Get Whatever You Want in 4 Easy Steps

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2016 is almost over and you are now asking yourself what happened to the days when you were supposed to save money. You mope and think about it. What went wrong? Do you still remember the time when you vowed to save money at the beginning of the year? How about the daily expenditure plan you have made to organize and keep up with your saving goals? Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye that little dream of yours for you can never buy that iPhone 7 you have always wanted. Your saving plan did not go kablooey for no reason. It was you. But as the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. It is not too late. You can start anew with your saving plan, this time much disciplined and goal-oriented. So, here’s how:

4 ways

Step 1. Set a goal. Ask yourself what you want, what do you really want to achieve. If it is an iPhone or a car, then be it. You must be determined to get it.

Step 2. Develop a saving plan. In a small notebook or a piece of paper, write your daily budget. Organize what you need to do, divide your allowance into portions (depends on you, really) –food, transportation, savings, etc. This way, you will keep track of your expenses and remaining money. If written on a piece of paper, stick it to your wall as a reminder.

Step 3. Discipline yourself. When you want to buy something, use the Need vs. Want principle. That is self-explanatory.

Step 4. Be smart. Always look for discounts. When you already reached your target money and ready to buy your dream iPhone or whatever it is, look for discounts. Plenty of sites on the internet such as Verizon Wireless, Tillys, offer discounts for various stuff such as smartphones. Different coupons from Groupon Coupons are also available. Think wise and do not just settle for what is good, look for the best.

Google Doodles Fathers Day 2016

It’s Fathers’ Day once again! In fact, Google Doodles Fathers Day 2016 for all of us to remember that this day is such an important one and we have to at least give the tightest hugs and kisses to our dearest fathers.

Google Doodles Happy Fathers Day 2016

There are a lot of ways on how we can give them thanks, not just today, but of course, everyday. An example of these is by giving them gifts, spending the whole day with them in the park, mall or anywhere they wanted to, or surprise them with a sumptuous dinner which can be either at home or elsewhere which has a romantic lovely hue.

To all fathers out there, happy happy fathers’ day to all of you. May God bless you always!

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014

How sad to think that I can’t celebrate Mother’s Day 2014 with my own family because I am on duty today and even hubby can’t make it then. But at least, having a good night sleep with my little big boss, my baby Zach, is much more than like celebrating Mother’s Day everyday. And also on how we play after my duty, it’s more relaxing then just like how Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014 today.

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014

To all mothers out there, hope you all will enjoy the rest of the day and will always be happy being a mom, a mother and we should also be thankful for our mothers too!

Happy mother’s day to all mommies!

Google Doodles Fathers Day 2013

Let us all celebrate Fathers Day as Google doodles Fathers Day 2013 on their webpage.

Google Doodles Fathers Day 2013Google Doodles Fathers Day 2013

Aside from my dad, I also misses so much my grandfather who used to be a very good father to my mom and to my aunts. How I wish he still here. But I pray more that he has rested in peace.

Those were the days..

Back in the days, when you hear of the word picnic, first thing that comes to mind is the beach. It used to be a popular destination for short trip goers.

But nowadays, as long as you have a picnic table available, then a place where to spend a weekend with your family or friends shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t like the idea of being in a crowded place like the beach then you can decide to set a picnic somewhere else – places where you can relax while savoring the gift of nature– breathing the fresh air, listening to the birds sweet tune, watching the sun go down — ah, fantastic!I am so looking forward to do something like this. It’s been a while…

Making Things Possible

Living a life away from our loved ones has its advantage. To live and do everything on your own may not be as easy as you think but the great feeling of independence it gives you along the process is just as fulfilling and rewarding.

Although there may come a time you’d have to miss important events back home. That’s the con. But even that can be worked out too by sending out a gift. A little help of some packaging for shipping ideas to ensure your package will reach to its destination safe and in one piece.

It sure will delight them to unpack your gift and you’ll never be far away again from their thoughts.

Life Insurance Policies : A Simple Guide

Life insurance policies are designed to support and protect people after the death of a loved one. They provide a practical way to ensure the well-being of one’s family when it comes to financial matter long after the death of the main bread earner in the family.

By providing a steady stream of income, these policies enable family’s to meet their immediate and long term needs and lead the same quality of life they are accustomed and enables them to get back on their feet.

