Play Mega Millions

It’s Saturday, aside from the gloomy weather here in our place, my mood is much aggravated by slow internet connection and the fact that I am just alone in the house, I could think nothing to do but play mega millions online.

Mega Millions

Hey hey hey! You might be thinking that I am gambling. Oopps! I am not! I am not gambling. I am just playing the free game application in my computer. Yes, it’s kind of gambling too, but this does not involve real large bucks of money. If this really is one, I’d be having lots of piles of bills from a Payday loans UK monthly. Haha! Yeah! That’s true. I have met a number of people who have been addicted to gambling, any forms of gambling, that resulted to being bankrupt because of borrowed money.

Well, I don’t want myself to be like them. Maybe, it’s just a blessing in disguise that I’ve known them, learn their story, for me not to make myself into gambling addiction.

So for now, I’ll just make use of my mega millions game application here in my computer.