Get Whatever You Want in 4 Easy Steps

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2016 is almost over and you are now asking yourself what happened to the days when you were supposed to save money. You mope and think about it. What went wrong? Do you still remember the time when you vowed to save money at the beginning of the year? How about the daily expenditure plan you have made to organize and keep up with your saving goals? Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye that little dream of yours for you can never buy that iPhone 7 you have always wanted. Your saving plan did not go kablooey for no reason. It was you. But as the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. It is not too late. You can start anew with your saving plan, this time much disciplined and goal-oriented. So, here’s how:

4 ways

Step 1. Set a goal. Ask yourself what you want, what do you really want to achieve. If it is an iPhone or a car, then be it. You must be determined to get it.

Step 2. Develop a saving plan. In a small notebook or a piece of paper, write your daily budget. Organize what you need to do, divide your allowance into portions (depends on you, really) –food, transportation, savings, etc. This way, you will keep track of your expenses and remaining money. If written on a piece of paper, stick it to your wall as a reminder.

Step 3. Discipline yourself. When you want to buy something, use the Need vs. Want principle. That is self-explanatory.

Step 4. Be smart. Always look for discounts. When you already reached your target money and ready to buy your dream iPhone or whatever it is, look for discounts. Plenty of sites on the internet such as Verizon Wireless, Tillys, offer discounts for various stuff such as smartphones. Different coupons from Groupon Coupons are also available. Think wise and do not just settle for what is good, look for the best.

Google Doodles Fathers Day 2016

It’s Fathers’ Day once again! In fact, Google Doodles Fathers Day 2016 for all of us to remember that this day is such an important one and we have to at least give the tightest hugs and kisses to our dearest fathers.

Google Doodles Happy Fathers Day 2016

There are a lot of ways on how we can give them thanks, not just today, but of course, everyday. An example of these is by giving them gifts, spending the whole day with them in the park, mall or anywhere they wanted to, or surprise them with a sumptuous dinner which can be either at home or elsewhere which has a romantic lovely hue.

To all fathers out there, happy happy fathers’ day to all of you. May God bless you always!

Google Doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday

The correct, precise and accurate blood matching for possible blood transfusion plays a crucial role in every patient who requires such. And this blood matching made possible by the discovery of blood groupings by Dr. Karl Landsteiner. Perhaps it is just right to celebrate his 148th birthday today as we can see how Google doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th birthday.

Google Doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday

The Google homepage just shows an animation of the 4 different blood groups, A, B, AB and O. Enjoy this educational animated homepage today guys!

Google Doodles Philippines Independence Day 2016

It’s always good to remember some important and worth-celebrating historical events especially those national events. But it’s even better to know that the whole world is also honoring such event just like the Philippines Independence Day as Google Doodles Philippines Independence Day 2016 today,

Google Doodles Philippines Independence Day 2016Google Doodles Philippines Independence Day 2016

This is excerpted from Wikipedia:

Independence Day (Filipino: Araw ng Kasarinlan; also known as Araw ng Kalayaan, (or “Day of Freedom”) is an annual national holiday in the Philippines observed on June 12, commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. Since 1962, it has been the country’s National Day.

And since, it is holiday, what are you going to do now? As excerpted from Wikipedia:

The day is spent with family bonding with friends and relatives and in either outdoor and indoor activities. All government offices and schools are closed as are private enterprises save for commercial establishments. As required by law the Flag of the Philippines, first flown on that day in 1898, is displayed in homes and establishments from as early as May 28, Flag Day, or on a selected date of May by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, which serves as the organizer of the celebrations, to the 30th of the month. Fireworks displays are the norm. Kawit, Cavite holds a yearly commemorative act with the flag raising at the Aguinaldo Shrine and the reading of the Philippine Declaration of Independence. Worldwide, Filipinos will gather on June 12 or a date close to it to publicly celebrate, sometimes with a Philippine Independence Day Parade.

Happy Independence Day Filipinos!

Chinese New Year 2016

I’m no Chinese but I do celebrate Chinese New Year as I also believe in some but not all Chinese beliefs.

