Writer Elmore Leonard, who refined the crime thriller, dies at 87

The known novelist and screenwriter, Elmore Leonard, died at the age 87.

Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard focused on writing crime fiction and suspense thrillers. Some of his works include:

  • 2001 Fire in the Hole
  • 2002 When the Women Come Out to Dance Anthology (includes Fire in the Hole) Tishomingo Blues
  • 2004 A Coyote’s in the House
  • 2004 Mr. Paradise
  • 2005 The Hot Kid
  • 2006 Comfort to the Enemy Published serially in New York Times
  • 2007 Up in Honey’s Room
  • 2009 Road Dogs
  • 2010 Djibouti
  • 2012 Raylan

He also received some awards:

  • 1992 Grand Master Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America
  • 2006 Louisiana Writer Award
  • 2008 F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Award for outstanding achievement in American literature
  • 2011 Peabody Award, FX’s “Justified”
  • 2012 National Book Award, Medal for Distinguished Contribution

May he rest in peace!

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