Google Doodles Clara Schumann 193rd Birthday

Google homepage today is getting musical today as Google Doodles Clara Schumann 193rd Birthday.

Google Doodles Clara Schumann 193rd BirthdayGoogle Doodles Clara Schumann 193rd Birthday

Upon looking at the homepage, I first thought it was just a vocal mic. But staring at it clearly, it was actually a piano since Clara Schumann was a German pianist, composer and a musician.

Here’s one quotation from Clara Schumann, “Composing gives me great pleasure…there is nothing that surpasses the joy of creation, if only because through it one wins hours of self-forgetfulness, when one lives in a world of sound.”

Send In the Clowns – Piano

I supposed to have my music Monday entry early this morning, however, aside from seriously studying (I actually had 2 exams just this day), I was looking for Baldwin piano accessories online which I am planning to give as pressie to one of my close friends who’ll be celebrating her birthday this coming March. Smiley She loves music, actually. And I remember, last December, when we met, she once told me that she wanted to have a new bling bling on her piano. SmileyWhile busy looking for piano stuffs online, I found Send In The Clowns Music Video played on piano. Here. Have time to watch it.

Send In The Clown – Piano

Oh yeah! Back to my real deal.

Finally, after almost an hour of browsing for lassy piano accessories, I found one piano shop over the internet where anybody could have the pianos and organs they wanted and off course, the accessories too. It is the Actually, the shop isn’t just selling accessories for pianos and organs itself, but it is als offering Steinway piano and organ repairs. However, what makes me more interested on them aside from accessories, is the Kawai pianos they are selling. Haha! I am thinking now to have me a piano though I don’t know how to play. LOL!