Internet Advertising: Why is it Effective?

A new slimming agent is out in the market. You’ve just seen it on TV. If you’re on a weight loss journey, you would probably get curious and more likely be thinking of making a trip to the store to see what’s in that new product for yourself. And when eventually you would end up taking home a sampler of that product that is what you call marketing persuasion.

Internet Advertising (image source and credits)

To promote a thing or an idea is in itself very difficult. This is where experiential marketing agencies come in the picture. They play a vital part in effectively bringing out these products and making them a success in the market.

Nowadays, the popularity and demand of internet advertising is dramatically increasing. Through internet advertising companies can reach every corner of the world in no time and at absolutely lower cost. A lot of business firms find it more effective than using the conventional advertising tools. While the demand is growing, the sprouting of advertising agencies online is getting unstoppable now too. Make sure to only settle for the reputable ones. These companies are more likely to help you connect with the consumers than the other way around.

Sinulog 2012 — FREE WiFi in Cebu City

Days before the Sinulog 2012 grand parade, I’ve already read a post from a Cebu-based blogger friend regarding the Free WiFi access in Cebu City.

Sinulog 2012 -- FREE Wifi in Cebu CitySinulog 2012 — FREE WiFi in Cebu City

Indeed, there were areas in Cebu City during the grand parade and the celebration of Sinulog 2012 where WiFi access was free. These areas were Gorordo to Fuente Osmeña Circle, General Maxilom Avenue, Osmeña Boulevard, selected areas in North Bacalso Avenue and P. del Rosario, Cebu City Hall, Provincial Capitol, the Cebu City Sports Center, Magellan’s Cross and Plaza Independencia.

According to PLDT, the WiFi provider, this is yet the first outdoor FREE WiFi access made available.

Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest

I am supposed to lurk information about silver dollars using Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia online however, it seems like “Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest” has started already. The website is showing black features on it.

Wikipedia's 24 hour blackout protestWikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest

Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout protest is an act of the company opposing the proposed US anti-piracy legislation.

Anyway, so much with that Wikipedia, let me talk back about silver dollars that I first mentioned. I am actually curious of the Morgan silver dollars price guide because one of my friends has mentioned about silver dollars which he and his friends are collecting. And yeah, upon checking online, Morgan silver dollars are great stuff to collect.

Meet DAVE, the Cartridge Save Badger

There are a lot of interesting brands that you can find on the internet. A lot of brands are used by companies and people to help establish a good reputation for quality and service. One interesting brand that is used on the internet is the badger for Cartridge Save.

The name of the Cartridge Save badger is Dave, and he tries to help you out with all your printer accessory needs.

Cartridge Save Badger

The great thing about Cartridge Save Dave is that he gives the service a face and personality, which allows people to recognize and become familiar with the site they are surfing.

Out of Stocks

I am supposed to print some documents tonight, however, the first three pages of my outputs were looking very pale that each writings on the papers are hard to read. I just didn’t noticed then that my printer inks are empty already. The worst thing then, it’s almost midnight here already and I can’t go out to buy for new printer ink cartridges or even to look for printer inks refilling stations.

Simply saying, I am out of stocks of printer inks.

I really didn’t expect this to happen today because I just newly bought my printer, perhaps, a few weeks ago. I was printing a number of documents for school in the past weeks, though, but I still confident enough that this ain’t empty yet.

But since it is showing tonight obvious almost-transparent printed documents, the cartridges are really empty which I need to replace as soon as possible.

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version Released

The Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version was actually released last October 7, 2011.

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Version

However, up until now, I haven’t tried it for my desktop computer. Obviously, it is because I am only having one computer set here. The chrome remote desktop beta version is best fitted to computer networks – those having several computers in a network.

Speaking of desktops, my sister is planning to buy herself a new computer desktop. She wants to have an i series-operated one just like mine. But mine here is yet an i3. It ain’t bad at all, for as long as my computer is working fast that could go and swing with my online needs.

Data Recovery Experts

One of the things, upon receiving a call from the attendant of the Toshiba service center in Cebu City, that I could think of before heading to the mall to buy an external disk for data recovery procedures was to look for information and any other form of knowledge about software data recovery experts online.

Why I was looking for data recovery experts online? It was because, though Oshi was already in the service center for something good to happen to him, I still am hoping to help Oshi by myself in recovering all my data stored on him. I only have a limited ideas and knowledge about data recovery, perhaps the reason why I really lurked over the internet about data recovery experts’ tips, info and a lot more.

Data recovery experts online help one to have idea and clear knowledge on how to recover lost data. It offers a number of tips and sure to help recovering lost data.

Recovering Oshi

The moment I received a call from the Toshiba service center in Cebu City regarding Oshi’s health status, I have nothing on my mind but the quickest hard disk recovery thingy to be done for Oshi.

I told the lady attendant who called me not to open up or do invasive procedure to Oshi yet not unless the data stored on Oshi are recovered. Yes! They did what I told them. After I bought an external hard disk to save those recovered data from Oshi, I immediately went to the center and talked to the attendants.

Good enough, the data were recovered. But Oshi did not.

Accordingly, hard disk recovery procedure is very much difficult to do. As the technician said, the hard disk of Oshi was already damaged and that needing to be replaced. It’s already a bonus for me that the data were recovered. He emphasized that ‘good enough data were recovered’ even though they were not able to recover Oshi’s hard disk.

Oshi’s Problem

The very reason why I abandoned Oshi in no hesitations on January 2011 was because of hard disk failure.

A week before I decided to buy a new one, actually, I was still able to bring Oshi in his clinic. I brought him in the toshiba service center here in Cebu City. The technician just informed me on his first day of confinement to prepare for an external hard disk for data recovery of my files from Oshi’s before they have to do some thing more crucial in Oshi’s CPU. Since that was an advice, I bought an external hard disk for Oshi.

On his third day, I went to his clinic to visit him while bringing with me the external hard disk. But to my shock, I advised again to buy a hard drive for Oshi because of hard disk failure and that the technician could not do anything more than just simple reformatting of Oshi but real replacement of the hard disk.

Then, I asked a piece of advise from my mom. Since the hard disk costs much more than purchasing a new laptop, I and my mom just decided to purchase a new computer set.

That’s the story of Oshi and his problem.

Data Recovery Problem

To those who used to follow me, I mean all of my blogs including my personal blog, Gagay.MD, surely would know and would still remember my toshiba laptop computer, Oshi. Yes! My Oshi, he was. He was my laptop way back my last year in college and my first year in medical school. He gotten busted just on January of this year.

I didn’t know and couldn’t figure things out how it happen that just one day I can’t open Oshi. He wasn’t responding when I check him. However, days before that day he died, he was very sickly then. After fifteen minutes or so that Oshi is working with me, he suddenly feeling so hot and eventually faint. He just turn his-self off without any sound.

The day he died, I have had no things to worry about but my data stored at Oshi’s.

To my grief, actually, I didn’t know how to react, I was feeling empty, I almost tell the world that my Oshi left me. One of my friends suggested me to use raid data recovery software so for me to try to get back all my data ~ school stuff, to be exact which were all kept by Oshi.

However, simply because I am not a computer techie, though I know the basics in computer, I was very clueless on how to run the raid data recovery software. Even raid data recovery itself, I have had no idea what was it all about. When that friend of mine also shared to me what that data recovery and how it works, I then asked myself if Oshi’s lost was a good thing that I have learned news things in computer or a bad thing that I lost my Oshi, his-self?

I will be sharing, posting, on my next article regarding the basic info on what really is raid data recovery and how it runs and helps revering lost data.