Rent A Car

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Renting a car, now a days, has been the top choice for many rather than owning one. One good reason is the fact that owning one is really costly and the fact that the application itself for bank processing is indeed a painstaking one. More often than not, it usually takes not less than seven working days to process one, just in the car provider alone. That doesn’t include the bank processes which again would take another long working days.

Another reason why renting a car is beyond better is the idea of “pay-as-you-go”. Owning one will only allow you to spend up to the lifetime of you car from the day of purchase. Whether you have it in a one-time payment, or have it loaned from a bank, still you will spend more for the maintenance, petrol consumption and even for the accessories. But renting one will only let you spend your usage of the car for hours or days.

Rent A Car

These are basically just some of the many reasons why many are considering a rent a car services especially for a long travel and vacation, or even for special events like weddings and more. It is way cheaper than getting one.

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When You Need Quality Truck Parts in California

If you own a truck, the time will likely come when you’ll need some type of replacement parts. Whether you’ve been involved in a collision or you’re customizing your vehicle to meet your own preferences, finding great selection of quality truck parts California can help make the process as easy as possible. From new bumpers and fairings to great looking grills and tool boxes, getting the parts you need requires a reliable company, such as Lynn Truck Parts.

Find the Fenders You Need

When it’s time to replace a fender, finding the right style is definitely important; this means making sure you have the right model number for your vehicle. Of course, if your truck isn’t brand new, you might find it difficult to find an OEM replacement part; however, if you’re willing to choose a used fender, you’ll not only be able to find a number of OEM fenders that are in excellent condition, but you’ll also get the fender replacement you need to get your truck back to looking its best.

Replacement Bumpers Keep Your Truck Looking Great

Another type of replacement part that is important to keeping your truck looking its best is the bumper. It’s not unusual for bumpers to get some occasional dents and dings; however, this can detract from the overall look of your truck, especially if the damage is more than just superficial. Fortunately, it’s easy to find replacement bumpers to fit just about any type of truck on the road. From a chrome bumper with step hole fits for your Peterbilt truck to a used Volvo OEM bumper with brackets, a company that specializes in truck parts can help you get the quality parts you need.

Add Extra Convenience with a New Tool Box

It’s not just replacement parts that can help make sure that your truck is everything you want it to be. For example, when you add a tool box, you’ll be able to keep tools and other essentials organized and close at hand. There’s nothing like a spacious tool box mounted in a convenient place on your truck to help ensure you’ll be able to find the items you need when you need them.

A truck is a big investment, make sure that you keep it looking its best with quality replacement parts. From replacement lights and hoods to doors and fuel tanks, when your truck needs replacement parts, always choose a company that can provide you with the quality parts you need.

Extra Car Care: 7 Simple Maintenance Hacks

Regular maintenance is crucial to a car’s long and healthy life. Instead of neglecting it, risking it to break down while on the road, and spending money on repairs (which can cost a small fortune), you should take care of it as your car is probably one of the largest investments in your life. And there’s no need to take it to a car shop every few months just to have it inspected, because there are many simple tips and hacks you should know in order to inspect it yourself, and save yourself some time and money. Prevent from running into trouble in the future with these easy maintenance tips.

#1 Inspect Battery

Battery issues are some of the most frequent causes of car breakdowns, especially during the winter when batteries drain more quickly because of low temperatures. How to check whether your car battery is in good shape? Make sure that the cables and terminals are tight free of corrosion. You may need to change your car battery if you hear grinding or clicking sounds when your car starts, your headlights are dim, and the battery is more than 3 years old.

#2 Monitor Car Fluids

Car fluids, such as clutch fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant and motor oil are quite easy to check. Grab your car’s owner’s manual to locate fluid reservoirs and see how to get an accurate reading on them. If the fluid looks too used or a dipstick is reading too low, than you should do a full change or add more fluid. As for the type of fluid to use, many cars have specific requirements. Don’t cheap out on them, and always have some of the fluids in your car in case you need to add or change it on the road. Fluid manufacturers like Nulon offer various fluids for long term engine treatment, oil flushes, engine oils and protective fluids, all of which you can use for treating your car properly.

#3 Check Your Tires

Modern cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, but there’s always some skepticism about the accuracy of the PSI readings. So, a tire pressure gauge should always be kept in the car’s trunk. Open your owner’s manual to see the recommended tire pressure for your car, and make sure the readings aren’t too off from it. Also, if your tire tread is uneven or low, this could change how your vehicle tracks and handles, so give a look at how the tread is going. Tip: monitor tread depths by placing a coin inside it – if the head is easily visible, you should buy new tires.

