NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Football news saddened me much lately. After reading the news regarding the Former Illinois coach, Pete Elliott, dies at 86, here’s another football name, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39. But the cause of death was not disclosed.

NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39NAU football staff, Jeff Lewis, dies at 39

Jeff Lewis is the recent assistant football coach of Northern Arizona football team. He was also a former NAU quarterback in NFL.

Jeff Lewis died in Phoenix yesterday, Saturday.

Former Illinois coach, Pete Elliott, dies at 86

Pete Elliott, the executive director in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, dies at the age of 86.

Pete ElliottPete Elliott (image from

Pete Elliott was used to be an American football player and a coach as well. He has been an All-American quarterback of Michigan Wolverines football team way back 1948 when the team won the national championship. Aside from being the football player, he was the head football coach of the following teams as well:

  •  University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1956
  • University of California, Berkeley in 1957–1959
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1960–1966
  • University of Miami in 1973–1974


Medals and Trophies

It was a fine afternoon when I and some friends were talking and mentioning about our medals and trophies we received during our elementary and secondary years. We also have talked about the medals which we wished to have and received before like t ball medals. Of course, though we have not joined in any football club or games then, we just laughed until this time our dream of receiving such medals.

T Ball MedalT Ball Medal (image from

 But anyways, those were just our funny friendly talks.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87

The former Cleveland Browns owner, Arthur Modell, more commonly known as Art Modell, dies at the age of 87. Any causes of his death were not disclosed.

Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87Former Cleveland Browns owner Arthur Modell dies at 87 (image from

To any NFL fans or followers, you surely knew how Art Modell made a history in the football sports history. He was a longtime football team owner of Cleveland Browns.

Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning

Eli Manning, the American football Quarterback of the New York Giants in National Football League (NFL) hosted this week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night.

Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning (image source and credits)

If you happen to watch yourself the SNL for this week, you probably would have fun since it is evident that Eli Manning really had fun.

Furthermore, Eli Manning is the real life younger brother of another NFL big player, Peyton Manning.

For me, Eli Manning showed something for hisself that he isn’t just for football games but for more awesome yet funny roles as well.

The growth of soccer in the USA

The United States Soccer Team was once one of the best teams in the world, best shown by finishing third in the 1930 world cup. The strength of the team has been in decline from that point but now, partly due to the creation of the MLS in 1993, the country can now realistically look forward to achieving that success again.

Between 1930-1993 the development of domestic and collegiate sports such as American Football and Basketball overshadowed the expansion of soccer causing the most elite athletes to be attracted to these sports. Famous footballers such as Pele, David Beckham and Thierry Henry have increased the attraction of getting involved with and following the sport. The funding into soccer is continuously increasing and this is why the USA has been able to produce increasingly talented players.

Growth of Soccer in USA

Growth of Soccer in USA (image not mine)

Now, college soccer stadiums are larger than the national stadium of England, the home of football. This shows how the popularity of the game has developed and from the success of the men’s national team at recent competitions, such as reaching the knockout stage of the 2010 world cup, the team will only do better in the future. Players such as Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel, Stuart Holden and Landon Donovan have proved their quality whilst playing in England and players with this level of quality will continually be developed. Currently, the national team is ranked 31st in the world but this will only rise. In the victory over Italy in Genoa in February 2012, the talent of the team was shown and the future of soccer in the USA is bright.

The women’s national team have seen much greater success in recent times. Currently ranked 1st in the world by FIFA, the team won the world cup in 1999 and finished runners up in the most recent 2011 world cup. They have won Olympic medals and have achieved many other honors and this is why there is such a high chance of victory at the 2015 world cup because the team have become contenders in all competitions in which they enter. The success of the women’s national team has been achieved through the encouragement of young girls to play the sport and if this is continued, this success can only be enhanced.

This article shows the success that this country has had in one of its less popular sports. The way that these achievements can be continued and improved upon is through more participants and with discounts on soccer kit making the most of opportunities like Eurosport coupon codes that increase the accessibility of the sport. In Europe, children are being developed from as young as age 5, and if our country does this and we encourage and nurture children, both boys and girls of any age, to play soccer, the men’s and women’s national teams will become dominant and further success will come.

Joe Paterno Dies at 85

Joe Paterno dies at the age of 85 after suffering from lung cancer.

Joe Paterno Dies at 85Joe Paterno Dies at 85

It has made the internet world alarmed the past days when a news about Joe Paterno spread that he was in a near death situation. Not too long, he really died then.

Joe Paterno is an all-time major college football leader. I’ve known him just because of the sports — football. May you rest in peace Joe!

Oakland Raiders fire Coach Hue Jackson

It seems like everything in the Battlefield for the American Football team, Oakland Raiders ain’t getting better from the previous year that even ended to fire their head coach, Hue Jackson.

If I remember it well, last 2010, Oakland Raiders also fired their coach Tom Cable.

With the vacancy of head coach seat for the Raiders, many different reports said that they are still looking for new “Oakland Raiders Head Coach” to replace Hue Jackson.

Tim Howard Scores — VIDEO

Have you seen how Tim Howard scores during their latest game? If you missed the thrill, you should watch this video below and catch it for yourself how Tim Howard scores.

Tim Howard ScoresTim Howard Scores

Nice game, isn’t it?

FREE Live Streaming: LA Galaxy vs Ph Azkals Game

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The Los Angeles Galaxy vs Philippine Azkals Game will be held at the Rizal Memorial Stadium later today, December 3, 2011. This game is actually the second stop of LA Galaxy with their Asia-Pacific Tour. The first game they had was against Indonesia where they won.

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