If M has lost his ATM card few weeks back, me – I have lost my school identification (ID) card.

This is, actually, not the first time I have lost my school ID card. As far as I could remember, I guess, this is the third time. Getting a new one is just easy like a student should just go to the legal office of the university, apply for an affidavit of loss that is signed by the school’s legal officer or lawyer. As soon as the paper is ready, all one need to do is to pay for the new ID card in the cashier’s office and bring then the receipt in the ID room. In the ID room, nothing more hassle to do but to fill up the identification form and then smile. Just that simple.

However, I still find it very time-consuming to think like I need to fall in line to each of the offices that I need to check. First, in the legal office, before, when I get my first affidavit of loss there when I lost my first ID card, I waited almost two hours before the lawyer came. I asked any of the staff if I could get one affidavit of loss outside the school, she said that it is not allowed. Only those papers released by the school’s legal officer are processed and accepted in the school. Oh gosh! So I waited then, patiently. Good enough I have had no classes that time!

Another, in the cashier, oh c’mon, the cashier teller for college of medicine in school is only one and I still need to fall in line – stand by there for maybe less than an hour before my turn.

And lastly, in the photo booth in school, I mean, in the ID room. There is still long lines of student in a very small room to be entertained.

Hey, before I forgot, every time we request or paid for something processed in school, it always will reflect on the student’s assessment or ledger which I really don’t like. My mum would surely know what my transactions in school would be if that happened. In fact, the previous year, when I lost my two IDs before, mum knew it just on summer of this year when she requested a copy of my ledger in school.

Waaaah! I better get myself some California rehabs, for me to make my mind from losing, always losing my ID card.

Well, this is my fault. But I didn’t want to lose my ID, in the first place. But I should face any consequences now. School ID card is very important. Gosh! I better apply for one this Monday.


I was trying to help my online buddy looking for enduro magicard online. I actually don’t have any idea what is it up until she even redirected me to Rio 2e Card Printer. Thence, I was able to read some info about it and even remembered stuffs ain’t so good things about my identification card that I wanted to reproduce in a very instant way using any printer.

Having an identification card or any document upon entering any school premises is a must. In school, almost every entrance gate, even in the school’s hospital entrance gate for as long as it is a student coming in the school, ID is asked to present.

One sunny noon, when I and two other classmates went back to school after our clinics in one of the government hospitals here in Cebu City, when two student policemen asked us where were our school IDs. I told the one who asked us that by just merely wearing our medical school’s uniform and a name plate, off course, with our name on it, it’s enough proof to let everybody knew that we are a bonafide student of such institution and we are allowed to enter the school premises anytime. However, that two student policemen didn’t allowed us to enter the school. I explained to them clearly as I could. But they insisted.

Since that moment was really hot, I mean, the weather dumped some more intensity in my head added to the fact that we were all feeling hungry and exhausted from the hospital, my voice’s tone went up. I told them, sarcastically, if they want me to print an ID  in front of them at that moment bringing for them some printers like pronto card printer or what just for them to know and see that we have are IDs.  Our IDs, actually, were just inside in our wallets. When we showed those to them, they even demanded more like wanting us to wear those. Ah oh! When I heard that statement, I really asked them if they were just making fun of us. And I told them that whether they want it or not, we will really enter the school.

The two policemen have had nothing to do but just staring at us walking far away from them going to our college building.