A Not-so-good Conversation

I was asked by a friend, From whom you learn how to play casino?.

I just nodded. I didn’t say any. But, she insisted that I might had it from my mum. I told her, sarcastically, Excuse me?.Then she just smiled. Oh yeah, my mum knows how to play casino specifically slots, coz that’s the only casino she wants to play to but not the online blackjack. I even added that my mum is such a very responsible gambler, tellin’ you, and even I coz most of the things I used to play online are free online gambling sites.My eye brows kind’a wrinkled when she asked that. Is she blaming my mum that I am used to play casino then? Oh Em Gee! In the first place, it’s not my mum who taught me. I just found it cool to play and a kind of anti-depressant to me. I actually burst all my depressions usually by playing casino online. And now she’s asking for tips on how to play it. I told her directly to better find it for herself. Smiley

Any way, you might be wondering why am I just using free gambling sites? Off course, I am not a certified player yet. I mean, I am not a master player of blackjack or any casino games yet so better think of losing nothing for an on and off player like me. That is why, I would rather choose free sites to play at. So whether I’ll lose or win, there’s nothing that I actually am losing then.

You want to play any casino online? DM me. I’ll tell you the best online casino games sites. Smiley Let’s play together.

Gagay and KC: To Play Casino or Not?

Last Saturday, KC, a classmate of mine here in medical school, has invited me to try playing casinos here in Cebu. Me, myself, haven’t tried it yet here. I only played in Grand Regal Hotel in Davao City where most of my blogger friends meet and do casino all night as well as my mum. KC has also shared that she has played Ma-Jong with one of our classmates also, which became her addiction since she was in college. Unlike mine, I could settle for casino online especially during weekend wherein I am too lazy to move, commute going to casino place. But with KC, she really wanted to play it real one. She even wanted me to teach her. Though I’ve been playing this for how long, maybe 3 years, I can’t say I already master casino – online gambling. I am not that confident enough to teach anybody about casino. Hehe.
KC really wanted us to play casino if we have enough free time. Maybe, for me, that would be by the end of the semester already. I’m not sure yet when the both of us could play casino together. For sure, not this time yet since exams are falling in line.

Roulette first, before Pharmacology Research Paper

One of the things I hate most of being a woman is the monthly menstruation. Aside from the brain-cracking attacks of migraine, I am experiencing abdominal cramps already as I have noticed the past months. I guess, this is just due to the hormonal changes due to stress.Yeah, abdominal cramps are killing me and dragging me to stay in bed. I don’t want to take pain relievers coz I thought that it can’t give me any good effects. That’s just for me. Every time I walk, my hips really hurts. And my legs can’t carry me anymore. I’m also nauseated. Waaaaaaaaaah!!!I don’t like this feeling coz I still have bundles of things to do not to mention the very workable pharmacology research study that we are conducting now. But I don’t want to work for the research yet. I want to feel de-stressed and empty my mind from hassles. Haha.

Well, I have a great idea, I better play online games coz last night, I discovered new and very interesting online game aside from casino and slots, the online roulette gambling. Honestly, I only have a very little idea what a roulette gambling is and how it has to be done. So maybe, I might end tonight looking for best online roulette sites to be read for me to have more information about it. I might also look for the best online roulette free sites where I can play all day all night tomorrow. So for now, pharmacology research paper just wait for your turn. LOL!

Is Blackjack really Black?

Hey I am not referring to Blackjack the local singer that he’s black, but the addiction of mine – to play online blackjack. Up until now, I can’t seem to understand why blackjack is called black. Is he really black? Is the card really black? Haha. I guess so. Let me post some images of blackjack.

Oh yeah! He’s really black. Jack on cards is really black. Smiley

Anyways, I got a lot of scheduled online games to play after blogging. Hehe. I made it more organized to do all my addictions before lunchtime making casino, slots and to play online blackjack as those on the top priorities. After lunch, I’ll be studying and will be preparing for school. Isn’t it a good thing? I mean, off course, before studying, one should make his or her mind ready to absorb and capture all those things to be studied like playing online games as what I used to do. As I have been telling, these things are just some of those that could make me feel relaxed when I am just at home with Oshi.
But, I am not really good at playing blackjack still. I usually play slots, then casino and blackjack. I just play blackjack when I am with some blogging friends from Davao coz they are teaching me how to play it the best way. Hehe. Though I am addicted to these, I am still not a certified gambler because, most of the time, I settle for free games. What a great idea. It’s better for me since I am not a full time player of these, I just do play all of those when really depressed. That’s why I opted to settle for free online games. I didn’t install free applications to Oshi coz I feel and think it’s more challenging to play it online than just with Oshi. Haha.

