SNL Jan Hooks on 30 Rock

Jan Hooks is one of the members of Saturday Night Live has returned to TV. In fact, she played Verna the mother of Jenna in this week’s episode of 30 Rock.

I haven’t seen the TV show lately, but sure to have it tonight. So excited to see Jan Hooks. Smiley

See yah later. TGIF!

Frances Reid died at 95

Frances Reid who played Alice Horton on NBC’s Soap Opera Days of Our Lives died last Wednesday, February 3, 2010. Reid’s last appearance on the said opera was in Dec. 26, 2007.
Reid started her career in the Man Proof. She’d been to Broadway performances also. Thence, her career boosted that she was awarded Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, Outstanding Actress in a Mature Role in 1978 and a lot more.

May she rest in peace.

Justin Mentell of ‘Boston Legal’ fame dead at 27

This isn’t a hoax already. This is for real.

The actor of Boston Legal, Justin Mentell, who’s also a musician, died in a car accident last February 1, Monday. Smiley



The 27-year-old actor played Atty. Garrett Wells on ABC’s “Boston Legal”. That TV series aired in 2005 to 2006. Have you watched G-force? Mentell was the voice of the animated character on that film.

TV for Oshi

Watching TV, on television itself, has never been a hobby to me since I was a child. I am not the typical lassy who follow telenovelas every night or on weekends. I really can’t take longer in front of a television. However, I still watch TV programs like gossips and entertainment of local and international celebs, news and most especially sports, to be specific, football games Smiley and basketball Smiley but thru the internet. Smiley
However, to be honest, most of the shows I used to watch are all replays. I could only count by my fingers those times I happen to view them live thru payperview. One friend of mine suggested to install a TV on my lappy, Oshi, which I found cool. Isn’t it?
Upon checking online those TV packages where I could have the most number of channels or programs I could have, I found Direct TV which has over 150 channels. Much more upon checking just a minute before now, they have special offers – Direct TV Packages which I could save from. Smiley One of the DIRECTV Packages that I liked most is the one that offers more than 250 channels which is the premium entertainment channel. Oh la la!!! With all these options, maybe could have 24/7 of just football hotties’ stalking. Smiley

To study or to watch movies?

I guess the latter. Hehe.

After our laboratory exam yesterday afternoon, I feel like going to movie theaters to watch movies. However, I feel so tired also thinking of riding tricycle from school to robinsons. So I just settled for free movies online. It even saved me money and I got a lot of choices of movies to watch.

It’s free and fast streaming! Indeed I’d able to watch 2 movies just yesterday. Smiley