Shamu, Killer Whale, kills SeaWorld Employee

After I have read a post of my former adviser, an entomologist, in UP Mindanao who happen to be the college dean (up to now) in our college now, I remember those days that we were finding a colony of western subterranean termites in one of our entomology laboratory activities. If am not mistaken, we went to some areas near in UP Mindanao to look for houses with those termites. That time, our class was in the afternoon from 3pm, after looking for those houses with termites in a very dim day, we ended up and settled for images from books and drew labeled those. Haha. Those were actually the days that I was still very optimistic in bugling those insects. Oh yeah, enough to be enthusiast with insects that, as I have said before, I even opted to deal with insects, specifically, moths as my thesis study. See? I love insects, before. Haha.
But now? After knowing that the place where I am now is surrounded by great whale colonies, I then so love whales. Hehe. There’s one place here in Negros where one can have whale watching. But I haven’t been there yet. I have only seen whales every time went home, seeing those whale from above (if via plane) or watching them nearby (if I prefer MVs – marine vessels).
And oh, by the way, I have read a news that one of the “killer whales“, Shamu kills again a SeaWorld employee. This seems to be one bad news I have read this morning that causes the SeaWorld to cancel all the shows. Too bad.