Seven top reasons why HP is bad for 3D printing companies

The popularity of 3D printing is growing over the last couple of years and so as the 3D printing stocks. printing companies like 3D Systems, Stratasys, ExOne, and Voxeljet are priced to its operational perfection in the stock market. Now that HP had entered, many wonders if investors should start worrying.

HP printer

Reasons HP’s entrance is a bad news for 3D investors:

  1. Has more resources
  2. Has the largest distribution network
  3. Lower product prices
  4. HP has a greater chance of spending a certain amount of money that its competitor cannot without harming HP’s business.
  5. Stock prices get lower when HP will not acquire any of the companies noted
  6. HP’s acquisition in the private market can make acquisitions slower.
  7. HP is cheaper

Out of Stocks

I am supposed to print some documents tonight, however, the first three pages of my outputs were looking very pale that each writings on the papers are hard to read. I just didn’t noticed then that my printer inks are empty already. The worst thing then, it’s almost midnight here already and I can’t go out to buy for new printer ink cartridges or even to look for printer inks refilling stations.

Simply saying, I am out of stocks of printer inks.

I really didn’t expect this to happen today because I just newly bought my printer, perhaps, a few weeks ago. I was printing a number of documents for school in the past weeks, though, but I still confident enough that this ain’t empty yet.

But since it is showing tonight obvious almost-transparent printed documents, the cartridges are really empty which I need to replace as soon as possible.

Bye Bye Now

After almost two years that I haven’t been using my hp printer, it finally waved me goodbye.

Actually, I wasn’t grieving that much for my hp’s loss. It’s because I already have a new printer now, my canon printer.

Why did this happen so fast? I have classmates and close friends as well who used to use canon printers for a long time. Before I bought a new printer, I, of course, asked their suggestions. Majority of them shared positivity in using canon printers. Aside from the fact that it has a very affordable and cheap ink cartridges, the printer itself is also very cheap.

The canon printer that I bought last Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, is the 3 n’ 1 canon printer. It has a photo copier, a scanner and a printer in one whole thing. It, actually, was the cheapest 3 n’ 1 printer we have compared according to prices and quality when I was yet to buy one.

Up until now, I still have no problems on printing what I want to print with my new canon printer.

Remembering my hp laserjet printer

It has been almost two years that I didn’t use my hp laserjet printer. I just remember this because this morning, while I was looking for some medical notes from my previous year’s notes in medical school, two of my old hp laserjet ink cartridges are inside the box where I kept my old lecture notes. Haha!

The image above was from one of my old posts regarding about my hp laserjet printer and the hp laserjet ink cartridges also.

By seeing those two cartridges, aside from my old hp laserjet printer that I missed using, I also remember what my mom used to tease me before and until today. She said I am like my grandmother, dad’s mother, who used to keep things until being forgotten and only see those kept things only accidentally. Haha!


Nothing beats more than the hellest of hellest week we would have in medical school by far but the fast approaching finals week. That would be March 15 to 19, 2010. Some doctors said that the final exams will be a comprehensive exam – from the very first discussion we had last semester up to the last topic that we could cover up this semester. Smiley In short, from preface of the book to the last index page. Just imagine now how my eyes would get baggy after this semester. SmileyStarting today up to Friday next week, we are already actually flooded with exams. But good enough, that some doctors are sharing their lecture notes so we won’t read books, as required but only when needed. Honestly, its really a great hassle for us to read a 5-chapter exam that would only comprise 50 items comparing to a minimum of 10-page lecture notes. Oh well, we would rather choose the latter so we could study 2 or 3 subjects a night. Wouldn’t you?

The only prob that we could have if doctors will share their lecture notes is the printing of those colored images. Off course, we won’t understand well the notes if not to print it colored. And darn, my printer cartridge now easily gets empty. Smiley One of my friends suggested me to use Dell Ink Cartridges. I haven’t tried it though, but as what she shared, Dell is a real great brand for printer cartridges. I might just look for it as soon as I went home, maybe by the end of this month or on the first week of April in Davao City, and change then my printer too.

Aja to me. LOL!


Needs Refill

I haven’t noticed that I need my HP Ink Cartridges changed until I supposed to print one of the 15-page exam sets of notes in Family and Community Medicine this morning. Smiley I actually overlooked it coz I think I just had it changed with new cartridges yesterday. LOL! I remember the last time I bought new cartridges was before our 3rd-bimonthly exam, that was still on January 9. Isn’t that too long? Is it?

For almost three years now, this HP printer of mine has been serving me good. It has still on its best quality though am using it hard, sometimes too harsh like am letting it print hundreds of pages without resting. Yes, I did. That was when I was still having my thesis in college. I reproduced 5 copies of my more or less 150-page thesis. But look, my HP printer stands still and so loyal to me. Haha.

I am actually using the HP cartridge numbers 21 and 22 for black and colored ink cartridges, respectively. And I used to buy both cartridges at the same time. But since I got hard time looking for the combo cartridges wherein a set of cartridges 21 and 22 are packed as one, I opted to look for cartridges online. Good thing I stumbled upon where I even found a number of top brands of ink cartridges that they are selling other thatn HP. Aside from that, they have been one trusted company selling ink cartridges online. And now, I am considering them where I’m gonna purchase one from them instead of going to Cebu City just for the two cartridges. What do you think?