From covering the expenses of unpaid medical bills to covering funeral costs, such policies ensure that the people who were dependant on the deceased don’t have to bear any extra burden.

Similarly, life insurance can be used to ensure that the medical costs for elderly parents or handicapped children are taken care off in the case when a person is no longer alive to fulfill these duties.

It is imperative to understand that life insurance policies are not designed to benefit the purchasers themselves, but instead are meant to provide support and protection to their immediate families and dependant individuals in the case of their unforeseen death.

Therefore, people who want to make sure that their families don’t go through any financial hardships after their untimely demise should opt for a life insurance policy while they are fit and healthy.

It should be noted that life insurance premiums increase exponentially when the client is suffering from any health problems. It is imperative to understand the various kinds of insurance policies and their nuance in order to choose one which best meets a person’s requirements. The three major kinds of policies are given below

Term life insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific time, and has to be renewed after the expiration of the policy.

Two subcategories of this policy are:

Level term: The coverage remains constant during the entire period of the policy.

Decreasing term: The coverage decreases as the coverage period comes close to its expiration

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance policies are valid for the entirety of its purchaser’s lifetime. However, these policies require a premium to be paid on a yearly basis into the existing policy. Funds can be borrowed from such a policy with the downfall being that borrowing funds reduces the benefits received after death.

Once you educate yourself a bit about different insurance products, it becomes easier for you to make a right choice. However, it is worth mentioning that you should be ready to compare a few term or whole life insurance quotes before finalizing your decision. Moreover, you should pick an insurance provider with extreme care.

Although it’s tempting to base your decision on price, cheaper insurance products may never offer appropriate coverage. So, know your needs and have an idea of how much will be enough for your family to manage different expenses when you’re not there to take care of everything.

Universal life insurance

This life policy combines the best aspects of both the other policy types, providing a flexible payment plan in addition to providing coverage for the whole life of its purchaser.

Playground Structure Ideas

Kids really do love to play whether they are on their school, at the park, at home, in the neighborhood or even at the malls. It actually their work — playing. So if you are you planning to have your own customized playsets for you kids at home, should you check these playground structure ideas below.

Single Tower Playground StructureTwo-tower Playground StructureSuper De-Luxe Playground StructureDeluxe Playground Structure

These different playground structure ideas are built to withstand children’s fun work. These are capable of carrying a number of children depending on the structure. These are made of steel that are rubber-coated for kids’ protection.

Rustic Decors at Home

Just lately, I received a compliment, I rather chose and thought as like that than a negative comment, that I am really weird. According to them, I have that uniqueness in thinking which is very different from the others.

This is not the first time I receive words like these. I know I am different. I am weird. I am unique. In almost all aspect, be it personal to anything, I do not know but I really deviate from the crowd. For instance, when we’re still planning to have a new house in our province, mom was fetching ideas from us, her children. My siblings were sharing almost the same designs and concepts. However, mom looked at me differently when I suggested a rustic decor and theme at home. All of them were staring at me with a blank and a question marks on their faces. Haha.

I love rustic decor since it’s kind’a unique, elegant looking and very vintage. The house will be looking like an antic museum filled with abstract thoughts depending on how visitors see the house.

Do you agree? I don’t think so because even my family did not agree with my idea. Haha!

Family Business Website

Since I started blogging way back 2007, that time our family business has been productively growing already, I was thinking to create a website for our family business. I was still in college that time wherein most of my financial needs came from the family business’ supports. Aside from making my studies good, I couldn’t think how and what to give to my parents something to make them happy as a thank you and as a gift in return.

Now that I have some idea how websites run and go, even though not really that blast-full of such but still somehow could cater how to a family business website circulates, I am certain to make one family business website.

Why I want a website for our family is not just for me to make the whole world know that we have a business like this and that. But for us, as a business owner and manager, to have a grasp of ideas that we could apply for our small business. Making our business reachable online could make us closer to any small business resources that I am sure would be very helpful for us. Recommendations, suggestions and comments are welcome, as always. And off course, as a business and a website owner, I will also give inputs on how to run such business –  the dos and the don’ts, benefits and consequences, and more. It’s just a small business help to those who are planning to have a business like ours. As said, always give for to always receive.

As of now, I already have bought domains for our family. I bought 2 domains. I won’t be disclosing things yet for now. But sure thing, so soon, the two domains will be actively circulating in the world wide web.