#4 Car Lights

Call a friend to help you with this. Have him sit inside the car, pressing the brakes and using the turn signals while you walk around the car the check whether all lights are working properly. There’s no reason to get a traffic ticket because of a bad brake light or a bad tail light. You can check your headlights by parking in front of a garage or wall door (about two car lengths away) and shining your lights on the surface. Low beams should beam the light on the wall at the height of your head rests, so you should how to adjust them (both left and right light) so they are evenly set.

#5 Wiper Blades

Wiper blades should be checked at least every 6 months, and they are the easiest to inspect. If you notice that your wipers have begun to make a new noise or leave streaks on the windscreen while you’re driving, it’s time to replace them. However, checking them routinely, while washing the car, is the safest option, before their lousy condition impairs your vision during a drive on a bad weather. If you notice tears or cracks on the rubber, it’s time for new wiper blades.

#6 Belts

When it comes to belts, you should check them for fraying and cracks, as these are the signs of damage or wear. A good belt should have no cracks, make no noises, and fit tightly. In order to soft squeaking belts, you can use belt conditioner (but this is only a temporary fix). The noises will resume once the belt becomes brittle and dry again, and regular use of belt conditioner will prevent drying and slippage, prolonging the belt’s life.

#7 Coolant

Don’t wait your engine to overheat or extreme weather to hit to check your coolant. The coolant shouldn’t be contaminated and always filled to the right level. If you frequently need to fill the system or notice floating oil spots, it means that there’s a leak somewhere. In order to ensure a healthy and long life of your car’s entire cooling system, you should use only approved filling and check your coolant level frequently. Avoid using liquid sealants and additives, because they could damage other parts of the system and prolong the problem.

Things can get bad if you don’t take regular care of your car, especially if you leave it sitting for a longer period of time. The rust accumulates, rubber parts dry up, and fluids start to leak. Eventually, a raccoon may find your car suitable for a new home. Turn the car on from time to time and give it some use, at least every 2-3 weeks.

3 Reasons Why Large Trucks Cause Fatal Car Accidents

Highways are full of 18-wheelers and oversized commercial vehicles. It’s not safe to assume, however, that the people operating such heavy machinery are highly skilled and heavily trained professionals. Large trucks cause fatal car accidents every day, and there are several reasons why.

Large Trucks


The commercial driver’s license (CDL) exam involves passing a written test, and briefly driving a large truck around a closed area. The examination is similar to what must be done to acquire a regular driver’s license. The training requirement for new truck drivers, after they have earned their commercial driver’s license, is to spend 10 hours in the classroom – that’s just a little over one work day of learning time. By anyone’s standards, the sound of that kind of training, especially for someone who will be operating a huge vehicle, seems insufficient. Of course, it can be argued that learning by experience is better than sitting at a desk, but time on the job is better spent when the newbie is equipped with the right tools to absorb all the information at hand. Otherwise, motor vehicle operators on highways are surrounded by grossly inexperienced – and therefore, dangerous – large truck drivers every day.


Are you easily distracted by your cell phone while driving? Commercial truck drivers are not immune to the pull of technology. And these solo riders are no doubt looking for some stimulation and connection with people after driving alone for hours. Cell phones certainly makes it seem like you have company on long drives. Text messaging, talking on the phone, even surfing the web can lead large-truck drivers to cause distracted driving accidents with smaller motor vehicles. Distracted driving is right on par with drunk driving for accidents and fatalities.


The federal driving limits for truck drivers are to have no more than 14 hours on duty and no more than 11 hours of drive time. Drivers must take breaks for rest, but even that sleep is unlikely to be solid or restorative. At many truck stops, drivers are only allowed to park for a few hours at a time before being cleared out to make room for other drivers to park and sleep. It’s safe to say that, even if they’re fueled by a lot of caffeine, truck drivers are certainly in danger of getting drowsy behind the wheel. And exhaustion is a serious form of distracted driving and cause of auto accidents


Veteran large-truck drivers may feel confident taking it easy behind the wheel because they’ve been on the road for so long. The old-timers may push themselves a little harder to get to their destination because they want to end their trip. They may not rest enough or they may be too comfortable with familiar travel routes and take their knowledge of a road for granted. Beware truck-driving newbies as well as veterans. Their experience does not always come out on top.

It is naïve to assume that every driver of a large truck is qualified to do so. Motor home operators and drivers of private moving vans do not need a CDL license, nor to drivers of military vehicles on active duty, police or fire emergency vehicles, and farm equipment. While many national trucking companies have increased their standards and worked independently to provide weeks of extensive training with senior operators, large-truck drivers are still dangerous.

There are laws in place to protect you if you have been in an accident with a commercial driver, including third-party negligence laws.

David Christensen is an auto accident attorney at Christensen Law, in Southfield, Michigan. He represents families in wrongful death lawsuits. If your loved one was killed in a car crash with a commercial truck, contact Christensen Law today to schedule a free consultation.

