High Sierra Freewheel Rolling Book Bags

Classes will soon resume for high school and elementary pupils in the province. And every time I see kids dragging with themselves rolling book bags, it always reminds me of my every dreamed high sierra freewheel rolling book bag before.

It’s always my dream, my wish when I was still in my primary and secondary school years to own what my classmates have like a very simple rolling book bag. The family is not well off. The time when I was in high school, my three siblings were on their college years already. With that, most but not all of the finances were sent for them. Almost nothing left for me, I assume. And because I belong to a special science section where we have had more than ten (10) subjects a day and needed those books be brought in school, during my senior high days, my parents bought me mini rolling cart where I could put my bag on it and brag them on school. Hence, I never had a chance to use and own my ever dream high sierra freewheel rolling book bag.

But I never regret my younger years nor blamed anyone – my parents or siblings. I still completed my education and I learned, from those days and experiences, how hard to live and to treasure each sacrifices before.

Reading Materials on Calculus

When it comes to Mathematics and all related to numbers, I personally have hard time digest how those numbers function and most often than not, I need a number of references to make each mathematical problems easier to analyze and solve.

MathematicsMathematics (image from nyc.com)

Mathematics has many branches and one of which is Calculus. It deals more on derivatives and integrals and other related to its theorems. Accordingly, to many math-enthusiasts, Calculus is just so easy to learn as writing ABC. But to others who have difficulties with numbers, and that includes me, even how may times I might try writing the alphabet again and again, I could say that solving Calculus problems is never easy.

But that is still during my college years. Good enough I have successfully surpassed those days. And it is more overwhelming to know that there are lots of reading materials on calculus online nowadays that are available for any levels and accessible at any time. These reading materials on calculus are, by far, could of big help to students especially when they are doing their assignments on calculus at home or at anywhere they can access these online. Practice materials calculus are also included on these reading materials which helps students to enhance their ability in solving calculus more.

Google Doodles Niels Bohr 127th Birthday

Today, October 07, 2012, Google Doodles Niels Bohr 127th Birthday on their Google homepage. The Google homepage is getting scientific as it shows atoms and other Physics-related stuff which were studied and elaborated by Niels Bohr and which made him won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

Google Doodles Niels Bohr 127th BirthdayGoogle Doodles Niels Bohr 127th Birthday

Today, these Physics stuff like atoms and its structures as well as the quantum mechanics are incorporated in the basic sciences and physics in our schools and education.

Better School Facilities Means Globally Competitive Students and Graduates

Every school year, more and more schools offer new facilities to accommodate every students’ needs. With the growing demands of computer knowledge, schools are aiming to produce globally-competitive graduates. Schools have included in their curriculum various computer courses and subjects and use high tech computer training venues to facilitate instruction and practice.

Computers in school 

Aside from these, schools have integrated methods of instruction where students and teachers are able to discuss things intellectually and exchange opinions and comments with industry experts or mentors exclusively in a conference room or in other venues. With such facilities and upgrading of school services, students are able to engage in activities and event planning directly and can run a school government effectively.

I guess it is high time for school and universities to be like this, to provide better venues for school lessons and subjects, to create a more conducive learning environment for every student, to enhance their curriculum and paralleling it to what the country or job force really needs. Graduates and students must be fully equipped with the knowledge and the basic know-hows of working in their chosen field of industries or careers. To make students globally competitive and ready to face the big world, they must first be armed with the right skills and training in their respective schools.

When To Hire A Private Tutor?

It has been and will always be a goal of a parent especially a mother to watch his child grow and develop like his peers at school normally does – having a healthy relationship with friends and classmates, interact with them and perform equally good – academic wise like other kids do.


However, sad fact has it. Not all children are equally intelligent. One may find a certain subject easy to learn, while the other finds it the other way around. Situations like this can be very disappointing for some parents. But before confronting a child, let us be mindful of those possible reasons why he is having difficulties in learning. He may find the school environment overwhelming. If that is the case then perhaps the idea of appointing a private tutor at home may make a difference. Where to find one? Follow this link.

