Google Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th Birthday

I’m no fan of any pianist nor got the tickling nerves in my every fingers to do the keys of pianos. But seeing how Google doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori on his 360th birthday, I could somehow thought if there was no Bartolomeo Cristofori before, probably no good music to produce now.

Google Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Bartolomeo Cristofori 360th Birthday

But of course, I couldn’t blame my childhood nor my parents for not sending me to any piano school before because I know how pocket monster it was especially for us, for my parents, who were not that well-off to send us to those luxurious schools. I am just so happy now and satisfied with what I have reached as I could appreciate the beauty of piano-driven songs every time I hear music, sing any songs or even dance with the every beat that every keys give.

Anyway, thank you Google for honoring this day for us to remember Bartolome Cristofori on his 360th birthday.

Uses of Drum Dial

I played drums before but I could say I still am a noobie for drum instruments. This means that aside from doing the basic drumming, I know nothing more than that especially the technical aspect of drums and other musical instruments.

In fact, I only knew one use of drum dial. It is to effectively tune any drums at any time.

Drum Dial Uses

I haven’t tried one myself but I, of course, seen one when we had a gig years back. And as mentioned, I only have seen it but I never had used it myself to any drums I played before. Because I was somehow afraid if I can’t make the most out of such drum dial, I just left all of those technical stuff to be done by most appropriate person. By that then, I am sure all will be well then with the drums.

Modtone Effects

I am not a musician; not even knew how to play guitars or making some good noise out of my fingers and pedaling feet. That is why when I was asked if I knew how to create a modtone effects out of some instruments, I frankly said, I have no idea how is it being done.

With my curiosity, I personally made an investigation of such modtone effects over the internet — I read forums and even listen to videos from and here below was what I got.

That’s pretty hard to do and really needs expertise, talents and skills in performing such thing to produce that modtone effects, I assume. Don’t you?

After listening and watching the video, I just told myself, music isn’t really for me. I will just try other stuff then.

Guitar Lesson: Slide Guitar Basics

Here’s a video which one can use as a resource in learning the basic slide guitar lessons.

I personally do not know how to play guitars; in fact, I only knew two (2) keys to string but just remember them when someone could help me remember. But of course, like many others who wanted to learn how to play guitars, sometimes I could think that guitars, absolutely, do not like me.

But the video above of slide guitar basics is really helpful to those who wanted to learn this basic guitar stringing.

E-Mu SHORTboard

I was invited to watch a keyboard recital of a friend’s daughter in their school. I didn’t expect how her daughter really did well during the said event. And with my curiosity and ambitious imagination, I looked over the internet some tutorials of the basics in playing keyboard but look below what I have found — an E Mu shortboard review video which I grabbed from

Take your time watching for this video then and enjoy!

QSC K10 Powered Speaker

We will be moving to a new house the soonest. And part of it is the setting up of new sound system at home. Actually, not just a sound system, but almost all of the interior designs, including the furniture and other stuff in the kitchen should be checked and set up first.

MovingMoving (image from

But since we still have some of those old home appliance and furniture, we will be just thinking for now on how to complete our audio visual set up. I wanted to buy qsc k10 at musicians friend, but M disagreed with me since he still having a functional speaker. Though it is a bit smaller than the one I found online, he still insisted to use the old one. And he even suggested to better buy other musical component which we don’t have yet rather replacing those old ones.

QSC K10 Powered Speaker QSC K10 Powered Speaker (image from

Maybe, we will first assess what we really needed to buy or not.

Hohner Harmonica from Musicians Friend

I just loved playing a harp lately and even thinking of having one like hohner harmonica from musicians friend.

Hohner Harmonica from Musicians FriendHohner Harmonica from Musicians Friend (image from

As I always mention since then, I am not a music-lover nor having any musical talents. But since it’s summer and we don’t have classes, I am thinking of engaging myself in learning how to play harmonica.

Rainsong Guitars

Accordingly, rainsong guitars produce sounds that are distinctively rain-like and the music it provides is really different and unique.

Rainsong GuitarRainsong Guitar (image from

I’ve just had a chance to talk to a musician colleague and he really agreed to what I said about rainsong guitars. He even suggested reliable shops where can I buy affordable yet quality guitars. I told him I don’t have plans to purchase one but I found the rainsong guitars guitar center — an online shop a good site to shop.