Happy Pi Day!

Mathematics has never been my favorite subject. But celebrating Pi Day today is what I missed in my previous Mathematics subjects, back from High School.

Opps..am not referring to Pie, the food one, but Pi, the Mathematical symbol equivalent to 3.1416.


My mum is a Mathematics teacher and so my siblings are number eaters, not like me! I don’t know why I hate numbers. Maybe that’s the reason why I took natural science subjects and enrolled in medical school. What do you think?


Anyhow, Happy Pi Day Everyone!

Back to Reality

After having a week-long vacation with my family in Legaspi City and Naga City, I guess I need to get myself back to reality. I really made those days mind-emptied from stresses and depressions from school. I even feel like just an ordinary lassy thinking of nothing and spending ordinary days somewhere else. And those are definitely just a dream that for now I need to wake up.
Next week, our classes will start already. And that will welcome us with a very big semi-final examination. I can only count with my hands the days left for me to savor the goodness of no classes, just merely nothing to think except blogging, off course. Writing, it is.
Talking about writing, I am thinking of indulging myself in a Custom-Writing.org since I almost forgot how to make an essay, a publishable paper works. I need to review my school essay help guidelines in making an essay and other research papers because honestly, I am not confident now of making one unlike those college years of mine. I am just merely a blogger no an essay writers UK-certified. I am becoming a poor essay writer now. Being a blogger is very far different of being an essay writer which I forgot how to be. Smiley
In these counting days left before classes, I might refresh what’s need to be dug up in my past essay knowledge just for my research papers here in medical school. I know I can do this!

If only..

One of the most fascinating branch in Mathematics to study is Algebra which, for now, I wish to study. It’s not that I haven’t learned any from those times, but I just miss how to divide simple equations presenting it in a standard form or slope formula.

Before, it is used to be one such difficult subject to take. But once learned, I realized numbers are just so simple and easy to handle upon. Comparing it to any field of sciences, most specifically, biology, which is subsequently dynamic, I’d rather chose being a mathematician then.

For less than 24 hours from now, we’ll be having an examination in our Pharmacology and Microbiology, yet I haven’t had run through reviews with it all since every time I look at my notes, I curled in. If only studying medicine is as simple as manipulating numbers like in algebra, I couldn’t ask for more books and extra time to study. Yeah! Honestly, every time I start to stare at my books, I could only imagine those junior high school years wherein I just used to play and throw jokes while attending algebra classes.

Just A Reunion: UPMin BioS Batch 2003

After a number of years that the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSBio) Batch 2003 haven’t had a reunion yet. And finally, we found the long-waited, night to be with each others’ laughs last April 30, 2010.

We just met at Dimsum Diner in Torres Street in Davao City where we had our dinner also. Smiley

After making ourselves bloated, we went to K1, videoke and KTV bar to have some sing-a-long moments and had some drinks there. This was one of our used-to-do things in college when hanging out – drinking and singing in a bar. Smiley

After those sweet talks, jokes, songs and drinks together in a KTV, we decided to get some shisha. Most of my classmates haven’t tried shisha yet, so I let them breathe vanilla-flavored yet deoxygenated air. LOL!

A night with them made me reminisce all those memories we had in college – in UPMindanao. However, I was just kind’a upset after these photos were posted in facebook since a number of people (friends, though, who’re not from UPMindanao) commented negatively like I just have nothing to do but to drink. Too bad to think that they don’t know who really am I yet just easily could make a word out of an album of a night with college friends.
Thence, one of my classmates in medicine, from Silliman University throw me a joke days after she read those comments in my facebook. She said I might need to undergo drug rehab or alcohol rehab because of that or maybe she can pay for my alcohol treatment. We’re just laughing then.
Just think of this, would medical schools accept me, nor my parents if I’d been very addictive to alcohols?

Sleeping Driver

So I already have my first owned customized car. Smiley But, as I have said before, it’s still in my dreams. Every time I go to sleep, I always drive it.
Actually, I am not sure yet if my mum will buy me a car for school. This is because, I will be moving to another medical school. At first, my mum doesn’t want me to transfer to new medical school but I insisted. I felt that Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) is not for me neither I do. Smiley
Anyway, going back to my car which my mum planned to buy for me, yes, she offered me brand new honda civic. But I refused again since I am still a student and I think I don’t deserve such costly car by this time. I told my mum that it would be fine with me if I’ll just have used Utah car by now. But what she’s bothered of is the quality of those salt lake city used cars that I am talking ’bout.
I browsed over the internet and at the same time was inquiring from some used Utah car dealers, yet they shared same information like there’s nothing to be worried about in terms of quality since those cars are still of good quality. There is one company, the Reedman Toll Auto, which has been selling used cars since 1954 and has been the top-notched dealers of used cars.
Again, my mum still think of settling for used cars. So, up until now, I can only drive my own car while am sleeping – in my dreams. Smiley


Let’s talk CHEMISTRY.

Chemistry pertains to the study of matter and those changes that it undergoes. It supposed to be easy. However, because of a lot of chemical components that needs to be memorized, every student used to think it’s more difficult than mathematics.
In chemistry, off course, no one can separate mathematics, biology, chemicals and the analysis of all of those. Difficult, it is. In fact, because of the difficulties in chemistry problems, only a few are able to finish a degree in chemistry. Even if chemistry is just part in a curriculum of a certain degree courses, the chemical problems need enough analysis where most of the students are having hard time passing such courses.
One solution to take for these scenario is the availability of online chemistry help and physics problems tutorial services. TutorVista is one of the online tutorial service center which offers these kind of services to students having difficulties understanding major subjects especially chemistry and physics. The tutors here are reliable enough that they are degree holder. Aside from that, they are of service anytime at any day.

Stissing Mountain High School Principal Hostage

This Tuesday Morning, a gunman surrendered after a two-hour hostage of his old high school Stissing Mountain, administration.

There weren’t injured after the incident which was about 90 miles N of the city of New York

“He has given himself up.” according to the Pine Plains Town Supervisor Gregg Pulver in CNN. “There were no gunshots fired”, he added.

“He has given himself up,” Pine Plains Town Supervisor Gregg Pulver told CNN. “There were no gunshots fired.”

Accordingly, the gunman is already in his 40s and the motive of hostage-taking is still unclear.