Walmart Black Friday 2015

It seems like we are flooded with a lot of sales, online promos and discounted products these days. Here below are the latest Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015.

Walmart Black Friday 2015

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015

The Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015 above are actually just some of the many Walmart Black Friday Ad 2015 they are showcasing to let every shoppers be informed about their latest on sale items.

This Walmart Black Friday 2015 will be on November 16, 2015, Thursday which will also be available insite and online.

Enjoy shopping everyone!

Looking forward for Easter Sale 2012

Easter, in the Christian liturgical year is the central feast, the last day of season of Lent — the fortieth day of prayer, penance and fasting. For this year, 2012, Easter will fall on the 8th of April. This is according to the Civil Calendar. This day, for some, is also the start of the big sales cycle for the Spring season. Hence, many are looking forward for the Easter Sale 2012.

Easter Sales 2012

Easter sales are offered for almost around the globe and mostly by large retail stores. This includes Walmart, Sears, Eddie Bauer and a lot more. Products on sales are varied such as clothing, apparels, shoes, jewelries and even travel and tour packages.

Online shopping stores also offer great Easter sale. One of which is Amazon. They have a bunch of Easter deals offered from almost all of their products ranging to their highest grosser, books and kindle gadgets, other electronic gadgets like computer desktops, laptops, accessories and E-book reading materials. Fashion apparels are also on sale during the Easter; not to mention shoes, bags and jewelries.

Other online stores to check for Easter sale are Ebay, Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and of course, Walmart. Aside from the Easter sale they offer, one utilize coupon codes as well in shopping. Coupon codes, in fact, really helps shoppers save bigger bucks upon checking out. For instance, each coupon code availed online would entitle you to shop discounted products up to over 50 per cent lesser than the original price. Indeed, one could really save with coupons and codes especially that if you are at hyped in shopping specifically during Easter sale period.

For travel and vacation packages Easter sales, one can avail for discounted hotel accommodation, airfare promos, tour packages and even travel insurances as well. Some of the hotels which offer these deals are Marco Polo hotels, Hyatt Palace, Fremont Hotels and other starred hotels worldwide. These are usually offered by leading travel and tour agencies.

Vouchers For Grab

Are you a shopaholic? Then, should you grab some of the vouchers available over here and there.

As a shopper, not to exclude me, it’s a wise move to really try to grab some discount codes or voucher codes because, aside from the discounted prices from products to get, the lesser the amount paid or spent on shopping per item, the more one could shop for. See? Ain’t it true?

If one item costs only half from its original price, then there are more to shop for. Haha!

Personally, I also want to grab lots of discount coupons for me to shop more than the usual and could even bring home more and more shopping bags filled with shoes, dresses and more that I love to have. Haha.

AirPhil Express PISO Fare Sale

AirPhil Express is having its PISO Fare Sale again this year aside from that on June 2011.

Selling period of this AirPhil Express PISO Fare Sale is only on August 01, 2011. Travel period would be next year, from February 1 until March 15, 2012 and in June 1 to June 25, 2012.

AirPhil Express June 2011 Pay Day Promo Special

AirPhil Express is having another seat sale promo this month aside from the very recent Piso seat sale on Tuesday. But today, it is a Pay Day Special.

Selling period of this pay day promo special is only from today up until tomorrow, June 29 – 30, 2011.

AirPhil Express PISO Seat Sale

It’s an early Christmas treat to every traveler from AirPhil Express.

AirPhil Express is having it’s ONE PESO seat sale promo today. Saying it again, it’s just PISO to fly domestically from Dec. 20, 2011 up until Jan. 1, 2012.

AirPhil Express Fair Fare For All

AirPhil Express is having a special deals for domestic travelers for as low as 788 Php or 888 Php.

Click to enlarge and view details
The selling period is just today up until tomorrow, April 8 – 9, 2011. There’s only 15 kg allowable baggage.

AirPhil Express 1st Anniversary 100PhP Seat Sale Promo

Planning to travel just within the country from June 01, 2011 up until February 15, 2012?

Image taken from AirPhil Express Route Map

If so, AirPhilExpress is in seat sale now for as low as 100PhP in celebration to their first year anniversary of flying domestically and just recently, internationally.

The seat sale promo is applicable to a one-way fare only with allowable 15-kg baggage. This promo will end until seats last.



Black Friday 2010 Best Buy Sale Treats

Oh Em Gee!!!

The Best Buy Sale on Black Friday is here again!

If only I could shop until I drop, my room will be filled with lots of different shopping bags. Well, even we have all the holidays from city breaks to school and family breaks, I still can’t shop because I am out of credits this time. Pity me!
My heart is like hammered to death with flooding blood every time I Black Friday is coming near because it usually fall whenever I’m out of credits plus there’s no Black Friday celebration here in the Philippines. I am only and always left pity and jealous for those online shops giving sale treats.

Early this week, Walmart has already had their Black Friday treats together with Target Black Friday Treats and the Toy R Us Black Friday Treats. For the whole month, most of the Black Friday Treats on list are electronic gadgets such as LCD TV, mobile phone, computer and computer parts, and digital cameras.

I am just hoping that before the end of the month, I could go shopping even just as my simple gift for myself on my birthday. I am crossing fingers for more PBs and kaching this month. Haha.

Happy shopping everybody!

AirPhilExpress 2-day Seat Sale

AirPhilExpress is announcing their 2-day seat promo which is as low as 300PhP, that is for Turbo Prop, and 400PhP for Airbus. Travel periods will be from September 16, 2010 up until December 16, 2010. While the selling periods will be from August 30 and 31, 2010 only.
So hurry to avail seats. You can check the images above for more details.