NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Football news saddened me much lately. After reading the news regarding the Former Illinois coach, Pete Elliott, dies at 86, here’s another football name, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39. But the cause of death was not disclosed.

NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Jeff Lewis is the recent assistant football coach of Northern Arizona football team. He was also a former NAU quarterback in NFL.

Jeff Lewis died in Phoenix yesterday, Saturday.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87

The former Cleveland Browns owner, Arthur Modell, more commonly known as Art Modell, dies at the age of 87. Any causes of his death were not disclosed.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87 (image from

To any NFL fans or followers, you surely knew how Art Modell made a history in the football sports history. He was a longtime football team owner of Cleveland Browns.

Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning

Eli Manning, the American football Quarterback of the New York Giants in National Football League (NFL) hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night.

Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning (image source and credits)

If you happen to watch yourself the SNL for this week, you probably would have fun since it is evident that Eli Manning really had fun.

Furthermore, Eli Manning is the real life younger brother of another NFL big player, Peyton Manning.

For me, Eli Manning showed something for hisself that he isn’t just for football games but for more awesome yet funny roles as well.

Kid Rock performs at NFL Kickoff Event

Kid Rock as he fondly called or Robert James “Bob” Ritchie, his real name, performs during the 2011 NFL season kickoff event rocking again some of his biggest hit songs American Bad Ass, Cowboy and All Summer Long. He is a song writer, musician and a rapper who has a number of nominations in Grammy Awards. Some of Kid Rock released album who successfully caught the people’s heart in music were Devil without a Cause, The History of Rock and his single, American Bad Ass.

Oh well! That exactly was a great performance of Kid Rock during the event. Though I haven’t seen the live coverage of the event on television, and just opted to check the video through you tube, I could even feel myself being there present in front of Kid Rock waving my hands to the air while he was singing. I even thought at first that I don’t need Beacon Theatre tickets anymore though getting one is by far beneficial and advantageous to even get a chance to be at the front-seat during an event.

Talking about tickets, Metropolitan Opera House tickets,  Boston Opera House tickets, Madison Square Garden Tickets and Taylor Swift Tickets are just some of the a-must-grab tickets which are very affordable.

NFL Lockout

I have been very busy the past days with my studies – exams, clinics, that I wasn’t able to check the latest news about NFL especially about the NFL lockout. I even forget one of my plans before the month ends which is to loss weight. I’ve been lurking for best fat burners yet I still end up eating and sleeping.

Anyway, getting back to the NFL stuff, if you happen to follow me since then, you surely know how addicted am I to sports not to mention football. I haven’t played personally this sports game though, but seeing my fave team on the grounds keeping tightly on hand the ball, I could imagine that I am the one playing the game as well. No one can blame me, I just love sports.

I better get on track tomorrow, Saturday with all the updates on NFL lockout.

By the way, don’t you like to know my fave team from the East, West, North and South?