Fewer distractions, relaxed environment, greater focus on problem areas and flexibility of time are just few of the many benefits of private tutoring. But before hiring a private tutor, make sure that your child is comfortable with his/her tutor.
A highly qualified tutor is not only dedicated to meeting your child’s specific learning needs but takes full responsibility of his overall development as well.

For your tutoring needs, you may visit www.SchoolTutoring.com.

Find Essay Writer | Essay Writing Services | Essay Writing Jobs

Are you a student looking for an essay writer to help you out for your school requirements? Or, a freshly college graduate or a professional who are looking for a job but having time to make a comprehensive resume?

Find Essay Writer | Essay Writing Services | Essay Writing Jobs

Find Essay Writer | Essay Writing Services | Essay Writing Jobs

I may suggest you to try searching for an essay writing service provider online. Smiley

Actually, there are a lot of essay writer and essay writing service companies online which helps students and other personalities in making professional original and well-written articles.

For students, as I had experience, it is really hard to complete a number of required papers — thesis, reaction papers, documentary and more, especially if time constrained. Before, I have had sleepless nights doing almost endless revisions of my thesis. Take note, thesis writing is not just a simple 5 or 10 pages comprehensive written output but a more or less 50-paged brain-twisting papers. The worst thing is, every  month of March when the school year is about to end, almost but not all requirements were due for submission. And it is very difficult to jump ideas from one subject to another just to complete and fulfill the necessary requirements for the said school year. You might be the luckiest if you only have one subject in college, hence, only few requirements and paper works to do.

When I finish college, then that time I started learning to make a comprehensive resume which was another hard thing to do. I’ve made a lot of drafts as early as February since we were required to submit samples of our own. Though I’ve tried making one myself, I still wasn’t able to optimize my resume because I went to school again, for my post graduate degree.

Well now, so much with my personal blabs here, I advise that if you want to make an essay or any written paper works, for you to have a hassle free time, better check for essay writer or essay writing services or an essay writing jobs online. This will surely lessen your loads from school and office requirements.

7 Best Web Apps for College Students

As a college student, you have more resources than ever to make the most of your university career, from apps to help you study to computer programs that help you design a dorm room layout. Technology can make a tough course load manageable and a packed social schedule a little less demanding. Whether attending medical school, arts programs or technology colleges, these apps will help you succeed. Here are the seven best apps to help you manage all aspects of your college experience.

1.) Cramster.com

It’s like being able to attend a study group without having to change out of your pajamas. Cramster.com is an online social network of fellow students seeking homework help. You can either study with different students studying the same subject at schools across the country or form a virtual study group with your classmates.

2.) ipl2

This site offers access to a wide variety of resources. It is like having an entire library at your fingertips. ipl2 also offers a 24/7 “Ask a Librarian” feature for when you need a little help to find what you are looking for. Get all the sources for the big paper without ever leaving your desk.

3.) Flash Card Machine

If you have ever had to study for a big exam, you have probably made a set of flash cards to help memorize the material. With the Flash Card Machine app, you can create interactive flash cards that you can share with your fellow classmates or even the Flash Card Machine community. You can also utilize the app on your iPod or iPad, so you can study anywhere, anytime.

4.) Mynoteit

Record your class notes easily and accurately with the Mynoteit app. You can share your notes with other members of your class, so that you can all work from a thorough set of notes as well as help out class members who have missed class due to illness or other reasons. The app also makes notes easily searchable so you are not leafing through hundreds of notebook pages just to find an answer to one question.

5.) Design Your Dorm

Reduce clutter and roommate conflict with this 3-D web based app that allows you and your prospective roommate to decide how to place your dorm furniture as well as determine who is bringing what items well before moving day.

6.) Mint

Manage your budget with Mint, a financial app that helps you track your spending and manage your cash so you are never short on pizza money again.

