Elizabeth Smart marries at Hawaii temple

Elizabeth Smart, the Child Safety Advocate, who was kidnapped and has just recently shared that she was engaged and will be getting married by Summer changed her wedding plans and now marries at Hawaii temple to Matthew Gilmour.

Elizabeth Smart marries at Hawaii temple
Elizabeth Smart marries at Hawaii temple


This news has stopped me from playing one of my online past-time games, pokeris or poker. I didn’t mind at first that Elizabeth Smart was getting married already. I just had my examination and needing some mind-relaxing stuff to do. I used to play this game every time I get bored at home or in school – during free time. Sometimes, this is my interim game when I study or do advance book reading. But most oftentimes, since I am a bit itching to play the game, I just do because I wanted to. Smiley

Talking back about Elizabeth Smart, she actually wanted to have her wedding, just like other woman does, to be private enough by which only families and friends will flock them. This probably the very reason why a change in plans for their wedding was made in no time.

Smart and Gilmour were married at the Laie Hawaii Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Elizabeth Smart Is Engaged

Do you know Elizabeth Smart?

Elizabeth Smart is EngagedElizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart is the child safety advocate who was kidnapped at knifepoint held captive for 9 months at her early age of 14. Now, she just recently shared that she is already engaged and will be getting married by Summer of this year.

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