Obama sings Al Green — Video

I should have ticked the flight checker tool that my friend has recommended me to monitor the flight status of our friend. However, the video that shows Obama sings Al Green has caused me to freeze and even forgotten what I need to do.

Take a look at this video below — Obama sings Al Green.

Seen it? I’ll get back to the video that shows Obama sings Al Green after I am done with what I need to do first.

Anyway, let’s get back to the tool I was mentioning earlier. It’s actually from DealChecker.co.uk which anybody can check flight status and available low cost flight deals. A list of airline companies with flight schedules and costs are displayed and stated in the flight checker tool website.

America’s 25 Most Expensive Restaurants

I’m very picky in terms of food. But thinking how expensive these restaurants in America, listed below in the image, I guess, I don’t need to get very choosy to the foods they are serving. Take a look at the details below.

Just click the image to enlarge

Can you imagine yourself eating in that very expensive dine?

In my case, I will really take a dine there even once. Off course, I would love to taste how that very much expensive foods are tasting like. Oh yeah! Those foods must be very delicious, I guess, and I supposed. If not, then, the thought of paying high amount of bucks must just go into non sense values.

However, if I would have some free or even just a discounted restaurant coupons from any of the 25 most expensive restaurants listed above? Well then, I would never hesitate to eat myself out there. I might I guess eat voraciously if that things would happen. I just can’t imagine myself then eating more than the usual in a very expensive restaurant in America.

Michele Bachmann Running for US Presidency Seat

It says June is the best month to get married. Indeed, I have a lot of friends getting hooked in June of this year. I don’t know why such like that. In fact, one of my friends will be going to Las Vegas to attend for his cousin’s wedding. And me personally getting curious how would it cost to get married abroad, I checked over the internet some affordable and cheap  las vegas wedding hotel packages. Upon doing so, my attention caught by Michele Bachmann, the only Republican woman who has confirmed his presidential candidacy for the US 2012 political race.

Aw! I adore her being intelligent and highly unique conservative woman. She ain’t be getting married, though, but her personality overrides my desire to either read more about her political views than searching more about Las Vegas wedding hotel packages. I won’t be getting married the soonest, perhaps the reason, and I won’t be going to Vegas also to attend any weeding events that is.

I’ll just search more about any wedding hotel packages as soon as I will be getting married or so. For now, I’ll just read more about Michel Bachmann’s presidency seat plans for the 2012 electoral race.

Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA!

Today, May 30, 2011, the last Monday of May, the United States of America is celebrating its 2011 Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA!

I only understand a few about the Memorial Day celebration of the United States. I neither am good nor liked history; perhaps the reason why I never put any serious attention to my teachers during my senior high school years in our History class. Yeah, I ain’t kidding disclosing how bad was my History grades before. At least, I still manage to pass the subject.

Anyway, as what I have lurked about the US Memorial Day celebration, it is celebrated as an honor to the soldiers who won the freedom of the United States. Isn’t it sweet to think of? Or maybe I’m just carried away the thought that I have my hubby M that is a soldier too? LOL!

Seriously, I honor soldiers even before I met my hubby. Soldiers put all the risks to battle against unlikely people wanting to govern a country with just a single firearm and nothing more. When in battle, they almost forget their-selves just to win such. Their family, friends and relatives are all left at home when they are on call to perform their duty and responsibility for the country.

Truly, they should be honored and remember; being such a heroic in their little ways.

Happy Memorial Day 2011 USA!

David Broder, Washington Post Columnist, Dies at 81

The Pulitzer-Prize winning Washington Post political columnist, David Broder, dies on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at the age of 81.

Reports said it was due to Diabetes Mellitus complications.

The United States President Barack Obama stated:

Like so many here in Washington and across the country, Michelle and I were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of a true giant of journalism, David Broder. David filed his first story from our nation’s capital before starting as a junior political writer on the 1960 presidential election. In the decades that followed, he built a well-deserved reputation as the most respected and incisive political commentator of his generation – winning a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of Watergate and earning the affectionate title of Dean of the Washington press corps. Through all his success, David remained an eminently kind and gracious person, and someone we will dearly miss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends in this difficult time.


Set the standard for modern political reporting and analysis. … Everyone who cares about self-government owes a debt to David,” the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said.

This definitely not a cash for gold for the modern politics most specifically for the US.

Fake Terror in US

As I have been browsing the internet for some recent casino reviews’ sites online, I stumbled upon the talks about the Fake Terrorism in the United States.I just can’t find out if it’s really true or not.There are a number of news saying that there are terrors to attack in Philadelphia and Newark Airports. There are even some saying that they have been attacked already. Well then, nothing really made me believe all of those because none from them yet confirmed of any damages caused by terrorism. Some said that those were just political gain to Obama administration.

Anyhow, I still managed to look for casino reviews and just never thought again and be bothered with the fake terror news in US.