Pool Heaters for the Rainy Summer Vacation

Our province in Mindanao almost always experience low pressure during Summer vacation. Though, summer literally denotes hot season, it’s far opposite in our area. It in fact, the start of rainy wet season. Every time I went home, I can’t feel the essence of having a summer vacation – I can’t go to beaches or resorts to do sun bathing. I can’t wear my swimming attires. There’s almost no fun and enjoyment.

Rainy Summer
Rainy Summer (image from dailymail.co.uk)

Hence, the use of raypak pool heaters is needed for us to enjoy such so-called summer vacation.

Summer 2011 Today, but not in the Philippines

While the other side of the world is having their Summer 2011 fever, the Philippines, on the other hand, is seemingly on its flooding fiesta. It has always been expected that every ‘BER’ months in the country, Filipinos are almost always experiencing countless unexpected consecutive typhoon attacks.

When I went home last week, there was actually 2 different typhoons attacking the country. Fortunately, all of my travel flights went good and safe. As I arrived home, my nephew – Didong asked me why I went home. He asked if it’s summer time since he is used that I could only stay at home for a longer time only during summer season. Off course, as a 5-year-old kiddo, I explained to him why. He asked if we could go out and have time at one of the resorts in our farm town. I just told him that the weather ain’t good. But he insisted since it has been a while, according to him, that he wasn’t able to dive into a swimming pool. Then I remembered that I bought him last year summer a portable inflatable swimming pool. I asked about his swimming pool. He drag me at the back area at home and pointed to me what happened to his swimming pool. I asked our house helper to fix it but only said that there are no pentair heat pumps to use at home or even any air pumps for the inflatable swimming pool. Again, I talked to Didong. I explained to him that I can’t bring him in a swimming pool or resorts. Instead, I just brought him toys. Haha!

Oh well, getting back to summer 2011, I just wish it’s summer time again for me to experience another vacation. Woooh!

Rainy Summer Vacation 2011

Summer is supposed to be hot and sweaty. Isn’t it?

But here in our province, in out farm town, it’s the most opposite.

Heavy rain taken in our farm town
The muddy roads welcomed me when I arrived home. I haven’t even seen until now any smiles from Mr. Sunny. This is the worst summer vacation I am having here ever since I could remember.

And as one expects to any who’re used in a normal cooling temperature, working or even just moving in a cold weather around is not very conducive to such. In fact, in my more than a week of stay here, I only do eat, sleep, play over the computer, eat and then back again. However, I still didn’t get much weight so I don’t need weight loss green tea anymore though it’s a good extra fat removal drink. This is because I was confined for 24-hours in the hospital after suffering from diarrhea.

Hey, talking more about tea, my elder sister is wanting to loss weight before the school year 2011 starts. She is a librarian, she’s Didong’s mom. She has been trying a number of diet pills but those just work while the pills are taken in but when she stopped, she always get those fats back. As she said, as a librarian in a university, it doesn’t cause her to move all her body all day. That’s maybe the cause why she easily gets fat. What my mom advised her lately is to try tea drinks which my mom read and heard from her friends like Tava Tea, which is good fro losing extra fat.

Anyway, I’ll be flying back so soon in Cebu City, there, it’s too hot, a very opposite here. So maybe, Mr. Sunny will only see me there. Smiley

Summer Classes for Didong and Didang

Didong and Didang are already 4 years old. Didong celebrated on December 1 while Didang, has just recently turned 4 on April 17.

Taken on December 2010 during the family Christmas Party
Both kids are very enthusiastic now when talking about going to school. In fact, my sister, Bait, has bought a lunch tote and kid duffle bags for the kids. She also provided the kids with writing pens and papers inside a Stephen Johnson toddler backpacks. Didong has a Naruto-design on it while Didang has Dora design too.

Last February 2011, my mom was sharing her plans to send the kids to summer classes or summer camping. I told her that if I could come home, I’ll be attending with them. So my mom waited until I got home.

