Where is the Nearest Guitar Center?

Holiday season is just around the corner and gift-giving is one thing that every child and child-at-hearts are excited for. Of course, that includes me as well. Although malls and other establishments are still hyped for the Halloween, I am getting really more excited with the holidays then.In fact, as early as now, I am already thinking and trying to complete my list for gifts to share. I also tried figuring out where is the nearest guitar center that is accessible from our new abode since I plan to buy my little man a new set of kiddie guitars or, perhaps, a drum set instead.

Guitar Center

Sad to know, the guitar center is obviously far from here and I still need to transport half an hour. It’s alright. At least I have known where to go when I need to get one.

Moreover, going back to my list, I might have this completed after the Halloween since we will be preparing for the trick or treat events that our little man will be joining.

Rainsong Guitars

Accordingly, rainsong guitars produce sounds that are distinctively rain-like and the music it provides is really different and unique.

Rainsong GuitarRainsong Guitar (image from guitarcenter.com)

I’ve just had a chance to talk to a musician colleague and he really agreed to what I said about rainsong guitars. He even suggested reliable shops where can I buy affordable yet quality guitars. I told him I don’t have plans to purchase one but I found the rainsong guitars guitar center — an online shop a good site to shop.

British Blues-Rock Guitarist, Alvin Lee, dies at 68

Alvin Lee, a British Blues-Rock guitarist and a singer of the band Ten Years After, died at the age of 68 after a surgical procedure on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

British Blues-Rock Guitarist, Alvin Lee, dies at 68British Blues-Rock Guitarist, Alvin Lee, dies at 68 (image from festival-guitare-patrimonio.com)

With great sadness, we have to announce that Alvin unexpectedly passed away early this morning after unforeseen complications following a routine surgical procedure,” read the message on alvinlee.com. “We have lost a wonderful, much loved father and companion. The world has lost a great and truly gifted musician.