Rihanna on 20 20

Am not a fan of Rihanna but just felt pity on her bout what had happened to her with his Ex-Boyfriend, Chris Brown.

And finally, on Good Morning America (GMA) and on magazine 20/20, http://www.examiner.com/x-5967-Nashville-Entertainment-Examiner%7Ey2009m11d6-Rihanna-breaks-silence-on-GMA-and-2020-in-time-to-promote-new-CD-watch-Wait-Your-Turn-video – Rihanna breaks her silence.

White Nose Syndrome

**can you count how many bats?
Did you know that up to date, there are already approximated 1 million bats died in United due to White Nose Syndrome? takbole

White Nose Syndrome is condition condition wherein there is a ring of fungal growth around the muzzles, and on the wings of bats. According to scientists, fungal growths on bats has been due to loss of winter fat stores make them suffer from pneumonia due to the disruption of their hibernation and feeding cycles caused by warm and variable winter weather.gigil

Poor li’l bats.takbole

Brian Grant

Since I am into playing lawn tennis, football, golf and lotsaaa more ball games, basketball has been a very good exercise sport and hobby to me.
Brian Wade Grant is one of my fave best players in the National Basketball Association. Yes, he is and 44 is his number! jelir

And great news! I will be back playing basketball for the Silliman University Intramurals this coming last week of November. kenyit I will be playing with the Silliman University Medical School team.Watch me dribbling! takbole

The First Commenter Club

It has been a great pleasure meeting bloggers, not just from Philippines, but of all over the world. When I joined the First Commenter Club with my blogs – Fishy Talks, GAGAY.MD, Pinoy.MD and Earning Online Moolah, I met bloggers more. And made friends – sharing lives, problems, and everything! It doesn’t only give more backlinks and visitors to blogs, indeed!

You too! You can join with us in the FCC!


Actually, I bought this domain name last June 2008. I am paying for this domain for two years now. But because I purchased it not in Google or blogger account, I was damn lazy enough to read tutorial details on how to make the domain activated – like the DNS and mail forwarding.

However, just on Nov. 7, this year, I received an emailing telling that the domain I purchased will due this June 2010. Thence I remembered I had a domain name already.

I contacted a blogger friend to help me find out how the transfer/forwarding of URL and Email will be done, but I failed. So I decided to read by myself and find out how things would go. Good thing, the blogger friend of mine is not that bad enough, for me, since he advised me some useful things bout using new domain. That was good enough.

After that booboo conversation, though just exchanging SMS, I decided not to import my GAGAY.MD blog – personal blog.


First, it has been more than two years that I had been blogging with my walking news paper and the tears and sweats for having WWW.WALKINGNEWSPAPER.BLOGSPOT.COM can’t be exchanged easily with HTTP://WALKINGNEWSPAPER.COM.

Second, for that two years, I admittedly and UNEXPECTEDLY earned even just I had that FREE blog hosted by google – blogger. Those memories of having the first $$$ were worth-remembering, and in this case, worth-re-reading.

Last, according to my blogger friend, I would surely be likin’ to start from scratch – vanishing all those backlinks and ranks if I’ll import GAGAY.MD to WWW.WALKINGNEWSPAPER.COM.

Thence, I decided to make a new blog – WALKING NEWS PAPER, having a domain name HTTP://WALKINGNEWSPAPER.COM

Hoping you guys would welcome my blog as you did with my first published blogs – PINOY.MD, Fishy Talks and Earning Online Moolah!