Get Whatever You Want in 4 Easy Steps

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2016 is almost over and you are now asking yourself what happened to the days when you were supposed to save money. You mope and think about it. What went wrong? Do you still remember the time when you vowed to save money at the beginning of the year? How about the daily expenditure plan you have made to organize and keep up with your saving goals? Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye that little dream of yours for you can never buy that iPhone 7 you have always wanted. Your saving plan did not go kablooey for no reason. It was you. But as the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. It is not too late. You can start anew with your saving plan, this time much disciplined and goal-oriented. So, here’s how:

4 ways

Step 1. Set a goal. Ask yourself what you want, what do you really want to achieve. If it is an iPhone or a car, then be it. You must be determined to get it.

Step 2. Develop a saving plan. In a small notebook or a piece of paper, write your daily budget. Organize what you need to do, divide your allowance into portions (depends on you, really) –food, transportation, savings, etc. This way, you will keep track of your expenses and remaining money. If written on a piece of paper, stick it to your wall as a reminder.

Step 3. Discipline yourself. When you want to buy something, use the Need vs. Want principle. That is self-explanatory.

Step 4. Be smart. Always look for discounts. When you already reached your target money and ready to buy your dream iPhone or whatever it is, look for discounts. Plenty of sites on the internet such as Verizon Wireless, Tillys, offer discounts for various stuff such as smartphones. Different coupons from Groupon Coupons are also available. Think wise and do not just settle for what is good, look for the best.

Good News from the Fairy Hobmother!

Allow me to deviate from the usual news and current events today that not only the local press has been busy monitoring at, but the international peg also. What I want to share today is something really really good — very good news from the fairy hobmother.

Fairy Hobmother

The Fairy Hobmother has landed over my blog and here to grant me a wish I longed to come true. Smiley

For now, there’s nothing more I could ask for from the fairy hobmother but a new washing machine which I stumbled upon from his list of appliances online where you can also check for yourself at There are actually a lot more to choose from but this is what I need most as of the moment. I used to do my laundry since then if I have a spare time to do it; else, I need to have them done by a personal launder but never in any laundry shops. I have learned my lesson already and I don’t want to experience losing a pair of socks, a number of hankies, lost buttons in my uniforms and lot more from a laundry shop services. I better do it then myself.

Moreover, it really feels good being visited and, at last, meeting the fairy hobmother. And of course, I don’t want to feel greedy enough not to share this ecstatic experience I have. I guess, it’s now your best time to meet the fairy hobmother. Meeting him is just as simple as leaving a relevant comment here and we’ll wait until he drops by at your blog as what he did to me.

How to feel great when you are sleeping and dreaming at night

To care for our self is our duty and don’t ask why because we should. We have a body who does need our unconditional care and we have to treat it well so that it could still help us to work our tasks in our jobs. As an individual, I do a lot of care for my body and yes I passionately do because I need my body in order for me to work besides it helps me to earn money to sustain my family’s needs as well as mine. I usually live a healthy lifestyle and I run every morning for almost two hours and I need to get sweat to reduce my fats and improve my body so that I don’t easily get sick.

You know what the proper and most popular treatment that we should do to our body is to give a high quality and long-time of sleep not to sleep forever but for awhile only. Render at least 7-9 hours of sleep everyday to gain a good conditioned for our body so that it will last until the time of resting came. Yeah, it was found that it is really the best option and alternative that we should do for our body and I guess you all guys agree, am I right?. We can’t even deny the fact that sometimes we have lack of hours to sleep because of some valid reasons but you know we all have a pure obligation for our body and it should have an awesome treatment by us. Yes, I understand why you have a lack of sleep besides I gain that too but every time I felt that I am abusing my body already I usually give myself a better and natural medicine which is to rest during my vacant time or weekends.

Do you know that when I go to sleep and night I feel great and awesome when I woke up? Hmmmp, I think you should know what is my secret and why I can experience such greatness effortlessly because I wear cotton pajamas and addition to that, it is highly recommended because it enhanced and made our dreams more great and I bought it at sleepwear online

If only dreaming or sleeping is a sports I would probably made this as my field and hobby but suddenly it does not qualify for me because I’m a workaholic person and I get sick when I missed my job.

Guest Post Writer Bio:

Hello Guys, I’m Yogi and I’m well known as a workaholic person. I do freelance job and currently working in the outsourcing world as a Virtual Assistant. I love to give myself a break in the field of sleeping and also I love to wear cotton pyjamas. Visit our shop at sleepwear online.

Protecting My Digital Reputation

Owning a handful of blogs can really take most of my time. Thinking of what to write and what to put on these blogs can, at times, drain me mentally, not to mention the studying I have to do for med school.

image from Google images

I say that writing, quality content and posts, takes time because whatever comes out of these blogs become public. Even if it is the most mundane thing in the world, when I publish it, it becomes a target for everyone’s intention, good or bad.

I’ve read an article on protecting my digital reputation authored by Michael Fertik and I have learned that when people search for me in Google, they should see terrific and good things about me or a company. When I rant about something and publish it, people might take it the wrong way. So my digital reputation really depends on me, that I should be wary and conscious of whatever I write or bring out to the public.

As I was reading the article, I have also learned that Michael Fertik is a Silicon Valley Internet Entrepreneur. He founded which aims to protect reputation and digital privacy of individuals and companies. It was really a good thing that I was able to stumble on that article, it made me realize that no one is safe, even in the World Wide Web.