7.) Class Buddy

Never be surprised by a grade again with this handy app. Class Buddy allows you to organize your class schedules, enter grades received for assignments, and keep track of your performance in your classes so you are never left wondering where you stand in a course.

Between social commitments, class obligations, and other responsibilities, college life can be hectic. Taking advantage of the apps available that can make your life easier can take some of the stress away and allow you to enjoy your college experience just a little bit more. Find more helpful education information at TechnologyColleges.Info.

Online Survey Software

Way back college years, I could still remember, one of our costumer service research survey conducted for one of the local food products in Davao City. It was actually not my major research project but for my college close friends and dorm-mates. They were Bachelor of Science in Food Technology students, hence a research survey on food qualities and services were done. But the work was just one of the requirements in our Arts and Humanities subjects.

Manual Research Survey

What we did that time was we personally went to one of the restaurants located near our school. We were already there five minutes before the opening of the restaurant for us to be able to catch almost all of the costumers from the time they opened the food shoppe until it closes, some time around 9 o’clock in the evening. We were giving small pieces of papers containing survey questions on it like the quality of the foods, costumer services and relationship, food shoppe settings and more and each costumers will just check the corresponding boxes of their preferences.

After doing such manual collection of survey materials for three consecutive weeks, we then collated all of the data and still manually input all of those in a spreadsheet. Everything that time were all manually done which took us a bit hanged up in beating the deadline. But today, online survey software are made available already. Things are getting much easier and simpler compared to what we have done with this latest advancement in technology we are having now. Before, we were analyzing the data we collected by ourselves. The spreadsheet, where we tabulated the data, was just used for easy readability and categorization of each survey answers. Survey software that are now available online not just merely provide the simplest way to gather data but it also analyzes data. Its sophisticated benefits in conducting research survey is very convenient and applicable to any professional groups. Even students, how I wish such survey software was already been introduced to us before, could really get the most benefits especially when time constrain.

Out of Stocks

I am supposed to print some documents tonight, however, the first three pages of my outputs were looking very pale that each writings on the papers are hard to read. I just didn’t noticed then that my printer inks are empty already. The worst thing then, it’s almost midnight here already and I can’t go out to buy for new printer ink cartridges or even to look for printer inks refilling stations.

Simply saying, I am out of stocks of printer inks.

I really didn’t expect this to happen today because I just newly bought my printer, perhaps, a few weeks ago. I was printing a number of documents for school in the past weeks, though, but I still confident enough that this ain’t empty yet.

But since it is showing tonight obvious almost-transparent printed documents, the cartridges are really empty which I need to replace as soon as possible.

Why Bullying in Schools should End Now

A young boy from Buffalo, New York recently took his own life, why? This is because he can’t anymore stand the bullying that he’s been experiencing in school. The sad thing about this news is the fact that he is not the first child who committed suicide due to constant bullying that often happens in school. The problem is not simple, it is severe and government, schools and parents should be aware of this situation before things could go way out of hand.

Bullying occurs when a person often attacks another be it physically or verbally. It could happen in school but it also occurs in work places. While adults are more stable emotionally to handle such pressure, kids who are being bullied should obtain help and counseling as this pressure could affect their behavior. A bully is someone who often feels superior over another. Yes there is a psychological explanation to this behavior but a child who bullies other kids may not be able to understand even his own actions.

This is where parents and teachers should step up. An open relationship within the family could help kids in expressing their emotions. The rage often felt by bullies is caused by feelings that they can’t express freely. Teachers should also be on the lookout for this type of behavior in their class. All should take part in making an end to this before another parent loses a precious child. Encourage you kids to speak up and stand against bullying. This should be a joint effort from everyone in the community and the government should also start making a law to make bullying an illegal act.

Diane currently works as a freelance writer and uses her free time traveling and exploring places as she enjoys the adventure and adrenaline rush. Her current project with tagpaptag has provided her with an opportunity to share information about a special type of roofing.