Katy Perry gets Naturally Gorgeous in New Hair Care Ads

I think many probably have known Katy Perry, the recording artist, as being one of those gorgeous and flawless women who at one time accidentally exposes her behind at a California water park. What happened was the bottom of her two-piece went off after she went a ride on a water slide. But many reports though came out that she handled the situation very well at that time without causing any distasteful effect.

Katy Perry Gets Naturally Gorgeous in New Hair Care Ads (image source: topnewstoday.org)

Although many are still pretty much accustomed to seeing her cleavage, as she is more known for her boobs and butt, every time she leaves her house but it was also very recently that Kat Perry’s new hair care ads made her look naturally gorgeous. But a certain magazine said otherwise as the new UK-based hairstyling brand’s ad campaign that it was way different from her signature outrageous persona. She actually was spotted wearing a new styled hair that seems natural and glam as her probable new outfit. Yet others have seen it that her remake hairstyle, changes faster than her songs climb the Billboard chart ladder. Or perhaps a new life after her divorce with actor Russell Brand? Yet could also be a new beginning as she was spotted leaving a house party together with the musician and songwriter John Mayer? Who knows?

Jennifer Love Hewitt: New Hairdo for New Movie

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently revealed on her twitter account, one of the widely used social networking sites now a days, her newly done hair make over.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has finally waved goodbye to her long brown hair. This, according to her, is for her upcoming movie preparation.

Well, she still looks awesome. Gorgeous, the right term to describe Hewitt.

Anyway, talking about hair make over, I am just wondering how much a hair replacement surgery costs these days? Inquiring about this technological health advancement is for my friend’s benefit. He has been thinking of hair surgery procedures after suffering from alopecia. Alopecia is a sudden loss of hair, usually, of unknown cause.

We all know that hair is the crowning glory of everybody. Suffering from any hair problems would be very much depressing already to many. But not all, off course, because for some, as I’ve known, they are not very keen to hair beauty. But at least, just for some.