Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections

Every Filipino today is expecting a new leader to govern the country for the next six years. Today is the Philippine National Elections day as you can see how Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections.

Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National ElectionsGoogle Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections

We, as Filipinos, have the right to suffrage or the rights to publicly vote or choose our best bet leaders to rule and lead us.I cannot personally share who my bets are, off course, it’s confidential. But what I just wish for every Filipino citizen is to vote for the best fitted individual to serve our country with all his hearts and mind and not just solely because of his personal political will. We had been drowned by our own choices during the previous national elections where the results didn’t even made changes on our lives. What we all wanted and longing for how long is to have a Philippines that is literally “more fun to live in” not just basing on it’s tourism rates but in almost all aspects especially on the security and safety of every Filipinos and to all foreign individuals coming in and out of the country.

Let us all be awaken from our deep sleep believing that when we wake up tomorrow, we’ll sure to have a beautiful Philippines without even doing nothing. I do believe that the best thing that we can do today is to utilize this right to suffrage so for us to wake up tomorrow with really a livable beautiful Philippines.

Should we all vote wisely Filipinos!