What Happened in Oslo, Norway?

Oslo, Norway has just recently experienced bombing attacks. It was suspected to be caused by a terrorist group which is yet unknown.

In a calm afternoon, around 3 o’clock, people in Oslo, Norway were shocked and trembled with the very unexpected bomb explosion causing 87 people died while many others were harmed. The city, after the incedence, was looking like warzone where in many building debris and bits of pieces of glasses were scattered else where.

It has been presumed that the target of the bombing is the Oslo, Norway’s prime minister. However, it has been confirmed by some media sectors that the prime minister is left safe and practically unharmed.

Things like these – unexpected bombing explosions, people should be very cautious with their environment if there’s one or two people or a group looking like so mysterious. Aside from that, if there’s any accidents – being harmed, there’s no other things to rely on for hospitalization and medication but life insurance benefits which need to be updated from time to time.

Hopefully, of whatever happens to Oslo, Norway, the people living and the government of Norway, itself, could recover so soon. May these things be stopped.