Tiger Woods Mistresses

A number of women are now allegedly linked to Woods as her mistresses.

Woods with wife, Nordegren.


Rachel Uchitel

The one who started it all, and the one who just received seven figures to keep her mouth shut. According to her classy mother, Rachel also “dated” Yankee stars Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

Jamie Grubbs
Reality show alumna. It was Tiger’s incriminating voicemail to her that broke everything wide open. She seems the most anxious to talk about being the other woman (or rather, one of the other women).

Kalika Moquin
The least publicized of the original three, this Las Vegas nightclub employee did reveal to a British tabloid that Woods told her he’d leave his wife “in a flash,” if she wanted.

Jamie Jungers
The second Jamie on our list is the first Woods mistress who bears any resemblance to his wife.

Mindy Lawton
This Orlando-area waitress claims Tiger is into kinky sex and did unholy things to her in a church parking lot.

Cori Rist
Tiger would book this 31-year-old, divorced mother of one into an adjacent hotel suite when he was New York.

Holly Sampson
Holly is an actress who has done soft. Many moons ago she played Fred Savage’s love interest in an episode of the “The Wonder Years.”

Source: TV Shows now.

Tim Tebow’s Eye Black Bible Passage

From Hebrew 12:1-2 to John 16:33.

This week, Tim Tebow of Florida Gators, is having John 16:33 passage as his eye black.

The passage reads:

I have told you these things, so that
in me you may have peace. In this
world you will have trouble. But
take heart! I have overcome the world.
Timothy Richard “Tim” Tebow is actually a Heisman Trophy-winning American football quarterback. He is also one of the famous faces in ESPNOutside The Lines”.
More of Tebow here.

Tiger Woods Scandal

Having been allegedly linked to Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods is now having an intense marriage counseling for his sex addiction. More over, his attempts to make his family better getting worse instead because of the news reporting a number of women whom Woods had been sexually involved during his married life.



More women, are indeed, coming and claiming that they had sexual experiences with Woods while he was married. Is this what has been called Tiger Woods Scandal? With this, Woods has been asking to have his private transgressions.


Actually, all these news, issues only came out when Woods had a car accident near his house in Florida. Reports stated a lot of issues just to buzz out what really caused his accidents.


By far, no words yet has been heard from Woods’ side regarding the accident nor his realationship with Uchitel and even on his scandals. 

Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel’s Australian Trip

On November, Rachel Uchitel had an Australian trip which was reportedly paid by Tiger Woods. Accordingly, Woods paid for the travel and lodging expenses of Uchitel. 

The National Enquirer said that Uchitel and Woods stayed at the same hotel during the Australian Open. Radar Online also reported that Woods staff were the one who paid for Uchitel’s bills for the trip.

Here’s a video of Uchitel.


Who is Elin Nordegren-Woods?

After the car accident Tiger Woods had last Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009, issue on having an affair of Woods to Rachel Uchitel, a hollywood personality, has been flooding the internet with photos. Furthermore, it has been reported that Wood’s wife has attacked Wood’s car with a golf club on Friday.With all these news reports, Wood’s wife has been very silent yet. But who really is Wood’s wife? Who is ELIN NORDEGREN-WOOD?

Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren-Woods, a former Swedish Model, was born on January 1, 1980 in Stockholm from Barbro Holmberg, former migration and asylum policy minister of Sweden, and Thomas Nordegren, bureau chief in Washington for Swedish Broadcasting media. She has two siblings; Axel and a twin sister, Josefin.

Nordegren and Woods first met on 2001 British Open when a Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik introduced Woods to Nordegren. On November 2003, they were officially engaged and a year after, October 2004, they got married.

On June 18, 2007, Nordegren gave birth to their first daughter Sam Alexis Woods. And on September 2, 2008, Charlie Axel Woods, their second baby, was born.


Tiger Woods Affair with Rachel Uchitel

After the car accident Tiger Woods had yesterday, reports said that Elin Nordegren, Woods’ wife, attacked her husband’s with a golf club early on Friday morning after a rumor about Woods’ having an affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, a Swedish Model, were married on October 2004 and now having kids; Sam and Charlie.
Tiger and Rachel, a hollywood personality, first met on Big Apple hotspot Griffin event when Rachel was the event planner and at the same time director of VIP Operations. This was revealed by Ashley Simpson, Rachel’s friend in Star Magazine. It was Woods then who first flirted with Rachel offering a “good golf grip”.

Tiger Woods Injured in a Car Accident

The world golfer champion and a sports icon, TIGER WOODS, was seriously injured after bumping into a fire hydrant and a tree near in his house in Isleworth, Florida.
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According to Orlando Sentinel, Woods received facial lacerations and were brought to the Health Central Hospital in Ocoee.
The said car accident is still under investigation. Alcohols were not been considered as one factors of incident according to FHP. Furthermore, whether Woods wear a seatbelt or not was unknown.
“When I first heard about it, my heart jumped a beat. But then I googled it and found a story and it sounds like he’s OK,” veteran PGA Tour golfer Mark Wilson said. “Knowing him, he was probably leaving for an early-morning workout.”

Abe Pollin Dies at 85

I had been a very big fan of the Women National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association since I have this being basketball-freak lassy addict attitude. Smileys I even play basketball Smileys until now that I am already in the Medical School.

Last night while dropping EC and surfing through the net, as one of my usual daily routine online, I have read that the owner of the National Basketball Association‘s (NBA) Washington Wizards, the National Hockey League‘s (NHL) Washington Capitals and Women’s National Basketball Association‘s (WNBA) Washington Mystics has died at the age of 85. He is Abe Pollin.

Accordingly, he has been suffering from corticobasal degeneration (CBD). It is a degenerative neurological wherein some of the symptoms displayed are somewhat the same to that of Parkinson’s disease.

Brian Grant

Since I am into playing lawn tennis, football, golf and lotsaaa more ball games, basketball has been a very good exercise sport and hobby to me.
Brian Wade Grant is one of my fave best players in the National Basketball Association. Yes, he is and 44 is his number! jelir

And great news! I will be back playing basketball for the Silliman University Intramurals this coming last week of November. kenyit I will be playing with the Silliman University Medical School team.Watch me dribbling! takbole