Final Goodbye

I once have tried smoking when I was in college. To know where I graduated from and what degree I completed, would be enough to understand, I presume, why I really tried a stick of cigar to puff.

But that was only when I was in college. I stopped, personally. And now, I am being reminded again, not to get a stick and enjoy one for myself, but to buy gurkha cigars online by a close friend. He used to smoke since then. He just asked me to buy one pack for him because he’s still on a vacation which is basically far from the city.

While looking for such cigar online, one friend of mine commented if I get back to my smoking hobby again. And I just told her that I was just being pleased my our friend. It wouldn’t be me who’ll be puffing it. Besides, I have already waved my final goodbye to smoking.

Indeed that was a goodbye. And I don’t have any plans now to get back to smoking anymore.