Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections

Every Filipino today is expecting a new leader to govern the country for the next six years. Today is the Philippine National Elections day as you can see how Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections.

Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National ElectionsGoogle Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections

We, as Filipinos, have the right to suffrage or the rights to publicly vote or choose our best bet leaders to rule and lead us.I cannot personally share who my bets are, off course, it’s confidential. But what I just wish for every Filipino citizen is to vote for the best fitted individual to serve our country with all his hearts and mind and not just solely because of his personal political will. We had been drowned by our own choices during the previous national elections where the results didn’t even made changes on our lives. What we all wanted and longing for how long is to have a Philippines that is literally “more fun to live in” not just basing on it’s tourism rates but in almost all aspects especially on the security and safety of every Filipinos and to all foreign individuals coming in and out of the country.

Let us all be awaken from our deep sleep believing that when we wake up tomorrow, we’ll sure to have a beautiful Philippines without even doing nothing. I do believe that the best thing that we can do today is to utilize this right to suffrage so for us to wake up tomorrow with really a livable beautiful Philippines.

Should we all vote wisely Filipinos!

Typhoon ‘Dodong’ strengthen to signal number 4

Typhoon DODONG, with the international name NOUL, is the 4th typhoon to date that is hitting the country and specifically bashing the northern part of the Philippines — North Eastern Cagayan, Batanes, Babuyan, and Calayan Group of Islands and even strengthening to signal number 4.

Typhoon Dodong

Even though I and my family is here in Mindanao, it is still worrisome to think the possible outcome — the damages this typhoon could result in some areas of the country. I just hope that this would not result to a serious one and that our fellowmen could overcome this inevitable event.

Rainy Musical Tuesday

As typhoon ‘Maring‘, (international name Trami), intensifies even more and classes are being suspended, I have nothing to do here at home but to enjoy the music brought by the rainfall.

Tropical Storm Maring

One could think that because of this never ending dripping of the rain, a gibson sg cheap at musician’s friend would be good to have and just play it then along with the rainfall so not to make the early morning so boring.

But I don’t like this setting to continue more these coming days because this made me lazy to move, to work for my school and hospital stuff. The weather seemed like inviting me to just lay in my bed the whole day and just keep on listening to the music each rain drops provide. This is really a lazy day to me.

Google Doodles Philippine Independence Day 2013

Happy 115th Independence Day 2013 Philippines!

I am glad that Google is honoring this celebration as Google doodles Philippine Independence Day 2013 as well.

Google Doodles Philippine Independence Day 2013Google Doodles Philippine Independence Day 2013

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

Globe Telecom announces First Phase IT Systems Upgrade on March 2-5, 2013

I am an avid Globe Telecom subscriber. In fact, not just me, but the whole family, I guess. And it feels good to hear from Globe telecom that they’re gonna be doing an upgrade on their IT systems this coming March 2-5, 2013.

Globe Telecom announces First Phase IT Systems Upgrade on March 2-5, 2013

Some of the upgrades each subscriber would expect after this first phase are the following:

  • Up-to-date account information
  • New tools with real-time tracks of usage and expenses
  • New products and other promos

However, during these days of first phase IT systems upgrade, there will be limitations to some services. For instance, for Globe postpaid and tattoo postpaid (mobile broadband) subscribers, there are promos which you cannot register at but not in roaming promos. For Globe prepaid, TM, Tattoo prepaid (mobile broadband) subscribers, there will be lesser impact on you and you will just enjoy all the services.

Rest assured, after all these First Phase IT Systems Upgrade, subscribers will expect a better services from Globe Telecom.

After PABLO, here comes QUINTA

After typhoon Pablo has hit the country so badly that it even caused a large damage not just on our living but to many Filipinos in Mindanao, specificially in Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental, Agusan del Sur and Surigao provinces, there’s another tropical depression which is expected to show up today, December 25, 2012, Christmas Day 2012 in the country.

Tropical depression QUINTA is located centrally at 400 km East of Surigao City which produces maximum winds of 55 kph. It is also moving towards west at 19 kph. Quinta is also expected to make rainfall in Dinagat Island this coming Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012 in the morning. And in Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, this will produce rains over East of Cuyo Island and on the following day, it will move to Northwest of Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

Tropical depression QUINTATropical depression QUINTA

These information provided above are based on the 4:00 AM, December 25, 2012 forecast of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

So Filipinos, let us make ourselves ready for this new typhoon coming. And always pray also for the Lord God to safe guard us from this natural test.

Typhoon ‘Gener’ Effects

Just recently, the country was badly affected by the typhoon “Gener“. There were also reported cases of deaths in Metro Manila and other negative impacts brought by Gener.

Flooding in Metro Manila brought by Typhoon “Gener”

And telling you guys, this is my very first time to experience stormy days in my entire life. Things like those what I used to just see in television are now for real like those swinging of leaves of trees, real flooded areas, no electricity and a lot more. Even the patio water fountains of our neighbors were full of rain water.

Should I say, this is really a strange thing for me —  almost but not all are my first time ever experiences.

‘Butchoy’: storm signal lowered, changed direction

The good news about the most recent storm hitting the country, Butchoy, that it has changed its direction and that, the storm signals are lowering in the country really made my morning worry-free. It is the fact that I have received a message from friends online that even those motorcycle drivers in Motorcycle Jeans are having hard time passing by on the main highway because of the heavy rain plus blowing winds.

Butchoy (image source and credits)

In some other areas in Visayas, the storm is expected, if gotten worse, to cause landslide and flooding which would surely cause more problems and headache to many Filipinos.

But at least for now, the storm is slowly changing its direction.

Google Doodles Philippine Independence Day 2012

Today, not just the Philippines and the Filipinos from around the globe are celebrating the anniversary of the Philippine Independence, but also Google as Google Doodles Philippine Independence Day 2012.

Google Doodles Philippine Independence Day 2012

As you can observe it in the Google homepage, the Philippine flag is shown and incorporated in the Google word, itself.

Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos!

EDSA Revolution 26th Anniversary

Did you tie yellow ribbons on the old oak trees yet?

yellow ribbon on old oak tree

Me? I didn’t!

Actually, and honestly, since I graduated college, three years ago, I’ve been passive in almost but not all political things and events in the country. Obviously, I can’t feel the essence of celebrating the EDSA revolution 25th anniversary today. Do you? Smiley

Together, let’s just sing this song, Tie a Yellow Ribbon on Old Oak Tree by Tonie Christie. Smiley