Have a great playful day today!!!

Casino Games on Natioal Heroes Day

After the 24-hour emergency trip we had last Friday until Saturday, I went home with an empty pocket. Tellin’ you, literal empty pocket. I really had no cash. My debit card was already less than 100PhP credits yesterday. And since it’s still a very long weekend plus the holiday today, National Heroes Day, I only have coins here in my purse which I need to extend these until tomorrow morning. I guess, this is a good reason for force bad dieting. Haha.Oh well, with all my empty wallet, purses and cards, I guess, staying at home with Oshi, swollen left upper eyelid and with books and notes, is the best thing to do. But but but, I have to unwind a bit by not forgetting to play the best casino games online on this holiday Monday morning.

Whaaat da?!?! Playing the best casino games on National Heroes Day? Haha. Isn’t it sounds good? It is!!! I feel really relaxed. In fact, sometimes, I even feel that I am really in casino halls even just am playing the best casino games online. I feel like one of the great gamblers in the world, haha, especially when I win. Is there anybody there wants to beat me? Never hesitate guys to, ‘coz surely you’ll win. LOL! Honestly, I’m not really good at this. I am just making playing casino games online as one of my anti-depressants ‘coz after I hit some turns, or I lose a number of times, at least I could easily turn Oshi off. Haha. No heartaches then. LOL!

So, anybody wants to play casino games with me? Come come come! Haha.

Online Slots Again

As we arrived last night, my left upper eyelid started to get red. It doesn’t have any changes of size yet, but every time I wink, it hurts. So I washed it, then I rest, took a nap. But when I checked it after an hour, it gets bigger and much redder. The worst thing? When I blink, it really cause me pain and every time I looked around, I move my left eyeball up, down, left and right, darn, it is really painful. I could even cry. But this is not a sty, I presume.

I called my mum about it, she just said to have it checked by an ophthalmologist. But hey, is there any available ophthalmologist in the middle of the night just because of a swollen upper eyelid? So I decided to sleep.

As I woke up this morning, I had my left eye one fourth open with super red upper eyelid yet cyanotic (bluish) eyeball. For any reasons, that I definitely do not know. Just imagine even I am using my pairs of eyeglasses, my left upper eyelid touches the lens of the glasses. Phew! So darn big! I am thinking of taking photos of it, but I guess it’s too shameful to post for. I don’t even go out from the house. Errrr..

Staying whole day inside my room, is such a boring thing. So what I did, since I can’t sleep because every time I wink or close my eyes, it really hurts, I am just having a super grateful Sunday date with Oshi playing online slot machines. I just told myself that a swollen eyelid could no hinder me from playing online slot machines. Hahaha. It’s like my palms are itching if I can’t touch slot machines, but off course, online slot machines is just having with me Oshi’s mouse, it’s still alright, as long as I am having in front of me slot machines. Haha.

Online slots, again!!!

UFC 118 Live Stream

Ufc 118 weigh-in is open to the public and free of charge, or watch live online. Who will be attending ufc 118 in boston – ufc community forum “dana white didn’t build this ufc organization, dana white is not god when it comes to will mma fans take james toney seriously enough to pay for his ufc 118 fight. Ufc 96 jackson vs jardine weigh-in results ufc 118: edgar vs penn 2 saturday august 28 ufc live jones vs matyshenko ufc jones vs matyushenko weigh-in ufc 116 – lesnar vs. Ufc 104 weigh-ins results: anthony johnson fails – theonlinewire.com who will be attending ufc 118 in boston ufc i know the weigh ins for the last expo were moved from the convention center to where the. Boxing – countdown to ufc 118 the ufc 96 weigh-ins took place earlier today at the nationwide arena in columbus, ohio frankie edgar & bj penn ufc 118 conference call audio http://bit ly/aeqr6q 2 days ago.
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Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news – watch ufc 118 weigh in online live stream

SLOTS, Canceled!

