Stylish Cigar Ashtrays

Since I and M do not smoke any cigars, I thought that we can just collect and make use of cigar ashtrays as something to display at home. When I shared this idea to one of my close friends in college, she laughed at me because it is sounding so ironic — collecting stuff that both of us don’t even enjoy using it. She has a point but what fascinated me in collecting cigar ashtrays is the uniqueness and stylish designs of some ashtrays I’ve seen online. Here below are some of them:

Depression Glass Cigar AshtrayDepression Glass Cigar Ashtray (image from

Vintage Crackle Glass Smoke Blue Cigar AshtrayVintage Crackle Glass Smoke Blue Cigar Ashtray (image from

Crystal Cigar RestCrystal Cigar Rest (image from

Conference Line Deep Dish Cigar AshtrayConference Line Deep Dish Cigar Ashtray (image from

Aren’t they cool to collect? Smiley

Raymond Weil’s Watch Collections

I may sound very luxurious today because of these Raymond Weil’s watch collections that I’ll be sharing in the proceeding section, but don’t ever think I have all these. How I just wish to own even one. Smiley

Anyways, here are the list of the Raymond Weil’s watch collections:

  • Jasmine (2011)
  • Maestro (2010)
  • Noemia (2009)
  • Nabucco (2007)
  • Freelancer (2007)
  • Shine (2006)
  • Don Giovanni Cosi Grande (2002)
  • Don Giovanni (1998)
  • Flamenco (1998)
  • Saxo (1998)
  • Allegro (1998)
  • Tema (1998)
  • W1 (1997)
  • Duo jubilee (1996)
  • Tango (1995)
  • Toccata (1996)
  • Tradition (1994)
  • Parsifal (1991)
  • Traviata (1988)
  • Othello (1986)
  • Fidelio (1985)
  • Amadeus (1983)
  • Golden Eagle (1979)

The order of the list is from the latest to the very first collection in 1979. I don’t have much information about the designs of each collection nor have seen one in person yet.

Philippines grabs Guinness World Record for “Most People on Catwalk”

Here’s another Guinness World Record for the country, the Philippines, for grabbing the “Most People on Catwalk” record. The event was held yesterday, November 29, 2012 at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City, Philippines.

Guinness World Record for "Most People on Catwalk"Philippines grabs Guinness World Record for “Most People on Catwalk” (image from

The fashion event was entitled “Move to the Vibe of Glorietta”. And it even aimed to put a name on the world map that Philippines should be named the “fashion capital of the world”. Somehow, it did after making it to the Guinness World Record for having the “Most People on Catwalk”.

For the “Most people modelling on a catwalk (multiple venues)” on Guinness World Record was previously grabbed by France after holding a multiple events of modelling on catwalk. But as of now, the Philippines grabs this title, but for a single venue only.

Models, celebrities and other fashion names in the Philippines altogether worked for the success of this event.

Give Your Makeup Final Touch with a Top Branded Fragrance

Makeup is not all about looking fashionable; it is also about smelling good. In other words, you need to give importance to not only your appearance but also your freshness. You should smell good; otherwise you may fail to get the attention you are looking for. Imagine when you smell like a fresh rose, jasmine or any flavour you would like, you can make your impression better among your friends and dear ones. People would love to do friendship with you. Perfumes are essential fashion accessories for both girls and boys. If you have a craze for fragrances, here are some important things to know…

PerfumesPerfumes (image from

How to put on fragrances…

Wearing fragrances is an art. Not everyone is successful in locking freshness like a perfume for a long time. For them it is essential to know that how to apply chanel fragrances. Remember, a perfume freshness locks for a long time when you apply it when your body has moisture. If you have oily skin, it means you can smell good longer than those with dry skin. The persons with dry skin need to apply their favourite scent right after a bath. It’s because at that time the body has moisture and is able to keep the fragrance freshness lock for a longer time. Behind ears and armpits are areas where you can apply perfume to find better effect of it.

How to purchase a perfume…

Purchasing a perfume is not as easy as it seems. Here you need to plan out the flavour and the brand. You cannot think of purchasing unbranded one as it may cause skin related infections like itching and redness. Today, there are many top fashion houses that are engaged in producing different flavour fragrances. So, it’s essential to decide which one you want to make your favourite. Choosing more than one brand will be a nice idea as it will give you an idea on which one is better and meets with your needs. Deciding the flavour is another important thing. You should have at least 5-6 types of flavours of perfumes if you love wearing perfume daily. Using different flavours will break your monotony towards colognes.

Once you know the brand and the flavour you would like to buy you can go ahead for shopping. Choosing online shopping would be a smart idea as there are many online stores offering heavy discounts on top branded perfumes. Discount fragrances shop are available that make your online shopping experience pleasant. Do your payment online. There is no need to waste your precious time and money. The chosen cologne will be available at your doorstep within a week.

This is a guest post written by Sophia.

Replica Rolex Date Just – For All Class Persons

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The main advantage of buying Replica Rolex date just watches is so far as to these stylish watches is available in really reasonable cost. These replica watches are very carefully planned and manufactured by the skilled persons, and these watches are just the same as the original stylish watches. You would completely acquire to stay the consignment of money that you are brilliant to use up also on one added replica Rolex submariner watch or the additional thing that you have entail of. These watches are very reasonable so that all class persons can use these watches on any type of occasions. The original watches are of very high in the cost so they are out of the reach of the normal class people. This type of high price watches only purchase by the high class persons but with the invention of these replica watches all type of people using these replica watches.

