Google Doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday

The correct, precise and accurate blood matching for possible blood transfusion plays a crucial role in every patient who requires such. And this blood matching made possible by the discovery of blood groupings by Dr. Karl Landsteiner. Perhaps it is just right to celebrate his 148th birthday today as we can see how Google doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th birthday.

Google Doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday

The Google homepage just shows an animation of the 4 different blood groups, A, B, AB and O. Enjoy this educational animated homepage today guys!

Beautiful Full Moon on Friday the 13th of May 2016

It’s Friday the 13th of May 2016. Accordingly, it is the day of the month when the 13th falls on Friday that is said to be something to be feared of. But what if it falls on a full moon? How are you going to feel now? Is it more fearful or the other way around?

Full Moon on Friday the 13th of May 2016Image from

I actually do not believe on the unluckiness on every Friday the 13th. It is, for me, just a superstitious belief. Although many said there is nothing to missed out in believing such or in being the most cautious on that day. However, I do believe that for as long as I have the most powerful One up above there, I know for sure nothing would ever happen to me that is beyond His will for everything that happens to us here in this world is guided by His will for us.

So, on this Friday the 13th of May 2016, just watch the beautiful full moon then. Enjoy!

Google Doodles Inge Lehmann 127th Birthday

One might wonder what Google is doodling about today as it is showing an animated planet earth being sliced into halves and so on. Well, Google doodles Inge Lehmann’s 127th birthday today as an honor to remember how she did and make a history as a Seismologist.

Google Doodles Inge Lehmann 127th Birthday

Inge Lehmann

Inge Lehmann ForMemRS (May 13, 1888 – February 21, 1993) was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered the Earth’s inner core. In 1936, she postulated from existing seismic data the existence of an inner core with physical properties distinct from the outer core’s and that Earth’s core is not a single molten sphere. Seismologists, who had not been able to propose a workable hypothesis for the observation that the P-wave created by earthquakes slowed down when it reached certain areas of the inner Earth, quickly accepted her conclusion.

If you happen to get updated with the latest news and events happening in the whole world, one can relate this Google doodle today as what’s happening in Nepal. Aren’t you?

Google Doodles Niels Bohr 127th Birthday

Today, October 07, 2012, Google Doodles Niels Bohr 127th Birthday on their Google homepage. The Google homepage is getting scientific as it shows atoms and other Physics-related stuff which were studied and elaborated by Niels Bohr and which made him won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

Google Doodles Niels Bohr 127th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Niels Bohr 127th Birthday

Today, these Physics stuff like atoms and its structures as well as the quantum mechanics are incorporated in the basic sciences and physics in our schools and education.

Nitrogen Sources and Uses

Nitrogen is one of the most common elements found in any living things along with carbon, hydroxide and oxygen. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless atomic gas. But this can occur in any forms as liquid or solid when added to compounds like cyanide and ammonia.


Nitrogen is also called Mephitic Air according to Antoine Lavoiser, the father of Nutrition. However, Daniel Rutherford who discovered nitrogen described and named the element, Fixed Air.

Nitrogen is a very abundant gas. In fact, it can be found even in the human body in the form of amino acids. They are also component of the neurotransmitters of all living animals including humans. Hence, the human body alone contains more or less  three (3) per cent weight of nitrogen.

In the environment, there are many sources of nitrogen such as fertilizers in the form of nitrites and nitrates. They are usually produced by bacteria in the soil.

However, nitrogen can also be manufactured and produced by industries through the process of fractional distillation of liquid air. Another method of industrial process in production of nitrogen is by the use of gaseous nitrogen air.

Nitrogen is very useful in almost everywhere. In food production, it is used as an artificial modified atmosphere to help prevent fast oxidation processes and damages of the food. Nitrogen is also used in production of stainless steel as a shield gas. In cars and automobile industries, nitrogen is used to prevent tire combustion and even help prolong the life and usage of tires.

With the vast uses and applications of nitrogen gas, it is recommended to store nitrogen in the most appropriate compressed gas cylinder even just those small nitrogen cylinder for small-scale uses of the gas. In addition, small nitrogen cylinders are common cylinders used for nitrogen as an alternative to argon cylinders in manufacturing ordinary incandescent light bulbs.

Google Doodles Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th Birthday

Did you notice the electromagnetic waves running through Google’s homepage today? It simply because Google Doodles Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th Birthday today!

Google Doodles Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th Birthday
Google Doodles Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 155th Birthday

Heinrich Rudolph Hertz is a German Physicist who studied about the electromagnetic theory of light and even explained more about the existence of electromagnetic wave. The SI unit hertz (Hz), a measurement of the number of times that a repeated event occurs per second (also called “cycles per sec” (cps)), was named in his honor by the IEC for frequency in 1930.

Hertz died at the age of 36 after suffering from Wegener’s Ganulomatosis in Germany.

Google Doodles Nicolas Steno 374th Birthday

Have you noticed something new on the Google homepage today?

Google Doodles Nicolas Steno 374th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Nicolas Steno 374th Birthday

Don’t be too surprised but Google Doodles Nicolas Steno 374th Birthday today!

Nicolas Steno is a Danish Catholic scientist who was known in Anatomy and Geology wherein he was the pioneer. In fact, he was considered the father of Geology and Stratigraphy.


Quadrantids meteor shower tonight

If you can see fireworks-looking in the sky tonight, it simply shows the Quadrantids meteor shower.

Quandrantids meteor shower tonightQuadrantids meteor shower tonight; Image lifted from

Quadrantids is an extinct constellation according to the NASA.

You can read more about Quadrantids meteor shower tonight at: