Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

It is just right to celebrate a day to all our workers, be of blue, red or white collars, for whatever they do, they all contribute for our timely existence. With this also, I am just grateful to see how Google commemorates this day and honors our workers, laborers as Google doodles Labor Day 2015 today.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2015

I don’t have a settled job as of this time, but I do accept online jobs, freelancer invite assignments, and receive a reasonable compensation with such. So I guess, I have to be thankful also for everybody who are celebrating this day for all of us workers.

Happy Labor Day to all of us and may we all continue to perform our daily tasks as heartily as we could so to provide a satisfying end-result for everyone.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2013

Yay! Google is so workaholic today as Google Doodles Labor Day 2013 on their homepage.

Google Doodles Labor Day 2013Google Doodles Labor Day 2013

Different working groups are being featured on the Google homepage today. But for me, it would be more livelier to see it if it is animated. Isn’t it?

But still, happy labor day to all!