Google Doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday

The correct, precise and accurate blood matching for possible blood transfusion plays a crucial role in every patient who requires such. And this blood matching made possible by the discovery of blood groupings by Dr. Karl Landsteiner. Perhaps it is just right to celebrate his 148th birthday today as we can see how Google doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th birthday.

Google Doodles Karl Landsteiner 148th Birthday

The Google homepage just shows an animation of the 4 different blood groups, A, B, AB and O. Enjoy this educational animated homepage today guys!

Google Doodles Hertha Marks Ayrton 162nd Birthday

Google today simply fascinates me and even made me reminisce how I dreamed of becoming a statistician, a mathematician before. But even how hard I tried eating those numbers, none of them ever made me full. Those just brought me bloated and really a headache. Mathematics, numbers really suck! But that is just a dream, a wish, I couldn’t exchange what I have and become now. I am happier with the degree I have and the career I would be in the future.

Moreover, Google Doodles Hertha Marks Ayrton 162nd Birthday today.

Google Doodles Hertha Marks Ayrton 162nd BirthdayGoogle Doodles Hertha Marks Ayrton 162nd Birthday

If you guys do not know her yet, let me share you information below which I adapted from

Phoebe Sarah Marks was born in Portsea, England in 1854. She changed her first name to Hertha when she was a teenager. After passing the Cambridge University Examination for Women with honors in English and mathematics, she attended Girton College at Cambridge University, the first residential college for women in England. Charlotte Scott also attended Girton at this time, and she and Marks helped form a mathematics club to “find problems for the club to solve and ‘discuss any mathematical question that may arise'” . Marks passed the Mathematical Tripos in 1880, although with a disappointing Third Class performance. Because Cambridge did not confer degrees to women at this time, just certificates, she successfully completed an external examination and received a B.Sc. degree from the University of London.

From 1881 to 1883, Marks worked as a private mathematics tutor, as well as tutoring other subjects. In 1884 she invented a draftsman’s device that could be used for dividing up a line into equal parts as well as for enlarging and reducing figures. She was also active in devising and solving mathematical problems, many of which were published in the Mathematical Questions and Their Solutions from the “Educational Times”. Tattersall and McMurran write that “Her many solutions indicate without a doubt that she possessed remarkable geometric insight and was quite a clever student of mathematics.”

Marks began her scientific studies by attending evening classes in physics at Finsbury Technical College given by Professor William Ayrton, whom she married in 1885. She assisted her husband with his experiments in physics and electricity, becoming an acknowledged expert on the subject of the electric arc. She published several papers from her own research in electric arcs in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London and The Electrician, and published the book The Electric Arc in 1902.

Having this not-so-long information about her, I guess you guys already experiencing an information overload there. Try to google some more about her in some of your other free time.

Google Doodles Wilbur Scoville 151st Birthday

It always amazes me every time Google makes or doodles their homepage and give honor to any heroes, I consider one a hero when he does or did something great for everyone. For instance, as today, Google doodles Wilbur Scoville 151st Birthday.

Google Doodles Wilbur Scoville 151st Birthday

You can eventually find it and check how Google doodles Wilbur Scoville 151st Birthday today on their homepage.

Moreover, Wilbur Scoville was a pharmacologist and the author of “The Art of Compounding” book and the one who created the Organoleptic Test to measure a pepper’s heat level.

Isn’t that amazing? Well, now we can enjoy or every chef and cooks can significantly estimate the amount of pepper to use when cooking because of this. Thank you Sir Wilbur Scoville for that great achievement.

Google Doodles Adolphe Sax 201st Birthday

It’s been a while since I haven’t been blogging. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s actually almost a month of updating my blogs with the latest perks to deal online. What I usually just having now are paid posts and I would honestly tell that to all of you — and these paid posts are pre-written. So basically, I don’t have any calories of thinking and constructing a post anymore, but just solely posting each article immediately there after I receive and review each articles. This, I guess, is the reason why I was somehow excited to blog about how Google is being musical today as Google doodles Adolphe Sax 201st birthday today.

Yes, you heard it right! Today Google doodles Adolphe Sax 201st birthday. You can check it at the Google homepage. Below, by the way is a screen print capture of the Google homepage.