How Girl Scout Camps Helped Me

I used to join Girl Scout camps and through these camp outs, I have learned to love nature and the outdoors. I remember using Big Agnes tents during these outdoor activities and share them with my friends and classmates.

I love it when we put up our tents as Girl Scout leaders give out prizes to the groups who can put their tents up first. Those days were fun and we were all carefree. But we all have to grow up and I thank God that I have joined those activities before because it has made me become a responsible person, taught me to become independent and stand on my own two feet.

Industrial Bearings

Industrial bearings are materials used in construction or industrial companies.

Basically, they function to confine and prevent unnecessary movements of two different joint parts of any equipments. These industrial parts are available in different shapes and sizes to fit into different attachments.

Bearings are classified also on how they are being used or they operate. Some are used as plain bearings, fluid bearings or magnetic bearings. While others are used to support heavy loads like flexure bearings.

Choose Suitable Watches for You

As we know, watches are always deemed as the unique and fashionable accessory for everyone. Frequently, they can represent people’s social position. No doubt that high-class and particular watches tends to make them additional self confidence and proudly. In addition to this, folks also can know your character and favor by the watch he use. So watches engage in a vital role in the lifestyle.

To begin with, I will talk about the new powered Swiss watches. These Swiss watches are powered by the photovoltaic cells. Devoid of our imagining, these watches are quite extraordinary on earth. And many of them are welcomed by some scientists.

And, another brand I must say is tag heuer replica watches. Replica Rolex watches are luxury, fashion and not expensive. It is known the superb Europe Swiss watches took years to improve and develop. Frequently, people will intend to use it in particular event, there’s no question it would made you incredibly fashion and unique among all.

At last, designer watches are the best and fashionable, and also well-known and might attract more eye balls; conversely, these are very high-class and might get people to self confidence in community.

Scent-fully Sexy

Women, as it seems, are very keen in choosing for the best scents to smell each and every day. As much as possible, she’d be the most scent-fully sexy every day.

One of the scent-fully sexy scent brands online that provides every woman a sexy aura is Scentsy.

Scentsy Products ain’t just provide fumes and smells that are worth a second-look and head-turning to anybody. But also, they gives an anti-bacterial defense to their users. One of such Scentsy products which has an anti-bacterial mechanism and a scent as one are the fragrance foam.

Fragrance foam sanitizes the hand with its anti-bacterial effects ones used. Hand sanitizing is one of the very important thing to do especially before and after eating. But this habit should not just merely be done every before and after eating but also everytime one has touched or handed one object to the other. Hand sanitizing also is a preventive measure to keep oneself away from any contagious infectious diseases that are usually transmissible by handling any materials and passing through the body afterwards.

Most of the sanitizers in the market works merely as a sanitizer alone. Unlike Scentsy products’ fragrance foam, it also has a fragrant smell that when used, one didn’t thought of it as a hand sanitizer alone. It’s already a bonus to a hand sanitizer to have a scent-fully sexy fragrance.


If M has lost his ATM card few weeks back, me – I have lost my school identification (ID) card.

This is, actually, not the first time I have lost my school ID card. As far as I could remember, I guess, this is the third time. Getting a new one is just easy like a student should just go to the legal office of the university, apply for an affidavit of loss that is signed by the school’s legal officer or lawyer. As soon as the paper is ready, all one need to do is to pay for the new ID card in the cashier’s office and bring then the receipt in the ID room. In the ID room, nothing more hassle to do but to fill up the identification form and then smile. Just that simple.

However, I still find it very time-consuming to think like I need to fall in line to each of the offices that I need to check. First, in the legal office, before, when I get my first affidavit of loss there when I lost my first ID card, I waited almost two hours before the lawyer came. I asked any of the staff if I could get one affidavit of loss outside the school, she said that it is not allowed. Only those papers released by the school’s legal officer are processed and accepted in the school. Oh gosh! So I waited then, patiently. Good enough I have had no classes that time!

Another, in the cashier, oh c’mon, the cashier teller for college of medicine in school is only one and I still need to fall in line – stand by there for maybe less than an hour before my turn.

And lastly, in the photo booth in school, I mean, in the ID room. There is still long lines of student in a very small room to be entertained.

Hey, before I forgot, every time we request or paid for something processed in school, it always will reflect on the student’s assessment or ledger which I really don’t like. My mum would surely know what my transactions in school would be if that happened. In fact, the previous year, when I lost my two IDs before, mum knew it just on summer of this year when she requested a copy of my ledger in school.

Waaaah! I better get myself some California rehabs, for me to make my mind from losing, always losing my ID card.

Well, this is my fault. But I didn’t want to lose my ID, in the first place. But I should face any consequences now. School ID card is very important. Gosh! I better apply for one this Monday.

Final Goodbye

I once have tried smoking when I was in college. To know where I graduated from and what degree I completed, would be enough to understand, I presume, why I really tried a stick of cigar to puff.

But that was only when I was in college. I stopped, personally. And now, I am being reminded again, not to get a stick and enjoy one for myself, but to buy gurkha cigars online by a close friend. He used to smoke since then. He just asked me to buy one pack for him because he’s still on a vacation which is basically far from the city.

While looking for such cigar online, one friend of mine commented if I get back to my smoking hobby again. And I just told her that I was just being pleased my our friend. It wouldn’t be me who’ll be puffing it. Besides, I have already waved my final goodbye to smoking.

Indeed that was a goodbye. And I don’t have any plans now to get back to smoking anymore.