Once a Student, Always a Student!

Studying is good. There’s nothing to question about that. It’s learning. It’s fun.

I’ve been studying, as far as I could count, for more than 15 years now counting back from primary school grader up until now, in medical school, a post graduate degree. A lot of people, whether close friends and not, keep on asking me how does it feels being a student for a long time. I only said, in a humorous way, “it’s like the saying that goes, once you pop, you can never stop“. Isn’t it? Maybe this only applies just for me, once a student, always a student!However, sometimes, that statement being threw and asked to me has caused me to think more often, especially when medical school burdens me with a lot of books and other stuffs to do, of where am I would be if I didn’t enter the medical school. Yeah, really, where do you think would I be if after college, finished a Bachelors Degree in Biology, I chose to look for a job rather studying?

Looking at a couple of classmates from college now, they all has their own free-will to whatever they would want to do and go where ever they feel awesome getaways to drop off. They’re also busy filing for some government pertinent papers. Do you think an ordinary student like me is having a T.I.N. now? I haven’t tried even a free tax filing nor holding a tax filing form. I don’t even understand much about file tax extension. The government has nothing earned goodies from me yet. I only spent bucks from my parents for sending me to school.

Oh well, I just want to blubber here since I know, only my blogs could absorb freely what I am feeling and thinking in random.

Don’t worry, I still enjoy studying. It’s indeed fun and worry-free from anxious employers! LOL!

I am a Hip Hop Dancer

I loved to dance. But since I enroll in a medical school, I never had enough time to get involved in dance groups performing hip hop dances or even contacting hip hop booking agency for me to perform.
Just this very moment when I was about to start studying for our semi-final examination tomorrow, I heard from our neighbor one old hip hop song which we performed before. I forgot its title but the music really driving my body to get grooving.
Nowadays, I could only seldom hear hip hop music because most of being played even online are love and relationship related songs. Though holidays are coming, still love songs are mostly played. I do not know why. Or maybe, just most of the people are in love? Is it? Smiley

Well, it’s true. I miss those hip hop music which we usually dance. I am even missing my being a teenager, a stubborn high school student. Even those overnight practices in the school gymnasium and off course, not to forget, those puppy love memories. Haha.

I miss being a hip hop dancer. Smiley

A Not-so-good Conversation

I was asked by a friend, From whom you learn how to play casino?.

I just nodded. I didn’t say any. But, she insisted that I might had it from my mum. I told her, sarcastically, Excuse me?.Then she just smiled. Oh yeah, my mum knows how to play casino specifically slots, coz that’s the only casino she wants to play to but not the online blackjack. I even added that my mum is such a very responsible gambler, tellin’ you, and even I coz most of the things I used to play online are free online gambling sites.My eye brows kind’a wrinkled when she asked that. Is she blaming my mum that I am used to play casino then? Oh Em Gee! In the first place, it’s not my mum who taught me. I just found it cool to play and a kind of anti-depressant to me. I actually burst all my depressions usually by playing casino online. And now she’s asking for tips on how to play it. I told her directly to better find it for herself. Smiley

Any way, you might be wondering why am I just using free gambling sites? Off course, I am not a certified player yet. I mean, I am not a master player of blackjack or any casino games yet so better think of losing nothing for an on and off player like me. That is why, I would rather choose free sites to play at. So whether I’ll lose or win, there’s nothing that I actually am losing then.

You want to play any casino online? DM me. I’ll tell you the best online casino games sites. Smiley Let’s play together.

I want KACHING!!!

With the flooding, but never been drowning, air transportation promos which are really tempting for me to fly to anywhere, I do not know if I could still have the full control with my budget. Smiley I am shaking every time a post master is dropping an envelope outside our gate. I do not know how much my bills would be again month after month. It’s giving me a migraine, much more that the semester is yet to end and sure to have a lot of hang-outs coming. I am really in risk budgeting now. Though I have my tickets for planned flights with M, I do not know where to steal for my pocket money. I can’t let M pay for everything since he already been throwing cash since last August when he had his vacation here then the last time I flew, he was the one who paid everything. And for this coming October, I am somehow ashamed if I still let him pay for all my expenses. Though he doesn’t want me to cost much, personally, I am of guilt that what’s left with him is just a few from his savings. Smiley

Kaching is what I need and a real good budget manager.

