Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections

Every Filipino today is expecting a new leader to govern the country for the next six years. Today is the Philippine National Elections day as you can see how Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections.

Google Doodles 2016 Philippine National ElectionsGoogle Doodles 2016 Philippine National Elections

We, as Filipinos, have the right to suffrage or the rights to publicly vote or choose our best bet leaders to rule and lead us.I cannot personally share who my bets are, off course, it’s confidential. But what I just wish for every Filipino citizen is to vote for the best fitted individual to serve our country with all his hearts and mind and not just solely because of his personal political will. We had been drowned by our own choices during the previous national elections where the results didn’t even made changes on our lives. What we all wanted and longing for how long is to have a Philippines that is literally “more fun to live in” not just basing on it’s tourism rates but in almost all aspects especially on the security and safety of every Filipinos and to all foreign individuals coming in and out of the country.

Let us all be awaken from our deep sleep believing that when we wake up tomorrow, we’ll sure to have a beautiful Philippines without even doing nothing. I do believe that the best thing that we can do today is to utilize this right to suffrage so for us to wake up tomorrow with really a livable beautiful Philippines.

Should we all vote wisely Filipinos!

4-day Long Weekend in August 2011

At least for a medical student, and others and government workers, it’s just like a reward to have a 4-day long weekend next month of August 2011.

long weekend

Accordingly, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said August 29, a Monday, and August 30, Tuesday, were declared to be non-working holidays on a radio interview.

Aren’t this a good news to all? Let’s all party for the 4-day Long Weekend in August 2011!

Today is 25th EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary

Today, Philippines must be set to celebrate how it has gained its democracy for the past 25 years. Today is the 25th EDSA Revolution Anniversary. No work. It’s a Holiday.

I’m supposed to get myself a holiday treat after a very long day yesterday and the other day for me. But because of flooding school stuffs, researches, statistical analysis, and more, I need to get moving before March will set in.

Ohhhh life of a medical student!!!!

Happy 25th EDSA Anniversary fellow Filipinos!


Today is Philippine Election 2010

Today marks the first automated counting system in the Philippine history of Democratic election.
Personally, I am a bit nervous on how to vote since everything are all new like the ballots and the PCOS machine itself. I am just hoping to have the most peaceful election to have this year though in some areas in the Philippines is admittedly are experiencing not good election environment since the first day of election campaign like bombing and gun shooting. In fact, there are a number of candidates who were shot to death already just because of political positions.
Moreover, I am just hoping, once again, that the FILIPINOS will now be wiser enough to choose the best officials to lead us in the coming 6 years.

By the way, I still need to go back to our province where I am registered at. I still have to travel 4 hours by bus Smiley since the exhaust of my aunt’s car was just recently nonfunctional. According to the auto technician, it might be due to overheating. Smiley

Vote wisely guys!!!

Aquino, Roxas arrive in Dumaguete City

Oh yeah! Summer’s heat is on as well as the Philippine national election.

One of the presidentiables Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and his vice, Mar Roxas, arrived early, I think, that was still noontime, in Dumaguete City. Both are the standard bearer of Liberal Party.
Upon arrival, they had a press conference in Bethel Hotel and this evening, they had a rally in Freedom Park, in front of the Provincial Office of Negros Oriental in Dumaguete City.

Presidentiable Noynoy Aquino

Running for vice-presidency, Mar Roxas

Roxas talks.

Their team banner.

Elaine (with the Liberal Party sign) and I.

I am wondering now which party will be visiting Dumaguete City next. LOL!

A friendly and buzzzzingly reminder: Don’t be fooled Filipinos. Choose the BEST LEADERS to rule us.