A guest post written by Sami.

Replica Handbags – Fashionable Accessories For Women

Fashionable accessories for female can vary from footwear to clothing or to the attractively gorgeous fashion jewelry, except it is the graceful handbags on that each women pay much additional concentration. Female are for all time fussing over the funds on fashion accessories, except for funds on their handbags, they are astonishingly liberal. Most of the female regard stylish handbags as the necessary things in the attire and also a few of them are determined to have the assortment of them.

Although female are forever careless regarding the money spend on handbags, unique fashionable Gucci Babouska handbags are at very hefty cost which they are impervious for most of the people. At this occasion, bounty of intelligent female turns their aims to the reasonable replica handbags that are even in the magnificent quality and elegant patterns. Excellent simulations of fashionable handbags will never escort persons to the discomfiture of being predictable to wear the imitations. And in addition, purchasing the replica handbags has previously be the ordinary occurrence in the current market. Thus there is no require to be anxious the discomfiture any longer.

Simulation of the fashionable Gucci Babouska handbags is accessible all over the place online and with the numbers of copies of dissimilar brands. No issue what kinds of fashionable handbags you are searching, you can forever gain the preferred one. Fashionable replica handbagsperform well their responsibility as the fashionable accessories in attire of women. A fashionable handbag can forever move well with the dissimilar costumes and are appropriate for the dissimilar settings. A few of the great costume will be finished the elegant simulation. Think it or not, intelligence of style can be simply felt in case you hold such the designer replica hand bag. So, purchase these attractive handbags from the online shopping stores and look beautiful.

Weirdest Cleavage: Kaitlyn Leeb’s Three Breasts

I really found it really weird seeing the three breasts of Kaitlyn Leeb.

Actually, I didn’t believe, at first, that she really has three breasts not until shared an image of Kaiitlyn Leeb’s weird cleavage of her three breasts.

You may read the whole post here, Kaitlyn Leeb’s Three Breasts Give Her The Weirdest Cleavage We’ve Ever Seen (PHOTOS)

Lucky Charm for Bracelet

Some people believe in charms and other items for luck and a better future. Others buy a charm for bracelet or those mystical figures to be placed in strategic and specific areas in the house; while some rely on Feng Shui for good fortune to come to their household and life.

There are so many charm stores and centers, even those experts in these fields of interest, and they all offer promising results and somehow tell how your future will become and how your life will be if you have these charms and other stuff within you or in your house.

While it may not harm you to be relying and believing in stuff like these, it is still our responsibility to shape our future. There is no wrong in trying them out and applying them in our lives, it is still through our hard work and perseverance that will make our days ahead of us bright and better. These charms and the like only serve as guides for us; there is still one altruistic Creator who decides our fate. Nevertheless, it is still also business for others and whatever their reasons for believing in such, we should respect it.

Men’s Golf Apparel at

Golf, they say is a millionaire’s game, with expensive accessories and attires that go with it, not many people play this sport. But even if it takes some amount for this sport, many wealthy people are engrossed with golf. The investment you put in is worth it when you win a game or in a tournament. Golf players also don fashionable attires when games are held. If you are a golf player or planning to learn to play golf, visit for a New Golf Line of trendy and sporty apparel available at reasonable prices. Golf Apparel at is made of quality fabrics and any player wearing Bogner products would surely be a head turner.

The skills and technique in golf that you will learn and becoming a master would surely match your golf attire. The apparel also is a form of investment in golf aside from the accessories, your membership to exclusive golf and sports club, the amenities that come with it, and brushing shoulders with the elite; all these are just some of what you can get and what’s in store for you. Therefore, quality, trendy and fashionable golf attire should be worn.

Golf really is not a game for all, not a game for the masses, but if you really want to pursue such sport, you will have to invest a hefty amount, take a lot of practice and training, pretty soon, your investment will return a thousand folds.

Where the Eye is in the Cat Eye Beads

One very popular bead is the cat eye bead. These are great for making almost any kind of jewelry as well as many decorations. They have been given this name because this is what they do look like, a cat’s eye. Most people will agree that the most dazzling look that is achieved will be in the popular round shape of this style of bead.

There are many different shapes and sizes that are available. Almost any shape or size can be found in these if a person is looking in the right places. Even though there are many shapes and sizes, there will only be a range of approximately twenty colors that can be chosen from.

The hue will change as light is captured and reflected. They are often known as the fiber optic beads. This is because they have a band of light that runs through the center. This is what gives it the cat eye appearance. Every color will give these a new look. This is a great option for making many different beads.

These cat eye beads are often found in a pair of earrings. They are easy to match to make a beautiful pair of them. Even though, they are more expensive to produce, they are very popular among any age group. Sometimes these are used as pendants when the larger one is available.

These offer a very sleek look with a texture of its own. This texture is not usually found in other types of beads. This is another feature that makes these look absolutely amazing. It is made from very high quality glass. These can be made into any piece of jewelry. Everyone will love the way that these shine with the way that they look at the person. They will keep watch on everyone in the room.

Great savings on cat eye beads and other jewelry making supplies by