What Changes Will The New Administration bring to Workmen’s Compensation?

With the advent of a Donald Trump presidency, employees in Iowa, as well as those across the nation, are wondering what changes the businessman will make in labor laws like workmen’s compensation. Because compensation is a state issue, there will likely be few major changes. However, Trump’s position on labor in general, and on the business climate, may have some trickle-down effects on workmen’s compensation.

One of the issues to watch is how Obamacare gets revamped. If the program is disabled quickly, how will that change affect compensation settlements? Will workers with claims that are already settled be able to use their Obamacare insurance?

Trump and the Workmen

Some labor policies, including those pertaining to workman’s compensation, may change as a result of whom Trump appoints to Department of Labor positions. New appointees might alter Obama’s provisions regarding wages and working hours. There might also be changes in how undocumented workers qualify for compensation for on-the-job injuries. In 2013, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that undocumented workers have the right to benefits. Although that regulation is enforced by the state, Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration might have trickle-down effects on the way individual states interpret labor laws regarding these workers.

If Donald Trump is successful in his effort to bring jobs back to America, how many of those positions will be filled with workers who will enter the workmen’s compensation system? Many of the jobs will be automated, but there will also be a flood of new workers eligible for workmen’s compensation benefits. That may result in the need to overhaul compensation to keep it from becoming strained by the increased number of applicants.

The new year may bring changes to an already difficult area for workers to navigate. There are many regulations involved in submitting a worker’s compensation claim. If you need advice on your claim, an Iowa workers compensation lawyer like James P. Hoffman may be able to help you decide how to proceed. Whether the new administration changes the compensation system or not, a knowledgeable lawyer experienced in workmen’s compensation policies may help you confidently claim the benefits you deserve.

Things to Know If You Want to Run for Office

If you’ve ever dreamed of running for political office, you can turn your fantasy into reality if you’re able to fulfill certain requirements. Whether you wish to become a member of commerce, get elected as your state’s governor or hold office as president, there are many different positions that may be open to you. Here are a few basic things that you should know if you plan to run for office in the U.S.

Be of Age

Certain political positions have strict age requirements. To run for president, a candidate must be at least 35 years old. Senators and representatives must be 30 and 25 respectively. If you want to be elected as governor of your state, each state sets its own age requirements.

Have the Right Amount of Experience

Although experience isn’t necessarily required to hold a position in office, it helps with your credibility. Listing your experience on your campaign’s website and in other publications can get the attention of voters who may be more inclined to choose you. Mike Crapo is just one example of a politician who has used his prior experience in law, congress and the senate to his advantage. Even if you don’t have the experience of someone like Crapo, you can still draw upon experience in other fields to persuade voters.

Pay the Fees

In order to be eligible to receive votes officially, you must pay the required fees. If you plan to run for state office, you will need to check your state’s specific fee structure. You will need to come up with at least $5,000 in campaign contributions or personal funds before you can become a candidate for federal office.
Clearly State Your Causes

Voters will want to know what you’re about, and you should be ready to state the causes that you wish to promote. You should stand firm in your convictions so that more people will be inspired to follow you.

Study Your Opponents

You should study your opponents’ tactics and learn about the issues for which they stand so that you can prepare solid arguments if you ever take part in a formal debate. You can also use the information that you learn about your opponents to find weaknesses and create campaigns to exploit their shortcomings. You may even luck out and be the only candidate who’s running for a particular position.

Respect the Process

Running for office requires a lot of time and commitment, and you’ll likely face a lot of challenges along with way. You might feel frustrated over certain circumstances that are beyond your control. Regardless of the obstacles you may face, you should respect the voting process. Respecting the process is also important if you lose, and showing humility and class in the face of defeat may convince people to vote for you in the future if you ever decide to run for office again.

Trying to obtain a position in government can be a rewarding ordeal regardless of the outcome. If you meet the necessary requirements and are willing to work hard, you may find yourself winning a position in office.

North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong II, Dies at 69

Earlier this morning, while lurking for information about equipment lease and financing for my cousin’s business which was badly affected by the recent typhoon Sendong in the country just last week, a very sad news I have read also about the death of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong II, who dies at an early age of 69.

North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong II, Dies at 69North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong II, Dies at 69; Image lifted from http://www.cbsnews.com/

North Korean dictator Kim Jong II death was believed to be of cardiac reasons.

Shooting in Trento, Agusan del Sur

I was dreaming last night about our farm town in the province of Agusan del Sur; that I was sleeping in a pine beds along with my siblings. Not too long enough I was awaken by an SMS from my mom informing me that there was a gun shooting happening this early morning around 5 o’clock.

