Pool Heaters for the Rainy Summer Vacation

Our province in Mindanao almost always experience low pressure during Summer vacation. Though, summer literally denotes hot season, it’s far opposite in our area. It in fact, the start of rainy wet season. Every time I went home, I can’t feel the essence of having a summer vacation – I can’t go to beaches or resorts to do sun bathing. I can’t wear my swimming attires. There’s almost no fun and enjoyment.

Rainy Summer
Rainy Summer (image from dailymail.co.uk)

Hence, the use of raypak pool heaters is needed for us to enjoy such so-called summer vacation.

Summer 2011 Today, but not in the Philippines

While the other side of the world is having their Summer 2011 fever, the Philippines, on the other hand, is seemingly on its flooding fiesta. It has always been expected that every ‘BER’ months in the country, Filipinos are almost always experiencing countless unexpected consecutive typhoon attacks.

When I went home last week, there was actually 2 different typhoons attacking the country. Fortunately, all of my travel flights went good and safe. As I arrived home, my nephew – Didong asked me why I went home. He asked if it’s summer time since he is used that I could only stay at home for a longer time only during summer season. Off course, as a 5-year-old kiddo, I explained to him why. He asked if we could go out and have time at one of the resorts in our farm town. I just told him that the weather ain’t good. But he insisted since it has been a while, according to him, that he wasn’t able to dive into a swimming pool. Then I remembered that I bought him last year summer a portable inflatable swimming pool. I asked about his swimming pool. He drag me at the back area at home and pointed to me what happened to his swimming pool. I asked our house helper to fix it but only said that there are no pentair heat pumps to use at home or even any air pumps for the inflatable swimming pool. Again, I talked to Didong. I explained to him that I can’t bring him in a swimming pool or resorts. Instead, I just brought him toys. Haha!

Oh well, getting back to summer 2011, I just wish it’s summer time again for me to experience another vacation. Woooh!