whiling away their time also waiting for their flights. With the advances in technology, you can now check your email, chat with friends, play online games, and visit online bingo sites wherever you are – even while waiting for that often delayed flight. And if you’d like to continue playing the game, you may even search the Internet if there are places to play bingo in your travel destination.

 Moreover, you can still check on your children and the house or coordinate with the staff you left in the office even while on vacation. This means that you can fully enjoy your vacation without having to worry about what you left back home. Truly, technology has made traveling a lot less complicated and a lot more fun!

Into Vacation Mode Already

I have been seek for five days now and I have nothing else on my mind but a very relaxing, physically stress-free vacation away from home.

You might be wondering why I made it clear to be away from home because every time I am out in school for vacation and especially when I am sick, I am not allowed to spend my vacation out of town but only at home. I still remember what my mom told my yesterday that I have to keep my feet stay in my apartment and refrain from malling, shopping, yet because the weather here in Cebu City ain’t that good and sure to cause one to get ill and feeling sick.

Today, my eagerness to have a vacation right then and now brought my imagination of spending a three-day, two-night vacation at Terra Verde Resort Orlando City.

Off course, I don’t want my imagination to be just an imagination alone. I am also a bit ambitious. So what I did, I searched over the internet some of the must-try things which every traveler or a vacationist should experience in Terra Verde Resort in Orlando City. Some of which are the arcade game room which I used to check by. The fitness and exercise gym area which I think I am needing today because of getting sick. And the last but not the least which is the very first thing that I used to inquire in a resort is the hut tub spa.

Ain’t it real relaxing to think to spend an hour or so in a hut tub which is freshly scented with aromatic oils? I guess, that really is what I am looking and wanting to have now.

Anyway, this imaginary travels and vacation of mine in Terra Verde Resort Orlando City didn’t just happen today. In fact, just yesterday, I was thinking of a lot of places to spend a vacation at. But sure thing, this actually happens when I am sick and nothing to do at home. Well then, who knows? One day, I might be blogging about my unexplainable unforgettable experience in Terra Verde Resort Orlando. Haha!

The Traveling Mind

After our class yesterday in Physiology, one of my friends asked me to accompany her in one of the travel agencies here in Dumaguete City to check for the latest promo flights offered. Smiley As we went there, I was thinking then of spending summer vacation in the US rather than the preplanned Asian visits. In Asia, we considered Malaysia or Singapore first. But one friend of mine suggested Asian tour. We became puzzled already. SmileyWhile waiting for our turn to be entertained by the office staff, my mind is like traveling abroad already because of the lists of tickets posted on their wall. One post which rockin’ me most was the Michael Buble Tickets. I was looking forward to see Michael Buble singing crazy love in front of me. Smiley Aside from that, I was thinking then of parking for a time in Minesota to witness the NCAA Frozen in Xcel Energy Center which I missed on 2002. The Xcel Energy Center tickets are also posted. Smiley And the last but not the least which excite me most, made my nerves and vessels jerked, is the post on cheap Quicken Loans Arena Tickets. Quicken Loan Arena is the home of Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. And really, it’s a soul-flying event to witness the Cavaliers dribbling. SmileyAside from the Cavaliers, Gladiators of the AFL is also homed in that arena. The said arena always remind me also with David Funk, the Blogging Boxer because it is where WWF and Extreme Championship Wrestling are held. SmileyNow, who wants to go with my traveling mind? Smiley