Let’s Call it A DATE.

Lately, M was thinking of having a vacation again but that would be for next year. Same as last month, that would be a 15-day vacation. I remember, he asked me once if it would be alright with me if we could have it out of the Philippines. For me, yes. But, I guess, for now, it would still be impossible since for next year, my being a medical student would be more hectic than this year. Our classes will start by May 2011. He further asked if we could have even just 5 to 7 days together abroad. I was hesitant to say either yes or no. But with my excitement, I didn’t tell him that I also checked some good place over the internet where to have a vacation with hubby.

One Filipina friend of mine in Australia shared that she and her Aussie hubby once had a vacation in South California, specifically in Myrtle Beach Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. She even showed me some of there photos. Upon looking at it, I was kind’a interested though for me, such impossible yet to be there, so she was also sharing to me how her hubby had the Myrtle Beach hotel reservations done. Since her husband has been used to traveling abroad, my friend is of no worries, as she said, when it comes to those things ‘coz she’s sure enough that her hubby knew what she usually wants when it comes to vacations. And the Myrtle Beach Accommodations, according to her, are worth staying and coming back.

After checking it online, the http://www.seasidemb.com/, is indeed a great place to have a date. But I do not know when can I be there. Smiley

He wants. I don’t.

So this is kind’a conflict of wants between I and M.

With our present status that I am still studying and he’s far working in the government, he thought of having other things for us to have something to save, financially, for any future preparations. I asked him what would it be, then he undoubtedly uttered business – having our own business. Honestly, I never ever thought of considering businesses in my entire life. So I told him, I don’t like it. One thing I am thinking of business is the rat-race-like characteristic that even it’s own family is of no considerations. Aside from that, it’s so time and effort stealer which I really don’t like.
But M insisted. He really wants something to manage. Thence, I favored him. And this is our problem now: to what would be our business to have. As he said, he has been thinking of security businesses that are US based – manufacturing in Mexico. Upon hearing it, my eyes glared and even heightened my tension and reacted, are you really sure? He was just actually joking at me coz he observed I was really serious when talking things like businesses. Phew!
Up until now, when we always bump to things like these, we ended up laughing coz we both have different thoughts that would never meet in terms of businesses. But for now, I am already considering things which he let me realized for us to have especially for our future, and that is really to have business aside from our different careers. That is just still to consider, for me coz what I am really sure for now is the fact that business is what he wants which I don’t.

Busy Weekend

Comparing last weekend, this week seems to be busier. Just right after our class in clinical pathology last night, we had our dinner meeting for our PCM presentation this Tuesday. We ended around 9:00 last night. After which, I was still checking some videos and more information that we will be needing over the internet and I was able to sleep at around 2:00 this morning. Though I slept late, I was still unable to finish what I need to do since I was stocked on reading Planet Antares updates. I first read ’bout it just last week also. However, while stumbling with internet sites, I have also read about the Planet Antares Scam. I don’t exactly know if those were true or what. I have talked to one of my friends at that same time also who’s working as vending chat representative regarding the issue coz she was the one who has shared to me lots of information regarding the planet. But she was also surprised to know about the scam.
Oh well, aside from those early morning rest I had this day, I woke up at around 5:00 in the morning to prepare for our shooting and taping for the presentation. Actually, we haven’t decided yet what to present last night but good enough we have finally arranged things this morning. We went to Waterfront Hotel and Ayala shopping mall to shoot and take some photos. We’re almost done at around 1:00 PM.

After those academic drowning, we had our lunch and we then went home. Believe it or not, I just woke up at around 5:30 this afternoon. Whew! I was really tired. But my day isn’t done yet with that waking up after more than 3-hour sleep. Actually, that is still the beginning of new air to take in upon reaching of becoming a doctor.

Tired, as it is but good to know of help. Indeed a very busy weekend. More to come these days.



