College Basketball Coach, Rick Majerus, dies at 64

Being a die-hard fanatic of any basketball games, reading a news about the College Basketball Coach, Rick Majerus, who died at 64 from LA Times, it really saddened my day.

Rick MajerusRick Majerus (image from

What I have known about Rick Majerus is that he has had only 1 losing season in his 25 years of coaching college basketball. One more thing being such remarkable about him was that he made Utah to the NCAA finals in 1998.

But now that he has gone due to a heart failure in Los Angeles hospital just yesterday, Saturday, Dec. 01, 2012, all I can say is may he rest in peace and good luck to the college basketball team!

NCAA – College Football Series 2012

I don’t have my own television at home nor a cable connection in my PC-TV. Hence, I am overtly outdated when it comes to the sports that I love to follow this season, the NCAA – College football series 2012.

College Football - NCAANCAA – College Football Series 2012 (image from

Honestly, I have no idea how the NCAA – College football series 2012 is going on now because I really have no access to television. And if you might tell me what the internet’s uses be. Well, of course, I want the live update than the replay of all the games.

So for this season, I might have to leave all behind in history. I might just wait for the next season and promise to myself to really catch the upcoming season — games.