Walking News Paper November 2011 Top Commenters

December, the last month of the year, is here already! Smiley But off course, before celebrating the holidays, let me not to forget my top commenters last month of November 2011.

Thank you so much guys!!! See you all this month!

Walking News Paper July 2011 Top Commenters

July 2011 has just ended. Hello August 2011 then!

But before that, I’d like to give a buzzing thanks and appreciation all my top commenters for last month.

  1. MaxiVelasco (7)
  2. Jean Soo (6)
  3. bluedreamer (4)
  4. chesel (4)
  5. Caroline (3)
  6. Mariuca (3)
  7. Mona (2)
  8. Russ (2)
  9. Tanith (2)
  10. Andrew (1)

Thank you so much guys!

Walking News Paper June 2011 Top Commenters

Happy 1st of July 2011 everyone!


I have here my top commenters for the previous month, June 2011, who shared their thoughts with me. The top most commenter will receive a FREE ad space for the whole month of July 2011 in my top commenter sidebar section.

  1. Caroline (9)
  2. MaxiVelasco (9)
  3. Jean Soo (7)
  4. foongpc (4)
  5. Noypi (3)
  6. Bill (2)
  7. bluedreamer (2)
  8. Monica (2)
  9. Mystery Man (2)
  10. Russ (2)

Thank you so much guys! See you again this month of July 2011!

March 2011 Top Commenters

Last few weeks ago, I have already thanked my Top First Commenters for March 2011. And for this time, I will be giving virtual hugs to all my March 2011 Top Commenters!

Congratulations Mariuca for being my Reigning Queen as always!

Other Top Commenters are as follows:

Maxi Velasco
David Funk
Thank You so much guys for buzzzzing here as always! You’re comments are highly appreciated!

February 2011 Top Commenters

Today, I would like to buzzingly sting all my top buzzers (top commenters) for making my buzz blog so buzzingly soundly!

As usual, the buzzing crown has never been taken away from Mariuca. Thanks Chef!


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Mommy's Little Corner

Thank you so much guys for buzzing here the past month!

January 2011 Top Commenters

I’d like to buzzingly send my heartfelt thanks to all my January 2011 buzzers (commenters) for making my news blog alive and kicking.
Somehow, this seems not so updated, though, ‘coz I really can’t deny that I am very busy with my studies and Oshi, the past days, was admitted, your constant visits here guys is much appreciated. I am hoping you won’t stop parking with me here.

Keep buzzing!



LadyJava's Lounge Mommy's Little Corner
Mariuca will have a free SB spot for the whole month of February 2011. Thankie GP!

January Top Commenters

Yayks!!! I only have one sleepless night before March. But my top commenters are not yet posted. LOL.

Ok ok.. Here they are.

By the way, the top commenter for the month of January and the top commenter for all time has just received a free ad in my sidebar. Congratulations!
Wishing on a Falling Star


Let’s see who’ll be the TCO and TCM this month of February. Flood now The Latest Buzzzz with your buzzzzing comments.