Wyclef Shot In Haiti, Released From Hospital

The Haitian musician, record producer and a politician, Wyclef Jean, was gun shot on his hand last night around 11 PM Delmas City, Port-au-Prince. Wyclef Jean was then immediately rushed to the hospital but later released. Emoticon So far, Wyclef Jean is now recovering.

Date back August 2010, Wyclef Jean, filed for Haitian Presidential Electoral seat. However, his application was declined that he wasn’t living in Haiti for the past 5 years.

Here’s one of the songs of Wyclef Jean which he dedicates to the people of Egypt entitled Freedom. Emoticon

Fake Terror in US

As I have been browsing the internet for some recent casino reviews’ sites online, I stumbled upon the talks about the Fake Terrorism in the United States.I just can’t find out if it’s really true or not.There are a number of news saying that there are terrors to attack in Philadelphia and Newark Airports. There are even some saying that they have been attacked already. Well then, nothing really made me believe all of those because none from them yet confirmed of any damages caused by terrorism. Some said that those were just political gain to Obama administration.

Anyhow, I still managed to look for casino reviews and just never thought again and be bothered with the fake terror news in US.

Jacob Nodarse Arrested

A 23-year-old man who is considered the “prime suspect” in the murder of three family members in Darien was arrested at his parents’ home in southern Florida Wednesday afternoon.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Jacob B. Nodarse was found sleeping in a minivan outside of a home in Lehigh Acres near Fort Myers around 3 p.m. He is being held on an obstruction of justice charge, but police told the Tribune he is a “prime suspect” in the murders of Jeffrey Kramer, 50, his wife Lori, 48, and their son Michael, 20. Murder charges have yet to be filed.

Police in Florida had been on the look-out for Nodarse, after Darien police told them he was driving a blue BMW coupe and had family in Fort Myers and Miami, The Tribune reports.

A motive in the slayings remained unknown Wednesday. Tuesday morning, police responded to the 8900 block of Kilkenny Drive in Darien after the Kramers’ daughter, who was hiding in a closet, called 9-1-1 and said there were shots fired in the home. Police discovered her three family members dead on the scene.

I was reading the above news online when I just suddenly felt dizzy and likely to vomit. I don’t exactly know why it happened but I suspect my eyes getting blurry already. It’s almost days that I haven’t been using my pairs of eyeglasses coz it makes me nauseated. I said to myself that I gotta try not to use eyeglasses anymore. But lately, I think I need to have a new eye wear.

The last time I visit my ophthalmologist was in May or June 2009, if I’m not mistake. And that was also the time I my pairs of eyeglasses was changed. I think I need to visit my MD the soonest.


The Luke Air Force Base Shooting

I remember last weekend, that was on Saturday, Elaine asked me to teach her on how to download mp3 stuffs. Thence, I suggested limewire.com applications. She tried it, actually. However, to my curiosity and at the same time looking for some new updates over the internet that time, I looked for fast mp3 search tools for me to have the latest mp3 music updates.Upon checking this afternoon the mp3 musics that I have downloaded and while listening to it, I just received a PM from a friend in Arizona that she just witness a shooting and car crash in Luke Air Force Base in Litchfield, Arizona. At first, I was hesitant enough to believe her, but as she directed me to a news update, I said to myself, “it’s really a shooting in Luke Air Force Base. LOL!”

This is what I’ve read:

GLENDALE, Ariz.—Authorities said two men were shot by security officers after they drove a stolen car through a gate at an Air Force base outside Phoenix during a police chase.

Officials said one of the men died and the other was wounded.

The crash occurred at the entrance to Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, outside Phoenix. The base trains pilots to fly F-16s.

Base spokesman Capt. Jerry Gonzalez said the pair allegedly stole a car and drove through a security gate as they attempted to flee from authorities.

Capt. Gonzalez said base security forces set up a roadblock. As the driver tried to run it, security officers fearing for their safety opened fire.

Copyright 2010 Associated Press



Bohooo to my friend. I even teased her to make herself seen on TV. LOL! Well, lemme back now listening to my newly downloaded mp3 while studying. I still have exams tomorrow. Aja to me!