Apple Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, Dies at 56 from Pancreatic Cancer

Upon reading the news about the death of the Apple co-founder and former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, I really looked for my iPad and stared at it while thinking and even imagining stuff inside it running smoothly after the magnificent minds of Steve Jobs. He died after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He is an American entrepreneur and a computer inventor. He was a co-founder of the Apple company. He was also one of the former CEO of such company.

As an inventor, Jobs has been listed as either primary or co-inventor in more or less 300 patent applications related to technology.

For you Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace!

E-Book Pioneer, Michael Stern Hart dies at 64

The pioneer of the electronic book, e-book, Michael Stern Hart died at the age of 64. His death is still under investigation since an autopsy of his dead body is still going on according to LA Times.

E-book has been the widely used book today even in schools where the text, images and all parts of the physical hard bounded books are could be found and read already in any digital devices, provided the capability to read e-books, even the slightest iPhone and iPad and other modern technological devices today.

Apple iPhone 5 SOON?

As much as I wanted to get an Apple iPhone smartphones, I still could not because of my so sweaty hands. Not just an iPhone but all full-touch screen phones. It ain’t a good phone for me, as per advised.

To all Apple iPhone and techie Apple fanatics, iPhone 5 is going to be released by the Apple company this year.

And for the exact date? That still a question.

According to, there are two theories to when Apple iPhone 5 be released this year. Would it be on the first week of October or on the latter weeks.

If I were to ask, when would you prefer for Apple iPhone 5 be released? Smiley