The History of Garage [Infographic]

Having a car or two at home needs an extra space for them to park, clean and even sometimes, revamp. This area is what we call the garage. Many prefer the garage to be an extension of the house while others really built a separate garage building just few walks away from their houses. The latter is most often than not a good choice since it provides a wider space for the cars and other wheels. This is also recommended for people having more than one (1) cars at home.

Moreover, here below, I am showing to you the History of Garage in an infographic style. Hope this would be helpful to you.

History of GarageCourtesy of Ifa Auto Low Cost Auto insurance

Motor Trend Magazine 2013 Top Car: Tesla Model S Electric Sedan

When it comes to cars and other vehicles, I am not so keen on them. I have no car myself nor driving one, perhaps the reason. But when the Tesla Model S Electric Sedan recently named as Motor Trend Magazine 2013 top car, I am itching to try to drive this car and prove myself how and why this been named as such.

Tesla Model S Electric SedanTesla Model S Electric Sedan (image from

Accordingly, this Tesla Model S Electric Sedan is the first electric car to note in the magazine’s 64-year history. This what made me somehow convinced more — the electric car.

But I wonder how much would this be here in the country?

Getting A Car and Homeowners Insurance

It is everyone’s dream to own a house and a car. But sometimes even if we work so hard, owning these two basic needs can be a dream that is so hard to reach. With all the economic problems and the rising cost of commodities, we find it difficult to get a home or car loan. But this can’t always be the case, when life gets the other way around, when we have spare change to be able to achieve our dreams, we immediately check our list and proudly say that finally, these are mine now, the products of my hard work.

The first step to getting protection from any untoward incidents that might occur, is getting a car and homeowners insurance. We need to couple these possessions with insurance that will save us in the future. Having a car insurance will protect and secure us from accidents or in cases of emergencies. When the inevitable comes, we are insured that we won’t lose all our hard-earned income to pay for medical bills and getting our car fixed. A home insurance on the other hand, will save us when there are home accidents too like fire or other unpleasant circumstances. We don’t want everything we have worked hard all these years to just turn into ashes right? So a reliable home insurance will make sure that we get the right protection and compensation.

These may spell extra expense but knowing that it will give us the security we basically need, it would not matter anymore. For a reliable auto insurance quote and a home insurance, there is the Hartford. They provide insurance and will refer you to local agents to help you choose the best insurance policy that is suited to you and your family’s needs. Aside from car and homeowners insurance, if you browse their website, you will find the other services they offer like renters insurance, flood insurance, RV insurance, identity theft protection and so many others. You will also find helpful resources on home and driving safety. They also have auto and home insurance planning tools that will help their clients in deciding which best policy suits them.

So let’s protect our priced possessions with insurance and in the long run, we will be the ones who will also benefit from it.

Is a Car a Luxury or a Necessity?

When we think of needs, food, water, shelter typically comes to mind. But in this modern world, despite the still shaky economy felt by many, a few high-tech communication devices – smart phones and high speed internet has been seemingly added to that “necessity list” particularly among the new generation.

While on some bigger regions a car is still indispensable. Most Americans still continue to view automobile as an essential medium for convenience despite the financial obligations it entails having one – a car note (should the vehicle is acquired out of a bank loan, insurance premium, gas money repair and maintenance and not to mention the tickets if you live in a large city where a parking is at premium. Imagine how annoying that is.

For some folks, alternatives like using the public transport, getting a bike (for a much cheaper cost), renting a car or hopping on a taxi to get to their destination every day may work and enough to allow them to go without a car. However, for a large number of people who cannot take full advantage of the above mentioned cost cutting alternatives, it would be next to impossible to go around car-less and therefore, getting a modest one (see Provo Accord) that they can afford will remain a viable option.

Having a car after all is not a question of either a luxury or a necessity. It’s a matter of circumstances and lifestyle.

Kobe Bryant owns Ferrari 458 Italia

It seems like Kobe Bryant is the coolest among the LA Lakers men today after owning a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Image from Kobe Bryant just dropped $329,000 on a brand new Ferrari

According to Wikipedia, Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engine sports car. It’s official 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration is under 3.4 seconds, while top speed is over 325 km/h (202 mph), with a fuel consumption in combined cycle (ECE+EUDC) 13.3 L/100 km (21.2 mpg-imp; 17.7 mpg-US) while producing 307g/km of CO2.

RV and Motor home Repair

Owning a car? Get your car or any vehicle type a car insurance and not just relying on the warranty services offered by the company where you bought your cars.

Cars’ insurance services are by far better than the warranty services.

In a car insurance, take for example a motor home repair services is not limited to days and time of expiration which is one breakthrough of the warranty services. The latter has expiration. Other benefits which car insurances offered are travel insurance for cars and more.