Google Doodles Adolphe Sax 201st Birthday

The details below are excerpted from

Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe” Sax (6 November 1814 – c. 7 February 1894) was a Belgian inventor and musician who invented the saxophone. He played the flute and clarinet, and his other creations are the saxotromba, saxhorn and saxtuba.

Google Doodles Inge Lehmann 127th Birthday

One might wonder what Google is doodling about today as it is showing an animated planet earth being sliced into halves and so on. Well, Google doodles Inge Lehmann’s 127th birthday today as an honor to remember how she did and make a history as a Seismologist.

Google Doodles Inge Lehmann 127th Birthday

Inge Lehmann

Inge Lehmann ForMemRS (May 13, 1888 – February 21, 1993) was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered the Earth’s inner core. In 1936, she postulated from existing seismic data the existence of an inner core with physical properties distinct from the outer core’s and that Earth’s core is not a single molten sphere. Seismologists, who had not been able to propose a workable hypothesis for the observation that the P-wave created by earthquakes slowed down when it reached certain areas of the inner Earth, quickly accepted her conclusion.

If you happen to get updated with the latest news and events happening in the whole world, one can relate this Google doodle today as what’s happening in Nepal. Aren’t you?

Google Doodles Nellie Bly 151st Birthday

There’s something to celebrate which Google reminds us today as Google doodles Nellie Bly 151st birthday today.

Google Doodles Nellie Bly 151st BirthdayGoogle Doodles Nellie Bly 151st Birthday

Yes! You heard it right. It’s Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman’s birthday, although she was famously known by his pen name, Ellie Bly. She was then a writer and a charity worker who became much known from her travels and trips in the whole world within 72 days. Who could imagine to have done that before? For now, that would only remain a dream for everybody to accomplish such travel to the world.

Remembering Aaliyah on Her Birthday

Today is Aaliyah’s birthday. I actually forgot it, honestly. But it just happened coincidentally that I was browsing for this song just this very moment when I also read on my Facebook news feed about a friend’s post regarding today’s birthday of Aaliyah.

And for today’s birthday of Aaliyah, I wanna share this music video of hers.

Google Doodles John Venn 180th Birthday

Just when I checked Google homepage, I then remember my elementary and high school years which almost always mention Venn Diagram in our Mathematics class. The homepage today is very artistic and also animated which I am very sure that every kids and students would surely enjoy learning from those then.

Google Doodles John Venn 180th Birthday

Furthermore, Venn Diagram was first introduced by John Venn, a British logician and philosopher. I have not much information and knowledge about John Venn, honestly. But at least the use of Venn diagram is still somehow fresh in me until today. And it feels really good to see how Google doodles John Venn 180th Birthday today.

Google Doodles Mary Anning 215th Birthday

It’s good to see again how Google is getting so artistic and creative in their homepage as Google Doodles Mary Anning 215th Birthday today!

Google Doodles Mary Anning 215th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Mary Anning 215th Birthday

Honestly, I can’t remember if Mary Anning was mentioned in my history classes back from Elementary, Secondary and even in my College years. Or maybe, it was, but I just didn’t put much attention to her before. But anyway, Mary Anning was a British fossil collector. In fact, her collections made a great importance in the field of knowledge in the Jurassic marine fossil beds at Lyme Regis in Dorset. She has made a vast contribution to scientific investigation about the prehistoric life and the history of the Earth, per se.

And again, happy birthday to Mary Anning and thank you for your great contribution to our knowledge!

Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday

Here’s Google getting so doodly again as Google Doodles Dian Fossey 82nd Birthday!

As you may notice it, the Google homepage seemed to be gorilla-friendly. This is because Dian Fossey was an American zoologist and extensively studied gorillas for 18 years. Fossey went and studied those gorillas daily in the mountain forests of Rwanda. In fact, she was able to publish a book in 1983 entitled, Gorillas in the Mist. The book was a combination of her scientific studies made at the mountain with the gorilla at Karisoke Research Center and with her own personal story.

However, despite her extravagant knowledge being shared in the field of Zoology, for reasons we do not know, Fossey was murdered in 1985. But the worse thing is that the case remains open.

Anyway, Happy birthday Dian Fossey!