What a very stressful day I had today. We went to another university in the other side of Cebu City, I mean, it’s just almost, not really located somewhere far far from Cebu. I just made it a bit exaggerated since I was feeling real tired and wanting to just sleep the whole night which I should not be. I feel really burdened of something I do not know. It’s like, literally, I’m having with me the whole earth in my shoulder. Atlas, are you me? *sigh*The first thing to do tonight? Hmp. I need to finish my report in Clinical Pathology and must submit it before midnight. Second is the research paper which we haven’t started anything yet and the deadline would be this coming Friday. Think of a whole experimental research wherein even a single letter hasn’t been started arranging yet. Can we make it then? Lastly, but I guess, not the one yet is our Pharmacology assignment which up until now I haven’t read the case yet. Poor little me. I need to be a super girl now to be able to finish all of those for just a night.

But hey, I have to give myself an hour break first before diving to a sea-like drowning things to be done tonight. Hehe. I’ll blog.

By the way, along the way at around 8:00 PM when we’re mobiling home, I was seating in the front seat of the taxi, and looking far far beyond the horizon above and nothing else to imagine but the life beyond the planet earth. At that very moment, the traffic made us stay for 10 minutes in the middle of the street, so I had the fullest time to imagine beyond my existence. Hehe. After more than 2 minutes of flowery and cloud 9-like life there, I remembered Planet Antares which is very far from the Earth. I was thinking to fly then there, stay for 3 days and will blog about The Earth and Planet Antares Comparison, A 3-Day Voyage. Isn’t it exciting? Wohoooo!!! Just after I said wohoo, my companion told me to pay for the fare. LOL!

I think, I have to work now with school stuffs. Smiley


Online Slots Again

As we arrived last night, my left upper eyelid started to get red. It doesn’t have any changes of size yet, but every time I wink, it hurts. So I washed it, then I rest, took a nap. But when I checked it after an hour, it gets bigger and much redder. The worst thing? When I blink, it really cause me pain and every time I looked around, I move my left eyeball up, down, left and right, darn, it is really painful. I could even cry. But this is not a sty, I presume.

I called my mum about it, she just said to have it checked by an ophthalmologist. But hey, is there any available ophthalmologist in the middle of the night just because of a swollen upper eyelid? So I decided to sleep.

As I woke up this morning, I had my left eye one fourth open with super red upper eyelid yet cyanotic (bluish) eyeball. For any reasons, that I definitely do not know. Just imagine even I am using my pairs of eyeglasses, my left upper eyelid touches the lens of the glasses. Phew! So darn big! I am thinking of taking photos of it, but I guess it’s too shameful to post for. I don’t even go out from the house. Errrr..

Staying whole day inside my room, is such a boring thing. So what I did, since I can’t sleep because every time I wink or close my eyes, it really hurts, I am just having a super grateful Sunday date with Oshi playing online slot machines. I just told myself that a swollen eyelid could no hinder me from playing online slot machines. Hahaha. It’s like my palms are itching if I can’t touch slot machines, but off course, online slot machines is just having with me Oshi’s mouse, it’s still alright, as long as I am having in front of me slot machines. Haha.

Online slots, again!!!

Literally SICK.

I had been suffering from high fever, colds, migraine and allergic rhinitis (not to mention my ethmoidal sinusitis) the past 4 consecutive days. In fact, I was able to be absent from my classes since last Monday afternoon and on Tuesday, the whole day. Just because I thought and wanted to get well the soonest, I double dosed all my medicines – anti-histamine, except for my migraine. And as a result, I slept the whole Monday afternoon, night and Tuesday whole day. If I wasn’t reminded by my classmate, I forgot I still have a more than 100-paged examination on Wednesday.Aside from that exam, I also forgot the school paper works to be done and also my online articles to be submitted. Whew! And here goes one of my cousins asking for a published article like those of the Article Alley but specifically on science of gene technology.

I got a lot of papers and pen tasks to do. But with those exams, and being sick, Smiley I don’t know if I could still make all my assignments done on time. It’s definitely of not getting old enough to forget those work but I was just literally sick. Smiley