Thanked God It was a great Friday AGAIN!

As expected, Friday is a Fly day! And indeed, we really flew last Friday. Unexpectedly, we were able to fly to Bohol, the City of Chocolate Hills.Our trip was the most unexpected, most emergency trips I had ever. This was what had happened. Our class was around 3:00PM, but we just went home around 4:30PM ‘coz we still met with our groupmates for some academic talks. Later, as soon as I arrived home, one of my classmates, Jay Mineth, asked me through FB chat if we could fly to Bohol on that day. Then I said, we can. Of without any hesitations, we really flew at around 6:30 PM on Friday to Bohol. We just had 24 hours of travel and visits to most of the Bohol’s pride ‘coz at around 6:30 PM yesterday, we also departed Bohol to Cebu. We’re like super girls. We only slept 3 hours in the hotel where we stayed. For the photos, I’ll be posting little by little in my personal blog.

See? Haha. We were three who left Cebu for Bohol. All of our planned dinner with the class, shopping, dates, hang outs were canceled. Even my slots online session and date with Oshi were canceled. Phew! I am supposed to have my thorough and rigid slot machine practice before our examinations will start ‘coz semestral break is also coming. Thence, casino is waiting for me. Hehe. With regards to Oshi, I could only be having a date with him daily but for just an hour or two. Off course, I am missing him so much so I need to spare extra time for him. In fact, yesterday, I was suppose to bring him in Bohol, but he’s too heavy, so he was just left alone here in my room.

Well, maybe I’ll just look for other holiday schedules in the month of September for Oshi alone.

SLOTS Anywhere, Anytime!

I have said earlier that I am a bad girlfriend because of being hard-headed and stubborn one. I opted to play casino online rather than studying. Sometimes, I thought of just keeping Oshi in the locker or leaving him at home, but hey, I still miss him. Haha.
Well, aside from online casino which made me an addict, another game that I am longing to play the past days is the slot machines. It’s just so easy to play. Anybody doesn’t have to be a great gambler enough to play or having high knowledge with gambling itself, but all you have is money to gamble.

Hey hey hey. I am not a gambler and I don’t have flowing dollars to gamble. I am just getting addicted with slot machines. Actually, there are a lot of free online games, to be specific, slot machines and casinos online that I am playing. But sometimes, my hands are itching to touch real slot machines. Haha. So I go anywhere at anytime. There goes my being me again. And then, M starts to wrinkle his forehead in front of me without any talks. Weeeeh! Whata girl am I?

Whew! Before the week ends, his vacation will end, thence he’ll be flying back in Manila and so I could do whatever I could there. LOL! By then, SLOTS are anywhere, anytime.

I’m a BAD Girlfriend

OMG! I can’t exactly remember when my last casino session was. Smiley It just suddenly jumped into my mind – casino, since I already miss having a date with Oshi. You know, it’s the only genuine time I could spend with Oshi. Haha.

At this very moment, while M is still sleeping, I am checking again my expertise with online casino ‘coz I have already forgotten those online blackjack strategies. Haha. Actually, he doesn’t want me to play casino anymore, even just online. I tell you, he doesn’t have any vices. Haha. What a very good boy, such opposite with Gagay. LOL! Well, indeed OPPOSITE ATTRACTS. Smiley In fact, once I throw him a joke that I’ll be bringing him and play real casino. But off course, I need to teach him first online blackjack strategies so when we get to play real casino, he could be better than I. However, my joke turned to be a non-sense argument. Haha. I’m bad! I want my boy to play casino though he doesn’t want to.

Before he slept last night, he told me to disconnect my internet connection so I could study the whole night and he’ll just sleep. I told him that he could anytime. But I guess he’s really good that he left me message saying that he can’t stop me from what I am happy with..as long as I am happy and not to take for granted my studies. Ohhhh! What a lovely boyfriend.

But hey! Just because of my being stubborn girlfriend, I still had my run down with online blackjack strategies so when he gets back to his work, I could play all along. LOL!