Chinese New Year 2016

I cannot mention one by one and which is which Chinese beliefs from the Filipino, Spanish and so on. But what I used to do every Chinese New Year is to have in our table a round serving of the sticky rice cake. This, I do believe that with this one, serves as a sample how the family be closely tied with each other.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015

To every other in the whole world, today is your day as we all are celebrating mothers day today. It’s more exciting to know and see Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015 today.

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015Google Doodles Mothers Day 2015

My wish to every mothers out there is for you to be happy and contented with your chosen career that is priceless – to be a mother. Happy mothers day!

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014

How sad to think that I can’t celebrate Mother’s Day 2014 with my own family because I am on duty today and even hubby can’t make it then. But at least, having a good night sleep with my little big boss, my baby Zach, is much more than like celebrating Mother’s Day everyday. And also on how we play after my duty, it’s more relaxing then just like how Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014 today.

Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014Google Doodles Mothers Day 2014

To all mothers out there, hope you all will enjoy the rest of the day and will always be happy being a mom, a mother and we should also be thankful for our mothers too!

Happy mother’s day to all mommies!

The beauty of ecards

The run up to Christmas is an immensely chaotic period of the year for all businesses. It is a time when all clients and customers want things wrapped up before the festive season, so they can start afresh in the New Year. This leaves organisations struggling with the workload especially as employees start to take off the holiday owed to them before the end of the year. However, one job that can be taken off the list is sending the annual festive greetings with the simplicity of corporate ecards and here’s why:

Speed of the process

Normally, sending out thousands of Christmas Greeting cards would have been a long and arduous task to do especially when the time could be used more efficiently elsewhere. That has all changed with corporate ecards though, as now everything can be completed in minutes using simple design platforms that allow you to mail an ecard to your entire client list in mere seconds.

Simple customization

One of the best things about ecards is they are easy to customize as finding the right card for your business is important. It is simple to click for more corporate ecards on a website, so you instantly have thousands of designs at your fingertips. However, you could decide to take the design in your own hands as many suppliers will work with you if you cannot find the ideal ecard to build a bespoke one that you believe represents your organisation perfectly.

Christmas Ecards


Business is no longer tied purely to the office with connected devices and mobile networks making business on the move possible. That’s why ecards are as valuable as corporate festive greetings as clients can open them when out and about, so they will not get lost in a long list of emails while out of the office.

Increased likelihood of interaction

With the improvements in technology online interaction has become the measurement tool for many marketing exercises. With traditional Christmas cards you do not know whether your card has been opened or even made it to its destination. In comparison an ecard can include links to your website or even your social networking pages, so clients can give you instant feedback on it. It also works well with potential customers as well as it gives them somewhere to quickly find out more about your business without having to make a huge effort.

Google Greets ‘Happy Holidays’ 2012

Few hours from now, from the writing of this post, the world will be celebrating Christmas 2012. Hence Google greets ‘Happy Holidays’ 2012 to the world.

Google Greets 'Happy Holidays' 2012Google Greets ‘Happy Holidays’ 2012

I am wishing and praying for a peaceful, enjoyable and friendly holiday 2012 celebration for the whole wide world.

Happy holidays everyone!

How To Make Your Granny’s Birthday Extra Special

For grandparents, every birthday should be celebrated in a special way as much as possible because they wouldn’t know if it is going to be their last. They’ve already come of age and anytime their physical body can no longer take it.

Grandparent's BirthdayGrandparent’s Birthday (image

Before horrible things happen, make their day extra special by giving them what they want. If you’re on tight budget, and can’t hold special parties, you may check to have a glimpse on the possible gifts that you can give them. They have wide selection of birthday gifts for seniors and all other gadgets that could make their living comfortable.

If still you can’t figure out how to make their birthday special, you ask for their favorite songs when they were still young and try to compile it in DVD and play the songs during their special day. This could surely make them happy and remember the good old days.

Another great way of making their day extra special is by letting them visualize the past. Grab their good old photo album and turn on your scanner. Make an audio-visual presentation and for sure they will love it. Make use of today’s technology to bring back those moments that they’ve been keeping in the past. They might not be able to remember everything but through your effort to make it happen, they can have an idea and feel the happiness once again. These are priceless moments and even more appealing compared to those expensive parties wherein they don’t know most of their visitors.