Discover Greek Mythology in the City of Paphos

If you are into myths, gods and goddesses, if you want to learn more about Greek mythology, then the city of Paphos is the place to go and visit for you.

Paphos is in the southwest of Cyprus. From what I have read, Paphos is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty and the place became most famous and important for worshiping Aphrodite in the ancient world.

Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus (image source and credits)

This place must be really interesting since Greek mythology and their culture is very fascinating. The Greeks have greatly contributed to our modern world and to civilization; one of their greatest contributions is the Olympics. Aside from the Olympics, democracy, philosophy, theater, drama, the arts, and literary classics, all these the Greeks have given to the world. I bet when you visit Paphos and experience Greek culture, you would see all these and know the reasons why and most of all will be thankful to them.

Going to this mystical place is easy and there are cheap flights to Paphos which you can book online. If you also search about Paphos in the Internet, you will be given a host of attractions, cultural and historical attractions, even beaches and archeological sites. All these await every visitor to Paphos in Cyprus.