Reception Centers in Utah

Want a stress-free event planning? No matter what the size – big or small, reception centers in Utah county and their event planning experts are ready to assist and provide you with a suitable location that would meet your needs.

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Unknown to many; a reception is just as important as the event itself that you are planning to host. Not only because it makes up much of the entire cost but because it is where the success of your event must take place and that success is something you can cherish along the way. Whether that event is something big like weddings, official ceremonies or something not so big like corporate meetings over lunch or dinner – you will need everything to fall into place all the same. You may not just realize it but a great venue is one of the deciding factors for the invited guests in determining whether to attend or not to your event so it is of vital importance.

Another quality of a good event reception is the availability of appropriate facilities like clean restrooms, changing area if applicable and a much wider seating areas should a guest needs to be away from the party for few minutes. The ambiance and the overall attractions found at the venue is just a bonus.

Facebook Owner & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Weds Priscilla Chan

It seems like the month of May is the best month to ring the bell since most of my friends are getting married on this month. In fact, though we are not friends, the Facebook owner and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.

 Facebook Owner & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Weds Priscilla Chan

Mark and Priscilla were together for nine (9) years since they first met in Harvard. The couple’s wedding ceremony was held at the Zuckerberg’s place in California.

Talking more about wedding, I have several friends who also did and a few more to end their “being SINGLE” statuses in Facebook before the month will end. Do this things give me hints that May is the best month to get married?

Opps! I don’t have plans to get married the soonest yet. I want, as much as possible, to make that day the most memorable wedding day I could have. But since I and my Mark, not Zuckerberg, LOL, don’t have fix plans on those stuff, I am still living my “being SINGLE” status in its fullest before I’ll change to “Engaged” and then “Married” statuses in Facebook.

Sharing to you some of my wedding ideas; these include the extreme events, if possible, like paragliding or maybe, underwater wedding ceremony. Ain’t those really exciting to look forward to? But a close friend of mind disagreed. She said, for me to make my wedding the best ever, I should rather had it the solemnest as well. She also added that I should check wedding events like Mississippi weddings and the MS party planner as well for me to grasp wedding events and collage them in one.

But as what I’ve mentioned earlier, we don’t have fix plans yet. Everything about wedding, for the two of us, are yet dancing in our minds on how such big day to happen. Hopefully, as that day comes, we could surely celebrate that most unforgettable wedding day we could have.

Best wishes, by the way, to the newly wed couple, Facebook Owner & CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Mrs. Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg.

Elizabeth Smart marries at Hawaii temple

Elizabeth Smart, the Child Safety Advocate, who was kidnapped and has just recently shared that she was engaged and will be getting married by Summer changed her wedding plans and now marries at Hawaii temple to Matthew Gilmour.

Elizabeth Smart marries at Hawaii temple
Elizabeth Smart marries at Hawaii temple


This news has stopped me from playing one of my online past-time games, pokeris or poker. I didn’t mind at first that Elizabeth Smart was getting married already. I just had my examination and needing some mind-relaxing stuff to do. I used to play this game every time I get bored at home or in school – during free time. Sometimes, this is my interim game when I study or do advance book reading. But most oftentimes, since I am a bit itching to play the game, I just do because I wanted to. Smiley

Talking back about Elizabeth Smart, she actually wanted to have her wedding, just like other woman does, to be private enough by which only families and friends will flock them. This probably the very reason why a change in plans for their wedding was made in no time.

Smart and Gilmour were married at the Laie Hawaii Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Elizabeth Smart Is Engaged

Do you know Elizabeth Smart?

Elizabeth Smart is EngagedElizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart is the child safety advocate who was kidnapped at knifepoint held captive for 9 months at her early age of 14. Now, she just recently shared that she is already engaged and will be getting married by Summer of this year.

Jessica Simpson postpones wedding to Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson, who is engaged to Eric Johnson, just recently postponed their planned wedding which supposed to be this month this year.

Simpson and Johnson were engaged with each other on November 2010. As planned, they will get married this month, however, accordingly, since Simpson is pregnant now, she doesn’t want to make herself stressed during her pregnancy. The reason, perhaps, why she wanted to postpone her wedding.

Should the fans now expect to first receive baby invitations than wedding invitations.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Celebrate 6-Month Anniversary

Six months after LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian got married on April 22  this year, the two are now happily celebrating their 6-month wedding anniversary.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were engaged in December 2010.

I am just wondering what Rimes has received from Cibrian and the other way around.

What about you? Can you guess what Cibrian have had for Rimes? And if you will be celebrating anniversaries, that do you think is the best anniversary ideas for your husband? Can you share some?