However, so sad to think that when I got home, I suffered from different illnesses that even caused me to be confined. The preplanned summer classes for the kids were not pushed thru. I don’t know what the plans of my sister, brother and mom as of this time.

Google Celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd Birthday

Have you noticed Google‘s homepage today? It has Charlie Chaplin’s video clip on it because today is the 122nd birthday of Charlie Chaplin.
By the way, do you know Charlie Chaplin? He is best-known in composing silent films. He is an English comic actor and a film director too.

I have known Charlie Chaplin during my high school years in social sciences subjects. I remember our social science teacher used to let us, his students, watch Charlie Chaplin’s movies and films in our classrooms. Sometimes, he let his students borrow his bundles of Charlie Chaplin original DVDs for us to watch the films in our own houses. In fact, once, I and some of my classmates watched one film of Charlie Chaplin in a patio furniture Smiley in our old house in the province. That was a very reminiscing-worth moments for a teenager. Yay! Smiley However, when we moved into our new house, my mom gave that patio furniture to one of our farm workers. Not too bad, though. Nonetheless, using patio furniture at home is very relaxing and comfortable.

Anyway, Happy 122nd Birthday Charlie Chaplin! Smiley

Home, at last!

I arrived here in our hometown last Sunday. It feels so good after all the stresses in medical school. Yay! Smiley
The last days since Sunday had me to only sleep, eat, sleep and eat. I don’t even do things in the kitchen. I guess, from the few days passed, I already gained weight. Smiley Oh well, as what my mom said, I just need to have these reward of taking rest from months of stresses in school. Great idea from mom, that was! Smiley

Anyway, at home, there’s no much changes I’ve noticed but only my old computer table which is now used as TV stand inside Didong’s room. We already are having 3 computer tables at home, 2 of which are being utilized for desktop computers and the third one is for the TV and DVD set players.

The TV and DVD sets are all mine; bought when I was in college. It’s Didong who’s using those now. But I still am wondering why my elder sister used my computer table as such, though it’s not being used as for it’s intended uses. TV stands are just very cheap and more looking good than the above computer table. I haven’t asked my sister yet about this. I’d rather wait, maybe, until my sister shared some things on me.

As of this time, I am enjoying and feeling relax as to my stay here at home.

Women Farming Fashion

Since my summer vacation here in our province is not that good because of rotating brown out and very wet and cold weather. One fair day, my sister asked me to have some good times in our farm because it was also the last day of harvesting. There, we brought Didong, our nephew, our cousin, Maggie and our tita, my mum’s cousin, Basil.
Personally, I had a great time spending even less than an hour there because after more than a year, it was only that day that I got to visit our farm again. Haha. With my best eco-fashioned gear, I got to get rid of mosquitoes and leeches in the farm and from the little heat of the sun. In fact, it’s not just me having the women fashion trendy farming gear there, but also my sister and cousin actually. Hehe.

With my cousin, Maggie. At the back are some palm oil trees.
Am holding some loose fruits of palm oil trees.
My elder sister, Wewee and Didong.

After taking some good photos there, LOL, we went home. I just realized that what I was wearing made me slender a bit. Hehe. It’s indeed good to look at those cool figure flattering clothes just like what I wore. See? I look so slim. Smiley

I need Summer Eyeglasses

It’s summer time already! There would only be a week more to go, and April will be shining shimmering summer time to relax for me. Cool, isn’t it?
However, after our final exams this week, I got my stye back. I do not know why. My eyes getting more blurry. I guess I need to have new pair of eyeglasses. I want the lowest price progressive glasses. Great enough there’s the #1 online Rx glasses store online where I could have the pocket-friendly glasses store online. Smiley And yeah, I have just read Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical where the cheapest online store, proven high standard and of great quality are their products.

Can anybody buy me summer eyeglasses? Please!!!