Stan ‘The Man’ Musial dies at 92

The St. Louis Cardinals star, Stanley Frank Musial, one of the greatest players in the history of baseball, a Hall of Famer in that matter, died on Saturday in Ladue, Missouri at the age of 92.

Stanley Frank Stanley Frank “The Man” Musial (image from

Being one of the greatest player in the history of baseball, it is really sad to know that he just left the team in no time. Some of the achievements and titles Stanley Frank “The Man”  Musial left were the three (3) National League Most Valuable Player awards and three (3) World Series titles.

May you rest in peace Stanley Frank “The Man” Musial.

NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Football news saddened me much lately. After reading the news regarding the Former Illinois coach, Pete Elliott, dies at 86, here’s another football name, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39. But the cause of death was not disclosed.

NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Jeff Lewis is the recent assistant football coach of Northern Arizona football team. He was also a former NAU quarterback in NFL.

Jeff Lewis died in Phoenix yesterday, Saturday.

Former Illinois coach, Pete Elliott, dies at 86

Pete Elliott, the executive director in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, dies at the age of 86.

Pete ElliottPete Elliott (image from

Pete Elliott was used to be an American football player and a coach as well. He has been an All-American quarterback of Michigan Wolverines football team way back 1948 when the team won the national championship. Aside from being the football player, he was the head football coach of the following teams as well:

  •  University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1956
  • University of California, Berkeley in 1957–1959
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1960–1966
  • University of Miami in 1973–1974


Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight 4: Free Live Coverage

Are you looking for the Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight 4: Free Live Coverage? Well, we are of the same ship now.

Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight 4: Free Live CoveragePacquiao vs Marquez Fight 4: Free Live Coverage

I had been looking for a free live coverage for the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight 4 online because I don’t have a cable connection of the television here in my new place. But instead of digging up for the said Pacquiao vs Marquez fight 4, I ended up looking for custom soccer balls. I do not know why the mouse of my computer has been pointing to sports gift ideas, most specifically, those custom soccer balls where I only trying to look for the live coverage of Pacquiao vs Marquez fight 4.

But hey, hey, if you find one Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight 4: Free Live Coverage websites online, can you holler me? So I can check on that link as well.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Golf Nut

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to start shopping for those not so simple family members and friends. So, with that in mind (it CAN be done!) there are a few must-have gifts for the sports fans in your life. Here are the top 3 great golf gifts that would make the pickiest of present getters happy.

Sky Caddie
For around $350 (depending on the brand) this gadget is going to blow their plaid socks off! It fits easily in pants pockets and gives a view of the course they are about to play. A virtual handheld GPS, the sky caddie is a golfer’s dream.

Custom Logo Golf Balls
Inexpensive and unique, don’t get your loved one the same old golf balls, go for the funny and creative balls that will make them think of you everytime they tee up. With sayings such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “Forget Par, Think Bar”, your gift getter is going to end up giving most of these out (take it as a compliment!).

Custom Logo Golf BallsCustom Logo Golf Balls

Shoes They can REALLY Use
Men’s Etonic Golf Shoes are THE shoes for golfers right now. Period. Comfortable and good looking, this gift could change the game for the receiver. These are the shoes for the good list guys, so make sure you get the size right and know what YOU want too!

This is a guest post written by Robyn.

Shaun White, two-time Olympic gold medalist, Arrested

Upon checking on the threaded rod a friend of mine recommended, I was surprised to read a news online about Shaun White who was a two-time Olympic gold medalist and was arrested due to vandalism and public intoxication.

Shaun White, two-time Olympic Gold MedalistShaun White, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist (image from

It was kind of funny thing to think of but the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said that Shaun White fire alarm of the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel on the early Sunday morning which prompted many people to move out from the hotel. But according to a report also, White attempted to escape but failed to do and instead fell on a fence and hit his-self.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87

The former Cleveland Browns owner, Arthur Modell, more commonly known as Art Modell, dies at the age of 87. Any causes of his death were not disclosed.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87 (image from

To any NFL fans or followers, you surely knew how Art Modell made a history in the football sports history. He was a longtime football team owner of Cleveland Browns.

NCAA – College Football Series 2012

I don’t have my own television at home nor a cable connection in my PC-TV. Hence, I am overtly outdated when it comes to the sports that I love to follow this season, the NCAA – College football series 2012.

College Football - NCAANCAA – College Football Series 2012 (image from

Honestly, I have no idea how the NCAA – College football series 2012 is going on now because I really have no access to television. And if you might tell me what the internet’s uses be. Well, of course, I want the live update than the replay of all the games.

So for this season, I might have to leave all behind in history. I might just wait for the next season and promise to myself to really catch the upcoming season — games.

Best Moments at the 2012 Olympics

The recently concluded London 2012 Olympics has been a great success.

Best Moments at the 2012 OlympicsBest Moments at the 2012 Olympics (image from

Many athletes have made their countries proud and bringing home the most coveted Olympic medals have made every athlete reach their highest dreams. Perhaps one of the best moments at the 2012 Olympics was when American Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps brought home 21 Gold medals in the 17-day sports event. Being the most celebrated player, Michael Phelps has etched his momentous mark on the history of the Olympics. Another best moment at the recently concluded 2012 Olympics was the finals tennis match between world #1 Roger Federer and world #4 and a local hero as well, Andy Murray. It was a very crucial game and yet Murray bested the world’s best.

The Olympics also had lured many online bettors to place their bets on their favorites. Since many have also considered betting via the World Wide Web, they have placed their best bets online. In this way, bettors can enjoy the Olympics and the games as well as getting the chance to win big bucks.

The Olympics may have already been through but the camaraderie and the sportsmanship and the new friendships formed will last for a lifetime. The best moments will always be remembered and will become an emblem of achievement and true sportsmanship.

Google Doodles London 2012 Summer Olympics — Closing Ceremony

Oh noooh! The London 2012 Summer Olympics is about to end! But at least, though I haven’t watched any live coverage of the events, I still manage to feel the London 2012 heat even in my blogs. LOL!

Google Doodles London 2012 Summer Olympics — Closing Ceremony

To those who missed out the previous Google Doodles London 2012 Summer Olympics, you can browse the related post of this blog. And oh, congratulations to the winning country!