Trembled and shocked, I hurriedly called with my mom. Good enough, my family are all safe. The shooting is yet so far from our house, though located only in same municipality, in Trento, Agusan del Sur. According to them, they only hear fireworks-like sounds this morning.

The shooting was actually happened in the municipal hall of Trento, most specifically in the office of the policemen. No other news related to the shooting were reported yet. People in Trento, Agusan del Sur are yet still clueless why the shooting happened that very early morning.

Michele Bachmann Running for US Presidency Seat

It says June is the best month to get married. Indeed, I have a lot of friends getting hooked in June of this year. I don’t know why such like that. In fact, one of my friends will be going to Las Vegas to attend for his cousin’s wedding. And me personally getting curious how would it cost to get married abroad, I checked over the internet some affordable and cheap  las vegas wedding hotel packages. Upon doing so, my attention caught by Michele Bachmann, the only Republican woman who has confirmed his presidential candidacy for the US 2012 political race.

Aw! I adore her being intelligent and highly unique conservative woman. She ain’t be getting married, though, but her personality overrides my desire to either read more about her political views than searching more about Las Vegas wedding hotel packages. I won’t be getting married the soonest, perhaps the reason, and I won’t be going to Vegas also to attend any weeding events that is.

I’ll just search more about any wedding hotel packages as soon as I will be getting married or so. For now, I’ll just read more about Michel Bachmann’s presidency seat plans for the 2012 electoral race.

David Broder, Washington Post Columnist, Dies at 81

The Pulitzer-Prize winning Washington Post political columnist, David Broder, dies on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at the age of 81.

Reports said it was due to Diabetes Mellitus complications.

The United States President Barack Obama stated:

Like so many here in Washington and across the country, Michelle and I were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of a true giant of journalism, David Broder. David filed his first story from our nation’s capital before starting as a junior political writer on the 1960 presidential election. In the decades that followed, he built a well-deserved reputation as the most respected and incisive political commentator of his generation – winning a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of Watergate and earning the affectionate title of Dean of the Washington press corps. Through all his success, David remained an eminently kind and gracious person, and someone we will dearly miss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends in this difficult time.


Set the standard for modern political reporting and analysis. … Everyone who cares about self-government owes a debt to David,” the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said.

This definitely not a cash for gold for the modern politics most specifically for the US.

Kristi Noem: Another Sarah Palin in South Dakota

If money is any indication, the hottest Republican House candidate in the country is Kristi Noem. The 38-year-old rancher has raised more campaign cash than any Republican house challenger in the country. More>>

Noem has raised $1.1 million over the past three months, about twice as much as her opponent, Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-SD). And that money will go a long way: South Dakota’s media market is one of the least expensive in the country. More >>

Noem may need the cash. Herseth-Sandlin is a moderate Democrat with a proven ability to win, and win big, in South Dakota. She decimated her Republican opponent in 2008 with nearly 70 percent of the vote, even as the state voted overwhelming against Barack Obama. More >>


Restoring Honor Rally Attendance:100000 For Glenn Beck Rally

Restoring Honor Rally Attendance: Less Than 100000 For Glenn Beck RallyGlenn Beck is a controversial figure, and his rally that was held on the 47th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” at the Lincoln Memorial has garnered him a lot of criticism from the media.

Beck has come under fire for trying to sell the rally as some sort of civil rights rally in an attempt to capitalize on the anniversary, although the TV host has claimed that the rally was more about showing support for American troops than anything else.

Read More of Glenn Beck.

SNL Presidents Reunion

Though I am getting blurr tonight because of my stye and that I also need new pairs of eyeglasses, I am still in front of Oshi now because of this video. Try to take a look at this.



Aquino, Roxas arrive in Dumaguete City

Oh yeah! Summer’s heat is on as well as the Philippine national election.

One of the presidentiables Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and his vice, Mar Roxas, arrived early, I think, that was still noontime, in Dumaguete City. Both are the standard bearer of Liberal Party.
Upon arrival, they had a press conference in Bethel Hotel and this evening, they had a rally in Freedom Park, in front of the Provincial Office of Negros Oriental in Dumaguete City.

Presidentiable Noynoy Aquino

Running for vice-presidency, Mar Roxas

Roxas talks.

Their team banner.

Elaine (with the Liberal Party sign) and I.

I am wondering now which party will be visiting Dumaguete City next. LOL!

A friendly and buzzzzingly reminder: Don’t be fooled Filipinos. Choose the BEST LEADERS to rule us.