3 Dead in 6th Fire in Cebu City this March 2012

Just yesterday, I blogged about the fires which I witnessed when I was on my way to the hospital. You can read it here, Cebu City Fire this Morning.

Cebu City Fire this Morning

Cebu City Fire this Morning

But that actually was just the fifth fire in Cebu City this March 2012, the latest, the 6th fire in Cebu City this March 2012 was in Pardo, southern part of Cebu City which killed 3 individuals. They are Esperanza Aberyon, 75; Rosalie Tagacanao, 35; and her nephew,  Raphael Dulalia, 5.

Read more here, 6th fire in Cebu City this month.

Cebu City Fire this Morning

It’s not new to me to hear a firetrucks’ siren sing almost everyday. Yes! Believe it or not, there’s always a fire anywhere in the city of Cebu.

This morning, when I was about to go to Miller Hospital, a second fire this day happened in Barangay Pasil, Cebu City.

Cebu City Fire this Morning

Cebu City Fire this Morning

I was able to capture a photo of the smoke while riding on a taxi cab. Just bear with my hand image. Smiley

Fire Solution in Cebu City

When I and some classmates, who are not originally coming from Cebu City ~ just came and stayed here to study, once have had dinner and was able to share thoughts about the possible solutions which need to be done so to lessen the fire victims. We know that fire incidences are merely accidents. No one plans, except who really did, to have fire happened but generally, no one wants to get burnt.

We really pointed out the victims. What we mean is that the fire won’t easily scatter to the point of eating by burning those 100-meter away houses from the point where the fire originally started. The best thing to do is to make each houses and building concrete. Perhaps, steel buildings are far better to live in Cebu City.

Another thing is to refrain from overcrowding a very small area just to build and make a house to live.

Those basically are what we were trying to point out.

Noontime Fire in Cebu City

Could you believe that in my fourteen months of stay here in Cebu City I personally saw more than ten fire events just in the city itself?

The worst thing among all? It was the fire just 100 meters away from my apartment last June 2011. The fire happened early morning around 1:00 AM. Next to that fire event were those two different fire events happened around the vicinity of our school, from the nearby houses of Southwestern University along Urgello Street. The first fire even where a part of our school – the Maritime College building was put into fire happened last year, if I still have the correct figures, it happened around August 2010 last year. And the latest fire event in school was still on June 2011 where in the Natural Science College was also burnt.

The very latest fire even I saw was yesterday noontime. Just timely when I about to check the ATM of  the Land Bank of the Philippines along P. del Rosario Street, huge black to gray colored smoke was almost to cover the whole are of the street due to the very recent fire. I didn’t know where exactly the fire was, I’m not really particular and certain with the streets in Cebu City yet. But I took a shot of the smoke.

Pardon with my image here. It’s not really that of good quality compared to images taken by a digital camera. I just made use of my iPad camera in taking that image. Rest assured, nothing edited on that image but just the watermarks.

Accordingly, one of the main reasons why there are fire events happening in Cebu City is because of the poor electrical wiring management along those crowding small houses wherein the owners are into renting businesses and even making internet cafes available for students. There, in fact, no surface raceways for cables and wires on there houses. I guess, this is one point which the government should put an eye on to.