..going back home.

So much with my stay here in Cebu City, tomorrow night, I will be going back to Mindanao. However, I won’t be staying in Davao City. I’ll be in our hometown. I prefer to be there than in Davao by this time since it is still very hot there. But in our hometown, though the rotating brown-out is very sometimes pissing me off, the weather is lower. In fact, it is still raining there. Hehe. I actually am having a wet summer in our hometown. Phew!
With those days that I am here in Cebu City, I wasn’t able to do what I had been wishing to do here. And guess what is it? Off course, casino or even just bingo. Hehe.
I and my classmates in medical school had our last bingo game here in Cebu last January, during the Sinulog Festival. We’re supposed to do it again, however, even just going out from my Uncle’s house (where I am staying now), it’s like my skin is really burning. So what I did, I just settled for freebingo online. Whew! I also tried Betfred bingo. Betfred bingo enables players to get more than 100% deposit bonus. Hehe. This is what I like with Betfred bingo.

So tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to Mindanao.

Xbox Live Servers: Modern Warfare 2 Down

When I tried to check online for the latest update and forums of Call of Duty 4 – The Modern Warfare 2, I was amazed that I can’t access it. At first, I was thinking that only Oshi had a problem. However, upon checking from the forums link, the Xbox Live Servers Down, which was the first suspicion I had.

Whew, upon reading comments regarding Xbox Live Servers Down, I am thinking then of the hosting problems they encounter especially when a lot of clients are simultaneously accessing it. I am not really sure about it, though I have some ideas on hosting websites or blogs, but with regards to gaming, I don’t have that knowledge anymore. There are actually a number of web hosting sites with satisfying hosting offers as noted from independent reviews of web hosting providers. I just don’t know for game hosting sites. Smiley

Anyway, yeah, I used to play COD (Call of Duty), as what we used to call it, when I am getting bored playing casino online, or should I say, if I had three or more consecutive loses. Haha. Oshi actually has COD installed on him and Defense of the Ancients(DotA) too. LOL!

Look how Mommy Gagay and Didong addicted to COD and DotA.

Random Photos

After our last exam today which was Physiology, I feel like am really empty, drained. The exam covered 11 chapters regarding Gastrointestinal Tract, OB-GYNE and Endocrinology. The exam was supposed to be easy, I assume, however, I wasn’t able to study that real hard last night ‘coz I was just watching movies and playing casino also, online. That was indeed a very difficult exam for me.And just for me to feel comfy and chilled, coz there’s nothing can make me feel better than blogging which I said to myself to pause for a while since I have an exam but still I couldn’t, I opted to turn my internet connection off and dig those decade-kept photos with my blogger friends from Davao City.

Believe it or not, I was almost teary-eyed when I saw these photos with my former co-blogger and a friend, Jed. This photo was taken during the Davao Blogger Summit held in Davao Grand Regal Hotel where I and other girl friends used to play casino. After the summit, we were able to play slot machine rvm for free. And while staring at these photos, I then remember that I still have my online slot machine rvm schedules which I left last night. Smiley Whew! Another addictive rounds I would have! Smiley

Fall of the Lich King Trailer

Today, World of Warcraft is releasing its trailer for the Patch 3.3. It has the storyline for Icecrown Citadel, the new dungeon which can also be seen in the patch.

Icecrown Citadel is the home of Arthas, the fallen prince. His enemies assembled at his gate to end his reign for good which came from the Alliance and Horde. Be thrilled more of the fatherly advice he received.You can find here the full patch here.