Jim Yong Kim, New World Bank President

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, the World Bank chose a new president to lead the company for the next five years.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, a Korean-American health expert is the newly-elected president of The World Bank. His term of office will be effective starting this coming July 01, 2012 up to 5 years.

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Other nominees were the presidential seat were the Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Jose Antonio Ocampo, former Colombian finance minister.

February 29 is PayDay

February has only 28 days for a regular year but since 2012 is a leap year, February has 29 days. Thus, instead of the usual payday on the 28th, it is presumed that February 29 will be the payday this month.

February 29 is PayDay
February 29 is PayDay

Ain’t you excited for payday? Are you?

For some, payday is the best day of the month. But for others, specifically for this month of February 2012, it wouldn’t be since it prolongs the day to receive the compensation and wages but the bills’ dues aren’t changed. It really is a forehead wrinkling and worrisome weight to them — the fact that overdue payments have additional charges causing it a more loads to think about.

Here’s a good news. There are companies which offers payday cash advances or loans. These are group of people which provides early cash to the needy and only collects payment during the next payday and so on. Payday cash loans are of different types depending on the terms applied for. There are available short-term period lending or the longer one.

Payday loans are also available for different purposes like disaster, medical and other circumstances.

American Silver Eagle — Silver Bullion Bars, Coins

I am not a historian nor having the will to learn more about histories. In fact, it’s one of those subjects since High School up until I graduated college which I really don’t like to attend classes at. However, reading about the history of the American Silver Eagle, history, per se, made me appreciate how things from the past.

American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act
American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act (image from CoinWeek.com)

As said, the American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. I have not read more details about it but on 2002, the Secretary of Treasury in the United States was authorized to buy silver bullion bars and sources from the open market and since then, though having fluctuating rate of silver bullion sales until this year, it was just on January 2012 that the sale rate of silver bullion is considered one of the highest.

Philippine Peso (PhP) weakens against US Dollar Today

I do not know if I’d be glad with this Philippine Peso (PhP) exchange today. The Peso value literally decline against US Dollars.

Philippine Peso (PhP) weakens against US Dollar Today

However, as a blogger, as an online earner, this is a good news. But to others, I am not very sure how this decline of Peso affects them.

P43.48 = $1


Data above is from Business World Online.

Just a Casual Talk

Last time, I was talking here about what a mortgage is. Somehow, I have understood about it and with the help of some other blogger friends who are well-knowledge on this talk,   they enlighten my mind even more.

Our talk actually started about earning online then went to money on bank accounts and eventually end up with mortgages and debts. It was just a casual talk for us since we didn’t expect that our talk would gotten that serious. At first we were just chatting non sense things but when things went good, we became serious on it then.

Some in depth thoughts we opened up, as I have mentioned above, was about mortgages. One of us shared that when she had once gone to the mall, one mortgage broker approached her and asked if she could have time to listen to that said broker and spare even half an hour talk regarding such.  They really have had discussed things about it. When my friend asked if they have co-workers based in other countries, the man mentioned a number of places like London mortgage brokers since my friend is an OFW based in London.

That was a good talk for them, according to my friend, and of course, ours too because I have grasp more ideas and things to consider before availing one.

What is Mortgage?

I personally do not understand what and how mortgage works. Every time the word mortgage has been uttered, no other things put into my mind but money.

Lately, during my vacation in our farm town, I asked my mom how top mortgage deals work. She explained to me a lot of stuff and even gave examples. But I honestly failed to grasp even one. I told that to my mom.

A day or two passed by, I looked over the internet for me to read and know more about it. I just then understood that mortgage is an amount of money being loaned to finance for something. It’s about money, indeed. After which, I just lurked also about a few information on mortgage deals and how things work.


Personally, I have hard time understanding about taxes; why it needs to be collected, how it has been computed per worker and how it could supposedly help one country. I just know some of the basics of taxpaying, but deeper than a person needs to pay this and that monthly  thing, I am certainly clueless with it.

Every person like me has little knowledge about taxes, can go to an enrolled agent to speak more about taxes. Enrolled agents are those specific professional people who have the full knowledge on how taxes works and go in a certain place.

To get a professional degree on enrolled agents, one must complete an ea cpe requirements like total number of hours to render every year with in three years  in the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. Aside from the one mentioned above, another thing to be able to become an enrolled agent continuing education requirements to take note by every individual who are planning to get a professional degree is by the fact that if he or she person has completed or has already been serving for five years for any work which are related to IRS, the enrollment for him or her is much easier than the latter.

However, it is yet available only in the United States and not in the Philippines.

Image lifted from http://www.csea.org/findea-about.asp?token=