Griselda Blanco, ‘Godmother’ of Cocaine, Killed in Colombia

I was chatting with my friend yesterday on how to make a free website since she wanted to start blogging while I saw a very recent update that Griselda Blanco, the known ‘Godmother’ of Cocaine, was killed in Colombia.

Griselda Blanco, Godmother of CocaineGriselda Blanco, ‘Godmother’ of Cocaine, Killed in Colombia (image from

Griselda Blanco was named as the Godmother of Cocaine as she was the known drug lord and pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine drug trafficking in 1970s to 1980s. She was killed by a group of men riding on a motorcycle.

Ex-Boxing Champion, Johnny Tapia, Dies at 45

I am just about to work on the music stands — wipe and arrange them in place, here in my apartment when I read a very sad news about the ex-boxing champion, Johnny Tapia who recently died at an early age of 45.

Ex-Boxing Champion, Johnny Tapia, Dies at 45

Johnny Tapia, an American five-time champion in boxing was known to be influenced by cocaine and alcohol. He even went to depression. And on Sunday, May 27, he was just found dead in his home.

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